Dance With Devils Rem Chapter 03 Translation

Hello again, folks! As promised, here is the infamous beach chapter from the Left Door common route (Rem and Lindo) in Dance with Devils!  This post assumes you know what’s happened so far in the game, so be sure to head over to the translation master list to catch up on the Prologue through Chapter 02.

If you have already read the Left Door Chapter 03-Lindo translation,  then use ctrl+F and [Rem01] for the Rem-specific changes in the story. Use [S01] through [S04] for the human vs devil scenarios.

As always: translations, spoilers, screenshots, CGs, and a very long post from the Vita game Dance With Devils below. If you do not wish to be spoiled, then please do not continue <3 If you see any corrections that need to be made, please don’t hesitate to contact me with them. Please enjoy! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Even after investigating grandfather’s house, we still didn’t have any new leads regarding mom’s whereabouts.

On the contrary, the very men who kidnapped her attacked us while we were there, and interrupted our search.

Those people are searching for something called “The Forbidden Grimoire.” …Why would they want something like that?

Even more confusing still is why they would target me to try and get to it. I just don’t understand this at all.

Either way, the only thing I can do for now-

Ritsuka: What can I do…?

Ritsuka: (Whatever it is I can do, this was NOT the situation I had in mind~!)

Ritsuka: (The ocean…it’s so pretty. But, I really don’t think I should have come here at a time like this…)

Ritsuka: (We’re at the ocean because of the school’s field trip. Honestly though, I just can’t bring myself to enjoy it. Azuna couldn’t even make it because she caught a cold…)

Lindo: You’ve been spaced out for awhile now. You okay?

Ritsuka: Ah…I’m sorry. I’m fine.

Ritsuka: (I guess I must have been making a gloomy expression if it made ni-san worry about me. I’ll have to try to stop that.)

LIndo: Still, have to admit I didn’t think we’d be coming to the ocean anytime soon, given our situation.

Ritsuka: Yeah. Well, every year the whole school takes a trip to do a little studying. But this year the students requested that we go to the ocean instead.

Lindo: An educational field trip, huh…

Ritsuka: Ni-san, since you’ve just changed schools, why don’t you go hang out with some of your classmates? After all that’s kind of the point of these trips.

Lindo: But I don’t want any guys to suddenly pounce on you! I can’t just leave you alone in this situation.

Lindo: And besides, you’re nervous, aren’t you? You’ve been looking so gloomy today.

Ritsuka: Th-that’s not true. I promise I’m perfectly fine.

Lindo: ………………

Lindo: *smirks* So you won’t cry out of loneliness if I were to suddenly disappear? Isn’t that why you trailed behind me everywhere I went when you were little?

Ritsuka: Y-you’re talking about things that happened when I was a child!? Geez, honestly, Lindo…

Lindo: Don’t pout. I’m only teasing you.

Lindo: …still, if I can be honest: I’d be a terrible brother if I didn’t worry about these sorts of things when it comes to you.

Lindo: More than anything my priority is to make sure that you’re safe. I want to put your needs before mine.

Lindo: And well, it’s because of that that mom would say things like: “You should go participate in school activities,” and “It’s useless if you’re not having fun with it.”

Ritsuka: …Yeah, you’re right. Thank you, ni-san.

Lindo: That being said, don’t leave my side today. You understand?

Ritsuka: Yes.

You hear sand crunching as something runs towards you.

???: Woof woof!

Ritsuka: Kyah!? Roen!?

Lindo: Why is that dog here? ..wait, that means…

Rem: *approaches you both* Roen, don’t take off on your own.

Lindo: Rem Kaginuki…

Ritsuka: (President…!)

Rem: …I apologize for my dog.

Lindo: I accept your apology. Now take your dog and get out of here. Don’t come anywhere near Ritsuka.

Rem: You’re one to talk. First of all, I don’t think I deserve all of this hostile behavior you’ve directed at me.

Lindo: ………….

Ritsuka: (You can cut the tension with a knife…)

Ritsuka: the President came on the trip too, huh?

Rem: …That’s right. I had to as part of my student council responsibilities.

Ritsuka: (I wonder why it’s refreshing to see the President in a swimsuit…?)

Rem: By the way, has anything unusual happened since that day?

Ritsuka: Nope! Everything’s been fine. There haven’t been any unusual people around the house either.

Rem: Is that so? Well good. I’ve made sure that the security for today’s trip is top-notch. So please rest easy and try to relax.

