Rules for my Original Writings:

Original writings refers to my opinion pieces (Fangirl Musings), my gaming journals, and of course my original creative fiction (posted both on here and on Wattpad).

You ARE allowed to:

  1. Link my articles/writings and share them via social media (Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Sharing is by far the best thing you can do to help a content creator of any kind grow. So if you want to share something I’ve written with others, please do so! Just make sure you link to the original post and credit DreadRabbit.
  2. Create responsive/derivative works
    • Did I write a Fangirl Musings post that inspired you to dig deeper on a topic? Absolutely feel free to write it up! And send me the link to what you did so I can check it out! 😀
    • Did I get to a part in a game you love or you loved my reaction to something? Or maybe you read one of my short stories/original fiction? Like either of those things enough to write a fanfic or make fanart? Absolutely feel free to do that!
    • Any and all fan work or response pieces that you all do and want to share, feel free to send it to me! And let me know if you’re comfortable with me showcasing it in the Community Spotlight! I will always respect your decision, so if you don’t want me to showcase stuff please don’t hesitate to tell me no.
    • I reserve the right to reject submissions if I feel they’re not suitable (I’m pretty darn open. We’re talking SUPER NSFW, hate speech, things of that nature. If in doubt, ASK ME! ).
  3. If you run your own website that features articles similar in nature to what I’ve written and would like to host one of my pieces, please do contact me for permission first. If I say yes (and only if I say yes) then you may repost the article/piece in question on your website with proper credits and link back to .

You ARE NOT allowed to:

  1. Repost (copy/paste) any of my articles (be they Fangirl Musings, gaming journals, or my original fiction) on your own website or social media (Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Wattpad, etc.) and claim them as your own. That includes reposting without credit. You’re not giving anyone exposure by reposting the work and not saying who did the work or linking back to the original post.
  2. Delete/change a few words then post the article claiming it as your own (you would be surprised how many people I have had to explain this to). Deleting a few words here and there is not trans-formative of the work, and therefore does NOT count as fair use.
  3. Take my work and sell it/use it for profit. This INCLUDES making videos and using my work as a script or text for said videos if they’re monetized.

I own all the rights to my original writing (especially my creative writing!). Failure to comply with my rules for my original writings will result in my contacting you as politely as I can. If I can’t or if you refuse to comply even after my requests to change or take down the material, I will report their misuse when I can.

Rules For My Translations:

You ARE allowed to:

  1. Use my translations for non-profit projects (such as a wiki entry and game patches). You do not need to ask me for permission. I only request that you credit me (DreadRabbit) and link back to the website (
  2. You can use my translations as subtitles for YouTube/Twitch/ videos IF YOU DO THE FOLLOWING:
    • You credit me (DreadRabbit) within the video itself. Let’s not kid ourselves, very few people read video descriptions. Please put my credit within the first few seconds of the video or at the very end before your end cards, please.
    • For the few who DO read descriptions, please leave a link to my website (
  3. You are more than welcome to link my translations and share them via social media (Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). In fact, sharing a content creator’s work is the fastest way to help them grow! So please do feel free so long as you link back to the original post!

You ARE NOT allowed to:

  1. Copy/paste my translations and repost them on your own blog (and no, deleting/changing a few words here and there does not change the entire thing into being your work instead).
  2. Use my translations in your videos without credit.

These translations take a great deal of time and effort to produce, and I do it for free. If you are going to use my translations in any way (ESPECIALLY if you wish to use them in monetized videos), then all I ask in return is for you to credit me. You are not giving me any kind of exposure by using my work without stating who did the work or linking back to the original source. If you don’t credit then you’re getting your views/notoriety/possibly money off of someone else’s work.

Failure to credit me will result in my contacting you as politely as possible and requesting for you to add in my credit. Failure to do that will end with me reporting your repost/video.


I reserve the right to update and change these rules as necessary.

Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my policies! m( _ _ )m If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me! Thank you for your time and consideration!

Disclaimer: While translations and summaries are encouraged among the community, they can never replace the full experience of the game.

If you enjoy what the translation and summary blogs have done thus far, then please do consider supporting Rejet by purchasing a legal copy of Dance with Devils (if you own a Vita, of course). That way you can play along and hear the voices/music while you read everyone’s work! 🙂 Here are two potential shops that sell DwD to those with foreign credit cards:

Thank you for reading!