Saber Wars, Valentines, and Chaldea Updates!

I can’t believe it’s already been a month since my last gaming journal on FGO! January was the final leg of the of the Open Novella Contest over on Wattpad, and so gaming took a back seat while I worked towards meeting the 20k goal. As you can imagine I didn’t heavily participate in either Saber Wars or this year’s Valentines event.

BUT just because I was busy that didn’t mean that I completely abandoned FGO. I still played through the events’ stories and had my fair share of servant pulls. So before we get lost in the next event I wanted to deliver a very overdue update for life at my Chaldea. Let’s hop to it!

Saber Wars: My God That Was a Slog.

I. Hated. Saber Wars.

Well, perhaps “hate” is too strong a word. I thought that the story revolving around the servants trying to help Saber Lily was actually endearing, and it made me love Saber Lily as a character. Her bond level lines are absolutely adorable and I am on Saber Lily’s protection squad now!

But I have to admit that made me resent Type Moon for not updating her gameplay in celebration of the event. Yes she’s a free NP5 4-star servant, but even with her at NP5 there are just better characters to use. I have Santa Alter and Nobu at NP5, and while not everyone has Saber Alter, in my personal case I do and she’s NP2. That’s basically my farming team right there. There’s no room for Saber Lily in it. And judging from what I read on Discord and on Reddit I was far from being in the minority on that one.

Lily’s mediocre status made the altrium slog that much more difficult to bear. I wasn’t even collecting points to obtain more copies of her. I just wanted to nab as many of the shop materials as I could. I think I capped out at roughly 800k points because a Saber Lily dropped for me in one of the quests.

I don’t think the featured character helped out any either. I really, really disliked Mysterious Heroine X.

Now don’t get me wrong: I am very grateful to those on my friends list that had her on their support setup! And congratulations to those of you that pulled her! But holy cow as a character she severely grates on my nerves. I hated how she treated the other servants, and I hate just how…callous? Cavalier? I’m not quite sure how to describe her personality, but it just rubbed me the wrong way.

Which is a real shame because, in my opinion, she has one of the best visual designs in the game! I LOVE how she looks. Her third stage sprite in particular kicks ass and I love her dual wielding Jedi sabers during her NP animation. I just wish she wasn’t screaming “SEEEIIIBAAAAA” every five seconds. ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

I loved these two during this event. OMG XD

I will give the event credit in that it made me level up bond points for several characters I probably wouldn’t have otherwise. I’ve realized I’m not a big fan of most of the sabers (ironic, I know). Fergus however! My man! I will gladly buy him a beer any day! After getting him to bond level 5 I am so glad that I have both him and Cu dog on my squad. I don’t know if I’ll ever get around to raising and ascending Fergus, but I will definitely add him to the “My Room” favorites rotations I’ve got right now.

And of course it was a blast watching Saber Alter outright decimate everything. Speaking of which: it was thanks to Saber Wars that I got all of the materials I needed to fully ascend her! LOOK AT HER!

She ended up as my first fully ascended servant in NA! (*^▽^*) Granted those of you on my friends list already knew that, but still! I was totally stoked for it to finally happen (since I’m such a sloth at actually leveling my servants and their skills OTL ). I don’t know if I’m going to fully grail her yet like Harumodoki has (once again: THANK YOU! Your Saber Alter was a huge help during Saber Wars!), but for now I’m happy and might focus more on just her skills. Her final ascension line was awesome! I should really consider my “poorly drawn Chaldea comics” idea merely because I just want to see all the bond 5 and final ascension lines drawn out by somebody.

Valentines Came and Went.

UGGGH the timing for the Valentines event couldn’t have been worse. Once again, not a surprise to anyone on my friends list, but I had to almost completely skip this event. WHICH BROKE MY HEART BECAUSE I WANTED ALL THOSE PAGES AND EYES FROM THE SHOP. KILL ME NOW!

I did get to play through the event’s story though. And I have to say that I friggin’ loved it. Shakespeare made this damn event!