Ritsuka: Thank you very much.

Pomeranian: Woof! Woof woof!

Ritsuka: *giggles* Were you worried about me too?

Ritsuka: You must really love dogs, President. He seems to go everywhere with you.

Rem: It’s not that I like them, per se. Roen just followed me on his own.

Lindo: Yet you can’t bear to send him away, can you?

Rem: …………………

Ritsuka: Roen, isn’t the beach hot for you? Are your little paws okay?

Pomeranian: Woof!

Ritsuka: You seem just fine, huh? Can you really understand the things I say?

Rem: …well he seems to understand you just fine, right?

Ritsuka: It’s because he’s so clever. Hey, would it be alright to go cool off over there? I promise we’ll be careful.

Pomeranian: *whines*

Ritsuka: Fufu~ You’re so spoiled. It’s adorable.

Rem: …You don’t need to pay him any mind.

Ritsuka: It’s alright. He doesn’t seem to be the type to bite. Would it be okay if we played together for a bit?

Lindo: No, it’s not. We’re leaving.

Ritsuka: Eh…but, ni-san…

Lindo: The moment you let your guard down these guys will take advantage of you.

Rem: You certainly don’t seem to give me much credit.

Lindo: Of course not. I will not allow a man like you anywhere near my sister.

Rem: You’re rather overzealous when it comes to protecting her. Are you sure you’re doing this as a big brother? Or are you saying these sorts of things as a man?

Lindo: What did you say…!?

Ritsuka: U-um, you guys…this really isn’t the place to fight…

A crowd has gathered and is peering at your group.

Female Student B: Hey look, it’s Rem-sama! …Huh? Those three, they’ve hung out together before, haven’t they?

Female Student C: They tell him not to come near them and yet…what kind of relationship does Rem-sama have with them anyway?

Male Student A: Isn’t it obvious? Clearly that girl has a hand in whatever it is those two are arguing about.

Ritsuka: (Th-that’s not true…!)

Rem and Lindo: ……………

???: Oh my…and here I thought you were busy with something.

Ritsuka: Ah…!

Urie and Mage appear.

Urie: It’s rare to see Rem associate himself with anyone outside of our group.

Mage: What are you guys up to?

Lindo: Guh! The Student Council…


Urie: Ah, my beautiful butterfly! You look absolutely lovely in that swimsuit.

Ritsuka: Um…you’re Urie Sogami…right?

Urie: You remembered me! That makes me happy.

Mage: Ha! You change your tune every time you see a woman.

Ritsuka: And who are you…? Ah, that’s right: Mage Nanashiro, right?

Mage: What the…? Oi, you, don’t sit there and tell me you actually forgot about me.

Ritsuka: N-no! I definitely remembered!

Lindo: What are all of you doing here?

Mage: Ah? Don’t have a reason. As you can clearly see, we’re just talkin’.

Ritsuka: Eh? Is that a body board in your hand?

Mage: Huh? Yeah. Since we went to the trouble of coming to the sea, I want to have as much fun as I can, ya know?

Mage: Bodyboarding’s not bad, but surfing is way more interesting.

Mage: And of course, when you’re tired there’s always the jet skis.

Ritsuka: (Wow! He’s definitely taking full advantage of this trip…!)

Mage: Ah~ I know. What if I gave you the honor of riding one with me?

Ritsuka: Eh!? Me!?

Lindo: Wh-!? Don’t just waltz on up and invite other people’s little sisters like it’s nothing!

Mage: Ha? I’ll do whatever I want.

Lindo: Oh no you won’t. You need my permission to do that sort of thing with her…!

Mage: So then give me permission.

Lindo: That’s not how this works!

Ritsuka: (Oh no, are they really going to start a fight here!?)

Shiki just slides into the picture.

Shiki: …while a jet ski’s nice, why don’t we ride a boat together instead?

Ritsuka: Kyaaaah!? Th-that surprised me. You’re…

Shiki: Shiki Natsumezaka. You can just call me Shiki. Neh, do you want to come have fun on the boats with me?

Shiki: Trapped in the middle of the ocean where you can’t run, on a sinking boat…*sighs contently*

Shiki: Not knowing if you’re going to live or die…Fufu~ Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

Ritsuka: (I don’t really think that’s how you’re supposed to have fun on a boat…)

Pomeranian: Woof! Woof woof! *growling at Shiki*

Shiki: Oh? So Roen came too.

