FGO Christmas and Thanksgiving Events: ALL YOU NEED ARE APPLES

Perhaps it’s because we’re nearing the end of the fiscal year, but the players of FGO weren’t given time to breathe once GUDAGUDA was finished. Type Moon and Delight Works decided to surprise North American players with:

  • Our first premium 5-star guaranteed gacha
  • Da Vinci’s CE being added during the Thanksgiving festival
  • A Thanksgiving pick up summon that saw the return of fan favorites like Gilgamesh and Kintoki as well as the release of Scathach (which also meant the release of the illusive 2030 CE).
  • The release of the “Almost Weekly Santa Alter” Christmas event.

Holy saint quartz, Batman! All of the above happened within a span of a couple of weeks. And as soon as Christmas is finished the London singularity will be released. Considering I had to level up all my servants that were relevant for Christmas I just didn’t have time to even set a toe into the Septum singularity ∑(⌒◇⌒;) Thankfully the upcoming half AP main quest event will help me out there, and I’ll actually be able to get down and analytical with the game’s story again!

But for today, it’s time to talk holiday hauls.

Thanksgiving Pulls: Spooked by Nostalgia

YES you are seeing that screenshot correctly! Our precious cinnamon roll that is Jeanne d’Arc came home for the holidays thanks to the Thanksgiving premium gacha. A fun little fact: before I started the f2p run on YouTube I initially re-rolled for a 5-star (because at the time I had no idea I would be playing FGO for the channel). I didn’t really have an aim for anyone in particular, I just knew that I wanted someone because it can take damn near a year to get a 5-star in this game if you have E-rank luck.

Jeanne was the 5-star that initial account had landed. Now I considered using that account for the YouTube run, but I was already through a good chunk of Orleans by the time I was struck with the idea. In other words it would have been an awkward place to start a playthrough, especially since at the time many of my regulars had never heard of FGO or had the ability to play. So they would have been absolutely lost if I had started slam in the middle. I also just don’t have time to run more than one account. I wish I did, but this game is grindy enough that I don’t need two accounts going at the same time.

And so I had to make the hard decision to give away my Jeanne account. Thankfully I have a friend who adores her, and she’s currently happy raising her.

Now I go on this little tangent because it’s little journeys like these that make gacha games all the more interesting to me. I like hearing about the experiences other players go through with their accounts because it makes each one very distinct, even if two players have the same characters (so of course you all are more than welcome to go on your own tangents and talk to me about your Chaldea!).

For me personally it seems to be a journey of parting and reunion with my servants. Jeanne was my first 5-star in global, however I made a choice to part with her. Then with the YouTube account my first 5-star was Vlad during the Halloween pick up. Who interestingly enough was the first 5-star I’ve pulled in this game period, as Vlad was my first 5-star during my brief journey through FGO JP. Then I got bored waiting for AP to refill during Halloween and re-rolled an account that nabbed Tamamo no Mae, but Vlad returned to me as well.

Now here we are on this third and final account restart, and I’ve come full circle: Jeanne has come home, meaning that Tamamo, Vlad, and Jeanne will probably be my core for the rest of FGO NA.

I could very easily be putting way too much thought into all of this since this game is just RNG based. However I can’t help but be somewhat nostalgic at noticing that across accounts for both JP and NA the servants that come to my Chaldea really hasn’t changed over the years. If Jeanne Alter comes home to me (I pulled her twice in JP on her release) I’m gonna call utter shenanigans and say there’s something at work here.

Here is the full pull for that guaranteed gacha.

It’s the same for the lower rarity servants as well. Here’s some updates on some of my favorites that you might remember from my last account:

  • Hans Christian Andersen is now a solid NP5. I haven’t had the chance to raise him, but he’s high on my priority list to work in my arts team.
  • I have pulled friggin 6 or 7 copies of Cu by now. Dude is confidently NP5 and will continue to be a staple in my support setup. I love you too bro, don’t worry. <3
  • Ushiwakamaru has also been a strong returner at NP4
  • Robin Hood. I don’t know if it’s because you’re voiced by Kosuke Toriumi or not, but for some reason this dude has always been in my Chaldea over the years. NP4.

I’ve also had some new companions that seem just as eager to help out. With the release of Scathach I landed an NP2 Diarmuid. Now I’m a little sad I didn’t get her so I could make a team of the lancers! I also find it hilarious that not once in my FGO career have I ever pulled Emiya. I now have a strong feeling that Emiya will never set a toe in my Chaldea because of my lancers.

That’s okay, I can just drag Emiya out of friend list supports. (ノ*゜▽゜*)

Now that I think about it, archers just don’t like me in general save for Robin Hood. No, I still haven’t pulled Gilgamesh. Don’t think I ever will to be honest. I feel as if our personalities just won’t mesh (though that won’t stop me from trying!). Euryale took pity on me though <3 I still live in zerker-squad life, heavens help me.

As far as newbies go I’m surprised at how often Alexander and Boudica have appeared for me. Both are NP5, which I’ve never had before. But I’m okay with that: they’re sweethearts and honestly until Nobu and Santa Alter, Alexander sat as my favorite in the My Room menu. Caesar has also been a surprise and is NP5 now. He was a dark horse support during the entirety of the Christmas event! We’ll see who else comes along because I have over 200 friend point pulls waiting for me thanks to the Christmas event.

