Fangirl Musings Preview: Past Videos

So with the relaunch of the website I wanted to use my previous video essays to give a preview of the written articles to come for the Fangirl Musings section. However I admit I wasn’t sure how to organize them properly.

On the one hand, I could have given each of my previous videos their own post. However that would have filled the front page with video essays posts, and since I’m steering away from video-driven content I didn’t want to send mixed messages on that front. Yet I also didn’t want to hide these videos forever since I did work hard on them, and they will be my guide for Fangirl Musings posts I write from here on out. So I decided that the best course of action will be to instead embed the entire playlist (a whopping three videos – so much content, I know! 😛 ) in its own post.

So please do feel free to check out the above playlist to see if you like the direction I plan to take in analyzing video games and the industry at large! And while I don’t plan to squish the Community Spotlight together with Fangirl Musings anymore (it will have its own segment!), please do check out those portions of the videos because I intend to keep up the conversation as best as I can like I did for these.