Pomeranian: *GROWLS at Shiki and barks*

Shiki: Fufu… I see you’re as noisy as ever. You know, I wonder what would happen if the high tide rolled in and you were buried in the sand, left behind?

Roen: *shrieks* !?

Ritsuka: H-hold on, you’re scaring Roen…

Urie: It’s alright. Shiki always spouts nonsense like that.

Ritsuka: Really?

Urie: That’s right. By the way, Butterfly. If you’d like, after this…

Urie: Would you like to spend some time with me? Just the two of us?

Ritsuka: Wh-what would we do…?

Urie: Hmm, well for example…why don’t we do things that would make you cry out in your cute little voice?

Ritsuka: …!?

Urie: Come with me, Butterfly. Let me bring you to a world of pleasure.

Ritsuka: U-um, I….

Lindo: Wh-!? Oi, you, just what do you think you’re-

Rem: *intervenes* What are you doing, Urie?

Lindo: …!

Ritsuka: President…

Urie: Well if that isn’t a scary face… Could that mean that this girl is important to you?

Rem: ………………

Urie: While I assure you I had no bad intentions, I get the feeling that you wouldn’t believe me. Furthermore…

Urie: Are you afraid I’ll take her from you?

Rem: …That’s enough, Urie.

Urie: Fufu, how terrifying. Well I get it, I’ll keep my hands to myself.

Female A: Urie~! Hurry up and get over here-!

Urie: Ah, I’ll be right over! …Well then, I’m off to go play with my little butterflies. Best of luck, my dear friend.

Mage: Tch, well that spoiled the mood. I’m heading into the water.

Shiki: Fufu…see you later.

Lindo: …They left. Oi, Ritsuka, are you okay? He didn’t do anything to you, did he?

Ritsuka: N-no, I’m okay.

Lindo: Geez, you can’t let you guard down at all around those Student Council members.

Ritsuka: Ni-san, even if you say that…

Rem: …No, he’s right. I’ll have a word with them about this later. I apologize on their behalf for teasing you.

Ritsuka: Eh? N-no, really, they didn’t do anything bad. Please don’t worry about it.

Rem: It relieves me to hear you say that. …Thank you.

Ritsuka: (Ah, it’s a bit awkward to have the President thank me for something…)

Lindo: …

Scene shifts to Shiki, Urie, and Mage.

Shiki: Thanks for that! Rem looked like a grumpy cat back there. Fufu, how interesting.

Urie: Don’t be fooled, that guy knows what he’s doing. That girl is surely a clue to getting the Grimoire.

Urie: Once he has her where he wants her, he’ll pry the information out of her.

Urie: Though for the time being, she and Rem don’t look bad together.

Mage: Ha! What’s the use in all this pussy-footing around when he could just force it out of her?

Shiki: It’s definitely tempting, isn’t it?

Urie; Tempting…well I admit there’s some truth in that. However, maybe we should help our ever patient friend.

Mage: Whatcha thinking of?

Shiki: You’re clearly plotting something, Urie.

Urie: I was just thinking we’d give him a romantic opening~.

Time passes and scene changes back to you and Lindo.

Lindo: Let’s go somewhere else. I think there’s an area with less people about.

Ritsuka: Eh? But I wanted to play with Roen a little more.

Lindo: You may not! Now come with me. If you ignore those guys then we can go rent a boat or do some other fun things.

There’s a crackle of electricity and the screen flashes.

Rem: …? Just now…

Ritsuka: Eh? What’s wrong?

Pomeranian: *growls lowly*

Ritsuka: Roen…?

Female Student A: Kyaaaaaah!?

Lindo: W-what was that!?

Male student A: T-there’s a tidal surge coming this way!

Ritsuka: A wave!?

Students scatter and scream

Ritsuka: …!?

Ritsuka: (O-oh no! Where did this giant wave come from!? It’s heading this way!)

Rem: Look out!

Lindo: Ritsuka!

Ritsuka: (At this rate, it’ll swallow up everyone!)

Choice: [Rem01]

  • 目を閉じる (Close your eyes. + Affection with Rem)
  • 手を伸ばす (Reach out your hand. +Affection with Lindo)

If you chose “Close your eyes”

Ritsuka: (It’s no use, it’s right on us…!)

Rem: Come here!

Ritsuka: P-President…!?

He grabs you, and you can hear the water rush around you. Cut to CG.

Ritsuka: (President!)

Rem: …..ugh!