Not Everything Was Roses for Thanksgiving.

That being said not everyone was excited for the Thanksgiving banners, and I have to admit even I was weirded out by them. This is the first time the NA version of FGO has received a unique banner and guaranteed 5-star gacha that JP did not get. None of us were expecting the 30 quartz guaranteed gacha until New Years, so now it’s up in the air what we’ll get instead for that. Type Moon has been pretty good so far at keeping our experience as close to JP’s as possible, so I imagine we’ll get another guaranteed banner. But whether it will be identical to the Thanksgiving one or not is yet to be seen.

On top of that it just seemed like an odd move to pull. Scathach is a big fan favorite, and she wasn’t one of the candidates for the guaranteed gacha. Not only that, but throwing Kintoki and Gilgamesh into her release banner was both amazing and a backhanded slap. They were each only a featured pick up for a day or two, and as expected people ended up getting spooked by the 5-star they weren’t aiming for. I can only imagine Delight Works and Type Moon made the call in a final attempt to raise income before the fiscal year ended.

I’m not a huge Scathach fan so the choice between her banner and the guaranteed premium one was easy for me. However I feel really sorry for everyone else who were torn between guaranteeing themselves a 5-star and aiming for their favorites.

Christmas was hilarious.

My Gods I loved this event. ・:*:・(*´艸`*)・:*:・

Once again we got an event in which the story line was funny and yet full of good spirit. I’m also very happy we all get a free Saber (not saber) Alter. I love her character, and I’m totally okay with having Santa Alter even if I never pull the original Saber Alter. That and I’m just a huge Christmas nut if you couldn’t tell from the last monthly recap! So now that I have an Excalibur Morgan that will play Jingle Bells whenever I want just tickles me pink.

That and her skill set actually works better for me than a regular Saber Alter’s would. Yes I lose out on Charisma and Instinct still blows, but I like that she has a supportive heal that helps with crit star generation. The fact that she can heal and still be a fantastic mob clear is awesome.

I will admit that again I wasn’t able to farm the materials for the event as much as I would have liked. I still got plenty of goodies just from grinding out magical stockings, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to play a whole lot during the event and so I wanted to focus purely on nabbing Santa Alter and the turkey legs for her ascension. It really didn’t help that everything was slot machine based.

Which is really the only sour note I had. I mean I knew it was coming from looking the event up, but having more RNG based rewards in a gacha game can be pretty tiring. That and the event coming in hot after the big Battlefront II controversy really just left me feeling very drained. I am glad to have the rewards I got though: stocked up on some materials, NP5 Santa Alter, and can fully ascend her now. I also have…roughly 26 gold apples, and that’s even after using a large chunk of them to catch up on my roulette boxes! I will definitely be blasting through those during the main quest campaign to catch up.

With that said even with the slot machine blues there was plenty about this event I enjoyed. Not only did I like the story, but the aesthetics were just gorgeous. I don’t know why, but for some reason the snow falling in the backdrops for the battles were some of the most beautifully animated snow I’ve seen in awhile.

Of course a still shot won’t do it justice, but there were moments where I just sat and watched the snow fall during battle. My phone’s battery hated me for it! The enemy designs for the event were also hilarious. Though I would never want to meet one of those reindeer ever in my life. Those asshats were scary looking.

Another odd detail that stood out to me was just how…bloody Vlad’s attacks actually are. Like I get it: vampire berserker. His damn NP involves impaling his enemy many times. With spears that jut out of his own body. Yes, Vlad is a bloody character!

But in the game the details of his attacks are surprisingly muted. Half the time the aura around his shadow pikes just look like more shadows. Yet that is not the case against all this white scenery: the red suddenly pops. It’s vivid. I’m not disturbed by it, but holy shit was I suddenly made very aware of it. Unfortunately I couldn’t capture a good screenshot for the life of me because ever since the iOS 11 update my damn phone will not capture fast enough ┻━┻ ︵ ¯\ (ツ)/¯ ︵ ┻━┻

I did do a few yolo pulls in the Christmas gacha, but I didn’t get anything of note. I got the silver bell CE right towards the end (go figure! XD Worth it for the art though <3 ). I’ll be doing one yolo pull for the London’s release gacha and that will be it. I’ve got a LOT of catching up to do in terms of the main story and leveling who I have.

How did the Christmas event go for you? Any notable pulls? Any of you looking forward to Mordred and London? I think Vlad gets an interlude with the new singularity so I’m very excited for that! Whatever you’d like to talk about you’re more than welcome to do so in the comments below!

As always, thank you all so much reading! And I shall see you next time. See you later~ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Screenshot Bonus Round: GO!

Astolfo NO! Get yourself a cutie who will actually be nice to you. Don’t be a masochist! D:
…Oooooooh you’re fantasizing REAL hard today, aren’t you? *I’m so dead if he ever comes home. At this point he might just to spite me for teasing.*
I dunno why but I friggin’ adored these depressed snowmen. They were probably my favorite designs of the bunch.