I just loved how he teased everyone throughout the whole thing and played the role of the unreliable narrator to a damned T. I was waiting for him to go “you were right, it was me all along!” but I’m glad they didn’t go for that particular plot twist. Emiya and Diarmuid were also fantastic, and I actually felt bad for Nursery Rhyme towards the end of the event. The concept behind the servants making chocolate mutants that run rampant was also pretty humorous and something I could see actually happening.

While I didn’t get to collect all of the choco coins that I wanted (forgive me Jeanne T~~~~T Next year, I swear! ), I did at least get enough to see Tamamo’s event. It was as endearing as one would expect out of her, and I’m glad I put in the last minute hustle to receive her chocolate. I know some of you are Tamamo fans but might not have had her come home yet, so here’s some of her best lines from her chocolate event:

Absolutely worth it <3

Which actually brings to a point I didn’t think would occur to me during this event: I’m glad they don’t change the servants’ lines if you decide to play as Gudako instead of Gudao.

There’s no denying that the Valentines event was targeting straight men. And I don’t say that as if it were a bad thing. It’s just something to expect from Japanese games since they do Valentines a bit differently over there.

For those reading this that are unfamiliar with Japan’s Valentines Day: basically Valentines is split into two different holidays. On Feb. 14th in Japan it is expected that women will give chocolate to the men that they care about (be it romantically or as just friends. There’s different tiers of chocolate you can give to demonstrate the difference in relationship status if you want). Men aren’t expected to reciprocate until one month later on March 14th, which is called White Day. On that day men return the favor and give presents to the women who gave them chocolate.

That’s why Japanese mobile games like FGO tend to make Valentines banners that feature only female characters and tend to focus on fan service towards those attracted to women. They’re also pretty good lately at including White Day banners for male characters.

That being said there is also an unfortunate habit in these games where if you have the choice to play as either a male or female avatar, the female characters will suddenly not be so lovey-dovey towards you if you decide to play as a female avatar. Despite what anime tells us Japan is definitely behind on accepting the LGBTQ community, so it’s very common for dialogue and lines in these sorts of games to change because developers assume female players just want to be friends with female characters, not lovers.

Which is why despite being hetero myself, I am so happy that Tamamo wants to be my wife! I know for a fact that there are plenty of women out there playing this game that are into the female servants. So knowing they’re not getting shafted just because they wanted to be represented by Gudako is great! Same goes for the men out there that want to play as Gudako because they themselves want to identify as female, or pick Gudako simply because they think she’s cute and would rather look at her.

Regardless of why you pick the avatar that you do you shouldn’t be shunned from fanservice events like these. So big kudos to both Type Moon and the localization team for keeping everything the same. I hope the same is true for White Day!

So in the end I was only able to receive Tamamo’s chocolate (that’s okay wifey, I’m good with this). However I did manage to get enough pages that I was able to fully ascend Vlad! FINALLY!

Ahhhhhhhh I’m so happy that could happen <3

I had to choose between him and Tamamo, so I figured since I got to see Tamamo’s Valentine event that I would give the max ascension to Vlad first. As silly as what I’m about to write is, I got the distinct feeling Vlad was getting jealous ( ̄ω ̄;) For the entirety of the last month every time I tapped on him in My Room his bond 5 line was all that he would say! So many “kiisama”s and “be with me for eternity!” ∑(゚ロ゚〃) The only time he didn’t say that was when he decided to remind me that there was an event going on.

Now that he’s been max ascended he’s gone right back to giving me more variety in which lines he says. I know this game’s just a bunch of numbers and code, but I swear it gets haunted from time to time.

Our Family Has Grown!

I’m pretty sure the desire sensor on the last few banners knew that I wasn’t too interested, because I didn’t really get much of anything in either of the Saber Wars or Valentines banners. I did however managed an incredibly lucky yolo ticket pull back when Arjuna and Karna took the stage:

So much for my previous comments that archers don’t like me.

I have to admit that I felt a little bad summoning Arjuna because I didn’t know much about him at all. I just knew that his voice actor was fantastic. Thankfully Reddit was a great source in looking up comics that surrounded him and his brother. I came to find his character incredibly interesting, and like with Heroine X I love his more simple but well-put-together design. I’ve come to really love Arjuna thanks to all of that.