Ritsuka: (We’re being carried off by the wave’s momentum! What should we do? At this rate…)

Ritsuka: (I’m running…out of air…)

The screen goes black.

Rem: From this point forward, keep your eyes closed.

Ritsuka: (…Eh?)

You hear a magic sound and the screen goes white. The scene then changes to the beach.

Ritsuka: (…mm)

Ritsuka: (Huh? This is…I was sure we were swallowed up by the wave…)

Ritsuka: Ah, President!?

Rem: I’m here.

Ritsuka: Ah…thank goodness…

Rem: Don’t try to stand up so suddenly. You should lay down on your side for awhile.

Ritsuka: Right…um, where are we? Are we back at the beach from before?

Rem: No…it seems we were carried away from the shore. I took a look while you were out, and it appears we somehow washed up on a small island.

Rem: If you look to the horizon you can see no more than a line where the beach might be…we definitely can’t swim back.

Ritsuka: But that’s…

Ritsuka: I guess we should count ourselves lucky that we’re safe after all that…

Ritsuka: Um, did you happen to somehow swim here to get us both to safety?

Rem: For the most part, yes.

Rem: *mumbles to self*…There’s no doubt in my mind that that wave was created through magic.

Ritsuka: Eh?

Rem: Nothing. …Either way, we’re in a tight spot.

Ritsuka: You’re right…what do we do? I’m sure my brother is really worried…

Rem: …more than likely. After all, we did end up alone together because of this.

Ritsuka: (Eh! That’s…!?)

Rem comes closer to you.

Human vs Devil Potential Scenarios Start here:

Potential Scenario 1: [S01]

Rem: Did you suffer any injuries? Do you feel pain anywhere?

  • Human Choice: What about you? (会長さんは?)
  • Devil Choice: I’m fine. (大丈夫です )

If you say “What about you?”

Rem: Nothing’s wrong with me.

Ritsuka: I see. Thank goodness…

Rem: …You look relieved to hear that.

Ritsuka: Well of course I am. You had to swim and care for us both while holding me this entire time.

Ritsuka: If anything happened to you because of that, then of course I would be worried about it.

Rem: Worried…huh? How odd. I’m not exactly used to anyone fretting over me.

Ritsuka: Is that so? But, if something terrible were to happen to you…

Ritsuka: I mean, since you’re always trying to do everything on your own, then I would definitely be worried since I wouldn’t know if someone could help you.

Rem: I see…As expected of you by now, you’re saying such interesting things again. I’ll reflect upon my next move with a new perspective.

Rem: It would seem that playing this game with you is turning out to be more fun than I had anticipated.

Ritsuka: (Eh? Game? Wha-what does he mean…?)

Rem: …No, now isn’t the time to worry about that. Our top priority should be getting ourselves off this island.

Ritsuka: R-right…

Human Choice Ends

If you say “I’m fine.”

Rem: …Is that so? And yet your face is all red. Just because you don’t have any injuries, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re okay.

Rem comes closer.

Rem: …Pardon me.

Ritsuka: (!? He’s putting his hand on my forehead…)

Rem: You feel a little warm. Did my hand feel cold to you when I touched you?

Ritsuka: Y-yeah…it feels nice actually.

Rem: *in your right ear* Then it’s fine in that case…if it would make you feel better, I could draw out even more heat from you.

Ritsuka: (That is not what I meant, and I’m pretty sure I would heat up in a different way!)

Rem: Is there anything else you’d like me to do?

Ritsuka: Nope! I already feel much better! I’m fine!

Devil Choice Ends

Potential Scenario 02 [S02]

Rem: There is the possibility that the others may be unable to find us, since they won’t be able to trace where the wave carried us off.

  • Human Choice: It will be okay. ( きっと大丈夫です)
  • Devil Choice: But that’s…( そんな…)

If you say “It will be okay”

Ritsuka: Everything will be okay. Especially since I have you here with me.

Rem: …Me?

Ritsuka: Of course. If I had been alone things would be different, but having you here is reassuring.

Rem: You honor me with that kind of trust. Then I’ll do my best to live up to your expectations.

Ritsuka: Okay, and I’ll do my best too! We should probably start searching for food soon, shouldn’t we? I bet there’s some kind of nuts…or maybe mushrooms.

Rem: …mushrooms…?

Ritsuka: President?

Rem: No…it’s nothing. It seems if I’m to meet your expectations…I’ll have to exercise caution…

Ritsuka: Eh, are-are you alright? You’re all pale all of a sudden. Oh yeah, you hate mushrooms, don’t you?

