Starting Over, Halloween, And Preparing for Fate/GUDAGUDA

Hello all you curious little buns out there! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ It’s been quite awhile since I’ve given a let’s play update, however now that I have things a bit more organized I can hop back to things.

For those who are popping by for the first time, I originally began my journey through Fate/Grand Order via a let’s play series on YouTube. The videos for that have been unlisted, however if you are interested you are more than welcome to check them out here! The series ran for twelve episodes before I had to stop putting out regular YouTube videos.:


For those of you that were already following my let’s plays and are here because of my channel: THANK YOU for taking the time to stop by and see what’s up! I’m not sure if a written let’s play journal will be up your alley, however I’ve actually done these before while I was still in university. It was during one of my Game Studies courses (yes, this is a thing!) while we were looking into the sociology behind MMOs. That was actually the first time I played World of Warcraft (WoW), now that I think about it.

Anyway! It was during our MMO unit that my professor had us keep a gaming journal to write down our experiences, very similar to how one would record a let’s play video. We were allowed to write about anything that came to mind while we played, and I remember that it was an oddly cathartic process. It was also just plain fun getting to share journals with classmates because the class had people like who me who had been gaming all their lives, and also had people who were playing video games for the very first time. So getting to compare what experiences or things about the games stood out across players made WoW that much more fun for me.

And since I had so much fun making videos and sharing those experiences with other players, I felt that now was as good a time as any to get back into the habit of writing out these gaming journals. So, here we are with entry #13 of my journey through Fate/Grand Order!

A fresh start? YUP!

If you’ve been following me on Twitter then you may remember that during the first Halloween event I came to a cross roads: in my videos I was following a strictly f2p, no re-roll account that had hoarded roughly 120 or so Saint Quartz (SQ – the premium currency of the game) that I intended to blow on the Tamamo no Mae banner. Well like most others within the salt mines that got me jack diddly squat, until the very last yolo pull in which I was spooked by the infinite grace that is Uncle Vlad:


I feel oddly linked to Vlad: during my brief stint in the JP version (I never even got through Septem)  he was my first 5-star servant there too. So to see him come home a second time triggered some nostalgia for me.

I was absolutely thrilled to finally land my first 5-star servant after…goodness, a total of 120-something pulls since starting the account? Something like that. Regardless, I can be a greedy little rabbit and the itch to continue pulling was quite strong. Now whenever I get this urge with gacha games I like to bind accounts and re-roll (I did not know that the summon simulator existed at the time). This both allows me to get the need to pull out of my system and spare myself from tripping into the pitfall that is paying for premium currency. Also a fantastic way to remind yourself of the success rates to further beat the need to step into the sparkly sparkly slot machine pit! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Well RNGesus is a cruel beast, for I was not only successful in nabbing Tamamo, but Vlad once again came home for the third time in my FGO lifespan within the same account she did. I was promptly reminded of why I don’t like keeping alt accounts either. I decided to play it for awhile, and holy cow did I fall in love with Tamamo’s animations! Not only is she just bubbly and vibrant and adorable, but her noble phantasm is GORGEOUS to look at! I will admit that the audio balance between the music played during it and her voice actress is really off. It’s actually hard to hear what Tamamo says. That just makes me more grateful that the team took the time to translate all of the voiced lines in the servant profiles!

Needless to say, I ended up falling in love with the account. And while it was a difficult choice to make I decided to switch to it. While I will miss the old account, I managed to get some of my favorites back on this one! I still have Tamamo Cat and even Hans came home for me once more! You bet your butts I will be raising up my best boy after I let Tamamo and Vlad ascend with the pages they need first. My penchant for berserkers seems to remain alive and well too in this account, so Wednesdays will remain my main farming day for quite some time.

If you’d like to befriend this account you are more than welcome to do so!

IGN: DreadRabbit | Friend ID: 936, 022, 698


How Was Halloween?

Halloween was AWESOME! I managed to roll the new account just in time to be able to complete Orleans and still be able to complete the Halloween party event. So yes, caster Liz is in my army and will probably replace Medea in the supports list once I get around to raising her (which granted, I ‘m not sure when that will be with GUDAGUDA around the corner. Nobu will be hogging my attention there). And thanks to having to rely so heavily on Tamamo and Vlad I already have them both at bond level 5, which by the way…

Well THAT escalated quickly! (*°∀°)=3 Like I’m not kidding here: Vlad is usually this chill, kinda condescending dude (don’t get me wrong: he’s precious Uncle Vlad for a reason. He’s got his soft side!) that’s more than okay with remaining distant yet equal with you. Then out of nowhere once you hit bond level…4, I think, there’s an immediate possessive turn. Meanwhile I’m just sitting here imagining poor Tamamo Cat trying to shield me from him and Tamamo no bae being a jealous house wife. With poor Hans in the corner getting tired of everyone’s shit. My poor Chaldea HQ must be a noisy one…

I swear if I could draw I’d probably do a little comic series, but I can’t to save my life. Perhaps I’ll play with the idea and do a purposefully badly drawn comic series just for the hell of it.

