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Dance with Devils Translations

Click/tap the images below to be taken to their respective lists. Please keep in mind this page is still under construction and will have more added to it as progress within the game is made. Thank you!

A few notes before you read:

  • While screenshots will show “Twi” as the player name, my translations will use “Ritsuka” as that is the heroine’s default name and the name used in the anime variant.
  • You’ll see I still use Japanese honorifics (-san, -kun, etc.) throughout the translations. Essentially I’ve left them in mostly due to laziness: in an official project these would be omitted (as they should be).
  • The left door common route translations (Lindo and Rem) were originally published on my tumblr page. So those posts are direct copy/pastes from my tumblr blog with some revisions (editing/screen shot changes, etc.).
  • Translation and creative writing is always an ongoing process. Because of this, all translation posts are open to future editing should I realize I make a mistake or wish to edit the text so that it reads/flows better.
  • I do not have a set schedule or dates for new translation posts. I am doing this for free in my spare time. Therefore all comments and messages asking “when is the next translation coming?” will be ignored. My answer for you is: “I don’t know, they will come when they’re ready.”
  • Thank you so much for your patience and time! m(_ _)m

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