Rem: …Don’t worry about it.

Human Choice Ends

If you say “But that’s…”

Rem: Don’t look so worried. Everything will be alright.

Ritsuka: (The President is…when he gently strokes my hair like this, I can’t help but calm down…)

Rem: I’m sure we can come up with a plan. Let’s think on it together.

Rem: Thankfully I didn’t end up here alone. I’m sure if we work together we’ll be able to go home.

Ritsuka: You’re right. I’m so glad that you’re here with me, President.

Rem comes closer.

Rem: …A smile really does suit you best.

Rem: I always find myself being drawn to your smile.

Ritsuka: Eh…? Th-thank you…

Ritsuka: (N-now I’m all tense at the thought of him staring at me…)

Devil Choice Ends

Potential Scenario 03 [S03]

Rem: There’s nowhere to go for the time being. So please, stay by my side.

  • Human choice: Wouldn’t it be better if we divided the work? (手分けしてもいいかも )
  • Devil choice: I’ll be careful. (気をつけます )

If you say “Wouldn’t it be better if we divided the work?”

Ritsuka: But, wouldn’t be better if we split up to cover more ground?

Rem: If you do that, then I won’t be able to protect you if something happens, right?

Ritsuka: Eh…?

Rem comes closer

Rem: It’s my job to protect the school’s students. I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself if anything happened to you.

Rem: So…I would like you to stay by my side.

Ritsuka: (President…even in this sort of situation all he does is worry over me…)

Ritsuka: You’re right, thank you. I won’t leave you since it’s dangerous to go off on my own.

Rem: Yes, please do.

Human Choice Ends

If you say “I’ll be careful.”

Rem: Ah, to avoid getting lost it would be best if you came closer.

He comes a lot closer.

Rem: Under the circumstances, you only need to rely on me. So don’t hesitate to tell me if you need anything.

Ritsuka: Th-thank you very much…

Ritsuka: (Just as I thought, it’s reassuring to have him here with me.)

Rem:*in your right ear* You know, I could give you anything you want. Anything is within my ability to obtain…if it’s for you.

Ritsuka: O-okay!

Devil Choice Ends

Potential Scenario 04 [S04] (last one)

Rem: This situation is a blessing in disguise. I can finally talk to you without being interrupted.

  • Human Choice: This isn’t the time for that! (話している場合じゃない )
  • Devil Choice: You seem happy at the thought. (そう考えると嬉しい )

If you say “This isn’t the time for that!”

Rem: Well of course. Getting off this island is our top priority, but is it really so bad to consider smaller things like this as well? If we do nothing but hurry we’ll only fail and make things harder for ourselves.

Rem: So don’t you think it’s also important to calm ourselves down with little chats like this?

Ritsuka: Well when you put it that way, I guess I do feel a bit better if I take the time to talk to you like this.

Ritsuka: And when I see you looking like you’re having fun, I can’t help but feel a bit relieved.

Rem: Having fun? …Me? I wasn’t even aware that I-

Ritsuka: President?

Rem: It’s nothing, I’m just a little tense. It seems I never know what to expect when I talk with you. I had no idea I was reacting that way.

Ritsuka: (Eh? The President’s talking as if this conversation was incredibly important. …How strange.)

Human Choice Ends

If you say “You seem happy at the thought.”

Rem: Of course. I can just enjoy my time with you when I don’t have to worry about everyone else.

Rem comes closer.

Rem: *in your right ear* I want to listen to you talk about so many things. We’re going to be waiting a while for help, and we have not much else to do anyway…so then, won’t you please talk with me?

Ritsuka: (Eh? I feel so dizzy…why is it that I feel dizzy whenever I look at the President? I don’t think it’s the sunlight or anything…)

Rem: *still in your right * Speak. Take your time and take it slow. You can open up your heart to me-

He strokes your cheek.

Ritsuka: (The President’s stroking my cheek. Somehow it…feels nice.)

Ritsuka: (W-wait a minute. Maybe it’s the heat messing with me. I can’t mess around like this. Get it together, Ritsuka!)

Devil Choice Ends

Human vs Devil end

Ritsuka: U-um…President.

Rem: …What is it?

Ritsuka: Thank you so much. You saved me back there…

Rem: It’s nothing. I’m just glad nothing happened to you.

Lindo comes running to you both.