Regardless, HUGE thanks to both Kenpachi and Brian/Seiguro for befriending me during the event. Kenpachi’s Waver support has made me seen the ridiculous versatility of berserker arts squad, and Brian’s Drake support was the one and only reason I was able to kill off the Medea quests towards the end of the event. Which by the way: fuck Medea. I will burn every copy of Medea from now on. The FGO community may despise Nyalanta because of the trauma she induced during the craft essence witch hunt, however I will despise Medea simply because of how annoying she was. Which reminds me: I was not able to completely limit break the Halloween Princess CE, so I will probably keep those separate to eventually use like pseudo Imaginary Elements/Kaleidoscopes across teammates. I was however able to limit break the other big Halloween CE that grants defense (hence why you saw it equipped to best dog Cu!).

Beyond the above I found the story for Halloween absolutely delightful, and I’ve come to adore Elizabeth more than I already did. Speaking of story: I realize I don’t have a lot of room to discuss my reactions towards the end of the Orleans story arc, so I will have to save that for when we begin the Septem storyline because I don’t want to just rush through talking about it. Since I am finished with Orleans however I would love to hear what your reactions to the story’s climax was! I’d also love to hear how your Halloween farming went since I didn’t get a chance to really ask. Feel free to comment here or hit me up on Twitter (@DreadRabbit)!

Preparing for GUDAGUDA

The next big grinding event for Fate/Grand Order will be the GUDAGUDA event, in which we’ll see the release of both Souji Okita and Nobunaga Oda. I have to admit it’s definitely interesting to see how designs vary for the same characters across franchises (*^▽^*) For example while the gender has been flipped, I’m pretty amused at the aesthetic similarities Souji has with her Hakuouki counterpart:

Meanwhile kickbutt little Nobu is the opposite of the giant monstrosities I’m used to seeing in series like Sengoku Basara and Samurai Warriors.

Anyway! While Souji is going to be a limited servant and won’t be added into the pool permanently, I don’t really plan to spend a lot of SQ for her. My supplies (what little I’ve collected from the story so far) were ravaged during Halloween in my attempts to get the Halloween Devil CE so I’m back to mostly hoarding. I don’t really have much in the way of a Quick team right now anyway, though I suppose Caesar and Cu would have been good candidates. So I’ll chuck my free tickets at her and that will probably be it.

Nobu, however, I’ll definitely be gunning to try and NP5 her during the event. So I’m glad she’s free! Definitely curious to hear if any of you will be gunning for these two cuties with all your might or not!

In case you couldn’t tell already I do follow the Grand Order subreddit, so in case you don’t I’ll pass along a guide user NaelNull wrote to prepare for GUDAGUDA ahead of time. I don’t know how the rest of you are feeling, but I’m actually relieved I have most of the point bonus servants already. I’ll wait to rage-burn my copies of Medea until the event is over “ψ(`∇´)ψ The only servants I don’t have are Emiya and Mephistopheles (good ya creepy fucker), so I’ll toss the rest into my party’s back line if my party cost can hold everyone. Now to hope that I can level people up in time. It’ll be a crunch!

Speaking of the event: can I just take a moment to comment how happy I am that the FGO_USA Twitter account is actually releasing silly things to go with these events like the GUDAGUDA comics in English? Not only is Type Moon allergic to translating most of their projects, but Japanese mobile games in general are very reluctant to give their global social media accounts the same type of presence as their original Japanese ones. So I was definitely surprised to see these comics appear with official translations to match!

Now there’s many reasons for that! Primarily the global player base for most localized mobile games aren’t nearly as active in following official publisher accounts like Facebook or Twitter. So it makes sense that a company wouldn’t want to waste the resources in hiring a person or a small team to manage them if they’re not going to be useful. However this can cause a big disconnect with the hardcore players, which are the most likely to be your whales that will keep the game up and running. Let’s take Fire Emblem Heroes for example: the English FEH News account isn’t even ran by Nintendo or Intelligent Systems: it’s a fan account. A very dedicated fan account that gets their translations from the official Japanese account relatively quickly, but still, a fan account. It’s incredibly disheartening to see that Nintendo doesn’t even want to manage an English account for the game despite the fact that they tend to deliver most of their announcements via Twitter long before they place the announcements in game. While I don’t think it’s meant this way, it gives off this sense that the English-speaking playerbase doesn’t matter as much to the team. Which is terrible considering many of them are paying customers too and deserve to have the same interaction with the publishers as the Japanese players do.

So to the team of FGO_USA: huge thank you for doing your best to give North American players as close to the same experience as possible. I doubt anyone from the team will read this, but it does mean a lot.

That’s all for now!


That was a lot longer than I intended it to be, but I figured there was enough to get everyone up to speed on that I should get it out of the way now. How are you journeys going so far? Did you get lucky with the Tamamo banner or not? Are you preparing for GUDAGUDA or just going with the flow? Maybe you have your own kooky headcanons for your servant squads! Whatever you want to share, please do so in the comments below because I would love to read your stories too! That or you can always let me know on Twitter (@DreadRabbit!).

Until next time, see you later! (♥ω♥ ) ~♪

Bonus image! As a FFXV fan I giggled my butt off at this.