Unfortunately, I also found a lot of posts discussing how he isn’t…good.

Which I always take that to challenge when I read through discussions for games like FGO. I remember when I started playing Fire Emblem Heroes and how people tore Leo from FE: Fates to shreds. I also remember how much it sucked to see that because he was definitely one of my husbandos in that game. I went to hell and back looking at how to make him work, and turned my Leo into a kick-butt anti-meta unit. I think my build at the time could only lose to Bride Cordelia.

To be honest that’s kind of one of the main reasons I stopped playing Heroes. Thanks to the Leo I made and the team I built around him, there was no challenge in the game anymore.

I love your art, but dude, WTF IS UP WITH YOUR ARM!?

Arjuna, I’m glad to say, gets smacked down more than he should be. After playing around with him I’ve realized he’s basically the AoE version of Vlad: his NP generation is fantastic, and while he can’t generate the crit stars he needs on his own that can be remedied with proper teammates. So like Vlad he needs a team built around him to shine. Just using Paul’s Waver with 2030 produced enough stars to give me a preview of what Arjuna was capable of. It’s very easy to spam his NP once the train gets going, and his high attack puts a bit more “oomph” behind his arts cards.

So for now it looks like I’ll have two primary arts team cores: Tamamo+Vlad+friend Waver and possibly Jeanne/Tamamo+Arjuna+friend Waver (Jeanne and Arjuna can spit out 17 crit stars by themselves before any 2030 shenanigans come into play). I’m still experimenting to see how well Vlad and Arjuna can work together, but I imagine they should compliment each other well enough.

Speaking of Jeanne I was super happy to get a hold of the Vessel of the Saint CE! It’s going to be a long time before we get Jeanne’s interlude that removes her stun demerit from her NP. So I’ll gladly use this until that day comes!

As for other pulls we’ve managed to NP5 quite a few of the 3-stars that needed it, so right now I should focus on raising skills rather than pulling for more servants.

I say that but I never do it XD; I am happy that Tamamo’s Fox Wedding is level 8 now though! Fox Wedding and Vlad’s second skill are the first two skills I want to raise to level 10. I’ll decide who to work on next after that happens.

I will say one thing though: I remember in Fate/Stay Night Rin mentions how masters tend to summon servants who share a similar mindset. I believe Mash says the same thing too at one point in FGO’s story? Either way, if this is really the case….wtf is this game saying about me then? ╰(✧∇✧╰)

I know servants are obsessive over their masters by nature, but oh my God. I’m pretty sure the only reason my poor Gudako hasn’t been violated or maimed yet is because there’s so many obsessive personalities battling for her. You’ve got Tamamo fighting with Tamamo Cat over who gets to be the wife, and to that extent I also imagine Tamamo threatens Vlad on a regular basis whenever he tries to barter for blood from you. (>_>). Now we have Arjuna and his whole “black personality” thing. I don’t think Saber Alter will deal with that well at all.

Yeah, my Chaldea’s a bucket of fun! But at least we feast like goddamn kings, apparently.

Meanwhile poor Hans probably just sits in the corner and ignores everyone’s bullshit. Thank heavens I have Mash and Jeanne. I can’t be too terrible a person if I summoned Jeanne, right? RIGHT!? 8D;;

Onto the Next Event!

Omg Shiki’s event is already here щ(゜ロ゜щ) I mean I’m glad for it, and this time I should be able to grind the event out properly. I’m just wondering when I’ll be able to finally return to the story and play through Okeanos, bwaha!

I’ll probably do my usual yolo pulls and just roll with whatever I get. At this point the only servants I’m really looking out for is probably Caster Gil, and he won’t be here until December. Now if only I could force myself to hoard my quartz for that long…(please, we all know that won’t happen).

So how are all of you doing? It’s been quite awhile since I got to hear about your guys’ progress in the game. How did you feel about the events? Whose chocolates did you aim for and how was your pull luck? Plan to pull for Shiki? And by all means: if you wanna drive yourself into an identity crisis I’d love to hear what you think your servant pool says about you as a master and a person! Ψ(`▽´)Ψ (y’all are sweethearts, I promise).

As always thank you all so much for reading! And I shall see you next time~ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