Lindo: Are you alright, Ritsuka!?

Ritsuka: Lindo! Oh thank goodness, you’re okay…!

Lindo: You…oh thank God, you’re safe.

Ritsuka: It’s all thanks to the President.

Lindo: Ah…

Rem: I only did what anyone else would do.

Lindo: -Is that so? Then in that case, I don’t owe you any gratitude.

Rem: That’s right, it’s unnecessary.

Lindo: So what do we do from here? Surely the teachers and other students are looking for us-

Lindo: I think it’s safe to say that we were the only ones who washed up on this island.

Rem: Then I’m going to take a look around. Please stay here and watch over her.

Lindo: I don’t take orders from you.

Lindo walks off.

Rem: I bet he didn’t rest at all since he woke up from that tidal surge…what a fool.

Time passes and Lindo rejoins you.

Lindo: …It doesn’t seem like anyone else has washed up here after all.

Rem: I see. Well this island isn’t very big. I imagine it’s never been inhabited.

Ritsuka: A deserted island…I can’t believe we really ended up in such a place…

Lindo: So then…we don’t have any means of contacting anyone. And here I thought if at least someone lived here, then…damn!

Ritsuka: (He has a point. Without our phones we can’t call for help.)

Lindo: Don’t make such a face. I’m sure that someone from the school has noticed that the three of us are missing.

Lindo: They’ll send someone out to look for us soon.

Rem: Even so, it’ll get dark soon. I imagine if they can’t find us by sun down they’ll have to hold off their search until morning.

Ritsuka: Are…are you saying that we’ll have to spend the night here…?

Rem: There’s a high possibility of it. The greatest threat to us at the moment is hypothermia…we’ll need to build a fire.

Ritsuka: (I-it’s like we’re homeless…)

Rem: I’ll go search for some firewood. Could you go collect some food for us? Do you know what sorts of plants will be edible?

Lindo: …I don’t take orders from you.

Rem: That’s not what I meant, and you know it.

Lindo: I honestly don’t believe this was all a mere accident. It’s damn suspicious that of all the people to be stranded with my sister and I, you just happen to be the only one washed away with us.

Lindo: Awfully funny coincidence, isn’t it?

Rem: ….*sighs*

Rem: So what exactly are you trying to say? Are you honestly somehow accusing me of using that tidal wave to sweep you and your sister to a deserted island, just so that I could be alone with you?

Rem: I don’t think there’s a man alive capable of devising that.

Lindo: Is that so?

Ritsuka: (Geez, and now they’re back to arguing. I just wish they would stop…)

Ritsuka: (…somehow I feel a little strange from earlier…)

Ritsuka: ( I have a headache, and there’s just no strength left in my body….)

Lindo: …Hm? Oi, Ritsuka?

Ritsuka: Eh…?

Lindo: You got really quiet all of a sudden. What’s wrong? Are you alright?

Rem: …Her complexion looks bad.

Lindo: You…oh no. Let me feel your head.

Ritsuka: (Ah…Lindo’s hand feels nice and cold…)

Lindo: This is…you’ve broken out in a cold sweat. Do you feel fatigued? Nauseated?

Ritsuka: A little…

Lindo: You might be suffering from heat stroke…

Rem: Then we need to cool her off. Quickly now, get her under some shade. You should lay down and rest.

Lindo: Right. I’ll carry you there, so hold on.

Ritsuka: Ni-san…

Lindo: Don’t worry, I’m here.

Ritsuka: Right…

Rem: I’ll prepare a spot for you to lie down on. Wait just a moment.

Ritsuka: I’m sorry…

Lindo: …

Rem: …Lindo Tachibana.

Lindo: What?

Rem: I don’t care whether you like me or not.

Rem: But for her sake, you need to put whatever reservations you have about me aside for now.

Lindo: …I understand. I suppose it can’t be helped.

Ritsuka: Ni-san…President…

Lindo: It’s alright. So just try to relax and don’t worry about anything.

Rem: You need to take it easy on your body for now. Please just take care of yourself.

Ritsuka: Okay…

Time passes, it’s now nighttime.

Ritsuka: …mm.

Ritsuka: (…The sky’s so dark…I guess it’s already night time. How long have I been asleep?)

Rem: -Are you awake?

Ritsuka: Ah…President.

Rem: How are you feeling? Your breathing seems stable now.

Ritsuka: I’m feeling a lot better. I’m so, so sorry about what happened earlier…

Rem: It’s a rough situation for all of us. Don’t worry about.

