GUDAGUDA is here and it is fantastic!

So I’m going to be relatively blunt here: the Fate/Grand Order GUDAGUDA event is probably some of the most fun I’ve had in a mobile game’s event in…well, years.

It’s no secret that mobile games tend to be pretty lazy when it comes to special events: go grind x item, spend x amount of money to get this “limited” set of pixels, call it done. And while Fate/Grand Order is absolutely no exception to this formula (hell, it’s pretty cookie cutter in terms of gameplay), what sets GUDAGUDA apart is easily the mini-story that came with the new quests. Just like the previous Halloween event we got an extra storyline, and it’s brimming with so much humor that I found myself laughing the whole way through.

Now granted: if you’re not into Japanese history, or you haven’t watched/played any IPs that take place during the Meiji Restoration or the Warring States Period (ex: Hakuouki, Gintama, Sengoku Basara, Samurai Warriors, Rurouni Kenshin, etc.), then a looooooooot of the jokes are going to go right over your head. Many characters have taken up the identity of famous warlords, such as Gilgamesh appearing as Hideyoshi Toyotomi and Artoria as Kenshin Uesugi arriving late to challenge Darius “Takeda” and challenging the player instead. There’s also nods to Okita’s illness, in which the real Souji Okita of the Shinsengumi suffered from Tuberculosis.

How dare you show me this after playing Hakuouki!? KONDOUUUUUUUU T_____T </3

Which I’m actually surprised the localization team didn’t tone down those jokes in anticipation for a western audience not getting it. But I’m very glad they didn’t. In fact Type Moon and Delight Works seem vehement on keeping their promise to give the English audience the same experience as the Japanese, and I wish more mobage localizations would follow their example.

However even if you’re not into all the historical jokes, the story’s still very enjoyable. It’s fun to watch all of the servants just be silly, and there’s nods to other in-jokes within the Fate universe itself so chances are you’re bound to find something to make you smile. Also FRIGGIN’ NOBU, MAN! THIS EVENT MADE ME ADORE HER! Like, I never thought I’d be a Nobunaga Oda fangirl until the Fate universe just rolls along and just shoves this hilariously cute gun-toting nerd in my face:



Just seriously, Oda, let Rabbit nee-san take care of you and come to my Chaldea, okay? Okay (♥ω♥ ) ~♪ You can come be safe right beside Hans and Alexander. Which reminds me: right now I have Alexander as my favorite, but I’m seriously thinking of putting Oda in there for awhile. Also as weird as this may sound a part of me wants a weird little cross over where Fate!Nobunaga meets Samurai Warriors!Nobunaga and they can be a happily quirky and destructive family. Can I have that happen? Surely someone out there has made fanart of this? I’m going to have to go searching for it because it would cleanse my soul to see it. But from her personality down to her battle animations Nobu has become an instant fav. Which is probably worrisome because I know this past summer the Japanese version released a summer themed Berserker Nobu and now I really want her (and I probably won’t get her without EX luck because desire sensor).

I will admit that my grinding is starting out slow. I went ahead and did some pulls in the gacha hoping to nab some of the CE, but it would seem my usual CE luck is not with me for this event. I grabbed one extra copy of the one GUDAGUDA CE you’re awarded with in the story and that was it. So as of typing this I’m just shy of 60k points (so don’t worry! By the time you read this I’ll have more), which judging from the F/GO discord is rather slow. But I’m not worried. We have two weeks to gather points, and I figure just like with the Halloween event as long as I use up my AP each day I should get all the rewards I’m looking for. Including NP5 of precious Nobu. I’m also trying my best not to use any apples and hold them for the inevitable Christmas event, but if I have to towards the end I have no problem popping a few.

That said the gacha was not a total bust! In fact I’m pretty damn happy with what I got. Not only did Robin Hood come back home, but we got a second copy of Ushiwakamaru and FRIGGIN’ MARIE ANTOINETTE CAME HOME! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° MY SPARKLY LITTLE SAILOR MOON IS HOOOOME! And she’s gonna fit right in with Vlad and Tamamo <33 My arts team is well on its way! Now if only I could get my Kaleidoscopes back.

The event itself is its usual grind fest, but I’m okay with that. Like I said it’s just par for the course for mobile games. But even the battles have humor to them, especially since we get to fight all of those awesome chibi Nobu’s! I kind of wish we could summon the cartoony chibi version to keep for ourselves, though perhaps that would be asking for too much. I’m also incredibly happy to see the materials that are available in the shop. I was able to give Tamamo no Mae her third ascension thanks to the Halloween event, and it’s looking like Vlad will finally get to join her once I get three more claws from the shop. With those I can finally start working on my other servants properly (because let’s not kid ourselves: I’m not getting their fourth ascensions for a LONG TIME). I also really need to hoard QP because raising their skills decimated what low supplies I had, so that’s another reason why my servant raising has been slow.

That’s it for today! I wasn’t expecting on doing two F/GO posts this week but I really wanted to get out my update from Halloween as soon as I could, and figured it would be better to do that before GUDAGUDA rather than try and smoosh all of this into one post. Once this event is over I can finally return to the story and share my thoughts about Orleans’ climax as well as get Septem going. Then it’s Christmas~! Also HUGE thank you to everyone who re-friended this new account! I saw you Vein and Paul! I hope that my team will be of at least a little help for you :3

How is GUDAGUDA going for all of you? Would love to hear of your exploits! Feel free to share your gacha luck, story shenanigans, and overall opinions in the comments below.

As always, thank you all so much for reading! And I shall see you next time~ See you later! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


…Okay, I know this is a nod to the original F/SN vn and it’s awesome…but…FUCK YOU, GIL! 。゜(`Д´)゜。 You are NOT prettier just because you didn’t come home to me! And you will NOT convince me otherwise! B-BAKA! And thus Rabbit was smited by the king of kings like the mongrel that she is.

Annnnd this is one of the many reasons why I love you, Hans. Also the fact that he’s cast as Hanbei Takenaka is absolutely beautiful and perfect. Goddamn I love this event!