Ritsuka: Right. Um, where’s ni-san?

Rem: He’s getting water not too far away from here. Thankfully there’s some fresh water pools on this island.

Rem: Since you were going to be the one to drink it, he didn’t trust me to go fetch the water myself.

Rem: He should be back soon. He seems to be greatly opposed to the idea of leaving the two of us alone together.

Ritsuka: (Honestly, ni-san…)


Rem: …Now that things are like this though, you’re probably lonely.

Ritsuka: Eh? That’s not true…in an odd way, we’re here together thanks to what happened.

Rem: Still, our situation won’t improve if all we do is just sit here and wait.

Rem: Furthermore…if no one comes to search on this island for us, caring for you becomes our responsibility.

Ritsuka: President…?

Rem: *comes closer and speaks in your right ear.* I’m sure you’re still in some pain. There’s no need to do anything reckless…if it hurts, I’ll gladly do what I can to ease that pain.

Ritsuka: (Huh…? Why is hearing his voice…is making me sleepy again…?)

Rem: *still in your right ear* Come here…If you need to cry you can hold onto me. I don’t mind spoiling you a little. You just need to ask it of me.

Rem: It’s…alright…to come to my side.

Ritsuka: (To be by…the President’s side…)

Ritsuka: (Mm…with mom being gone, and with all the strange people attacking us…I’ve just been so depressed, scared, and anxious…)

Ritsuka: (If I just had someone to lean on, then all of this would become so much easier…)

Rem: *whispers in your ear* That’s right, you can rest easy. Right here in my arms.

Ritsuka: (I can relax…)

Sound of a chain clinks.

Just then my pendant made a small clinking sound. Somehow I didn’t lose the pendant mom gave me amidst the big tidal wave.

Ritsuka: (…mom…)

Ritsuka: (…I wonder, what would mom say if she were here right now?)

Flashback to Ritsuka’s mom.

Maria: You will be alright. I believe in that because you’re most definitely my daughter.

Ritsuka: (That’s right…mom…said that with a smile on her face.)

Ritsuka: (…mm. Everything will turn out alright…mom.)

Scene changes back to the beach.

Ritsuka: I’m…okay.

Rem: …what?

Ritsuka: Even if the situation before me is difficult to deal with, I can’t afford to just sit here and be depressed.

Ritsuka: As such…so long as I can borrow the strength of those around me, then no matter how painful things get, I know I can overcome it.

Rem: *looks shocked*

Ritsuka: That’s why I…I know I’m fine.

Rem: …It seems I’ve misjudged you.

Ritsuka: Eh?

Rem: It’s nothing…let’s just talk.

Rem: You’ve really changed. Normally in a situation like this people are prone to fear and waver in their decisions.

Ritsuka: Well if one’s alone, then it’s only natural to be faint hearted. But…I have my brother with me.

Ritsuka: I also…have you here with me, don’t I?

Rem: …! *gasps juuuust slightly*

Ritsuka: It’s because of that that everything is made easier. So really…thank you.

Rem: *sighs*

Rem: …I think you have misunderstood me.

Rem: I’m simply only fulfilling my duty as the Student Council President by helping you.

Ritsuka: Even so…I’m still grateful.

Rem: *looks away* I don’t deserve your thanks.

Ritsuka: …fufu!

Rem: What?

Ritsuka: It’s nothing. I just thought it’s so like you to say something like that.

Ritsuka: You’re completely different from the person I thought you were when I was first called to the third floor library.

Ritsuka: Please don’t be offended, okay? But when we first met, I was actually a little afraid of the cold attitude you had.

Rem: …I suppose I can’t blame you.

Ritsuka: But, now I know that you just have a deep sense of responsibility. You’re really a good person.

Rem: …I think you give me too much credit.

Rem: Nevertheless, even if you can easily understand someone, it’s much more difficult to predict one’s next move.

Ritsuka: But still, it’s okay to let people praise you once in awhile. You speak so badly of yourself…

Rem: No…that doesn’t matter. The one who knows me best is myself.

Rem: But, if I could say one thing…

Rem: Once you’ve realized your enemy’s next move, you should devote yourself to meeting them head on while you have the chance.

Ritsuka: (M-meet them head on…?)

Ritsuka: President…?

Rem: *sighs*

Rem: …I wouldn’t mind it if you would just call me “Rem.”*

Ritsuka: E…Eeeeh? Is that really okay…?*

Rem: I just said it was fine, didn’t I?

Ritsuka: Then…Rem-san?

Rem: …that works.

Ritsuka: (W-why do I feel so giddy about this? But I’m happy too. It feels as if we’ve just got a little closer.)

Rem: …You should rest a little more. I’ll wake you if your brother comes back while you’re asleep.

Ritsuka: Okay, thank you! …Rem-san.

You fall asleep.

Ritsuka: …zzz…

Rem: …She fell asleep.

Rem: Even though I objected to Urie and the others’ ridiculous idea…here I have to admit it ended up being a decent plan.

Rem: Granted that’s difficult to swallow…

Rem: It would be much easier if we simply waited and let the pieces fall where they may. But…

Rem: The time spent reading your intentions, the moving of a piece, and waiting for your next move wasn’t bad.  …Yet that’s not like me either.

Ritsuka: mm…

Rem: *comes closer* …There’s that sweet scent again.

Rem: *comes even closer* It’s definitely coming from her…and she doesn’t seem to be wearing any perfume.

Rem: This is troubling. The reason I’ve become so careless around her is surely because of this scent.

Ritsuka: zzz….

Rem: Her lips just now…no, she’s just breathing? Is that where this strong scent is coming from…? Just what is this…?

Rem: …I want to just…steal you away…

Ritsuka: Mm…ugh…don’t come…near me…

The pendant shines a bright light.

Rem: ..ugh!

Rem: That pendant repels me without her knowing it.

Rem: So then…it’s dangerous. But even if it denies me, I still can’t help but be drawn in. This scent…it’s just too painful to endure…

Lindo: *comes running back* What the hell did you do!?

Rem: …!

Lindo: That light just now…as I thought. I let my guard down too much.

Lindo: That pendant is a protective talisman. Should a magical being come near her with the intent of doing her harm, it will react and keep them at bay.

Rem: …That certainly seems to be the case.

Lindo: I knew it. Rem Kaginuki…you’re a…!

Ritsuka: …mm…

Lindo: *gasps* !

Ritsuka: Ah…it’s you, ni-san. Welcome back.

Lindo: Ah…ah, thanks.

Rem: *sighs*

Ritsuka: (…? What happened? What’s with this tension…?)

Ritsuka: (I know I keep saying this, but this time the tension around them is more severe than ever.)

A horn sounds off in the night.

Ritsuka: Ah…that noise…

Rem: That was a ship’s whistle just now. I can see it’s outline from here. It looks like it’s coming this way.

Ritsuka: Th-then that means someone’s come to get us!

Rem: Mm, that light just now probably alerted them to us being here.

Ritsuka: Light? What light…?

Lindo: …It’s nothing you need to know about.

Ritsuka: Ni-san…?

Rem: Regardless, we can return home. We’ve managed to get out of this situation safely.


Ritsuka: (What’s going on? Even though there’s a boat coming to rescue us, the atmosphere is just so painful and heavy…)

Ritsuka: (What could have happened while I was asleep?)

Time passes and the scene changes back to the third floor library.

Rem: So that incident was all your doing.

Urie: Don’t be mad~ It’s thanks to me you were able to get intimate with the little Butterfly, right? It was a chance for love, after all.

Mage: Besides, the way that giant ass wave carried you all off was a masterpiece!

Rem: …Mage.

Mage: What? We only used a little power to play around a bit.

Shiki: I don’t think anyone believes we did it, neh?

Rem: …Know your place.

Urie, Mage, and Shiki: …!?

Rem: Our purpose is the Grimoire. In order to gather information regarding its whereabouts, we cannot let anyone become suspicious as to our true identities.

Rem: Furthermore, that brother of hers saw the pendant’s light. That pendant is a talisman that protects her, meaning it won’t be easy to obtain that girl’s hand.

Rem: Until we can move in for the checkmate, we must patiently wait for the next move to be made. …Do you understand?

Urie: …I understand.

Mage: Tch…

Shiki: ……

Scene changes once more to Ritsuka’s room.

Ritsuka: Ha…what a terrible trip that turned out to be…

Ritsuka: (Even though so many things happened, we were able to return home safe and sound.)

Ritsuka: (And on top of that I seem to have made a friend in the Presid-…I mean, in Rem-san.)

Ritsuka: (But…then again, the relationship between him and my brother is as bad as ever.)

Ritsuka: I know. I wonder how Azuna’s doing? I’ll send her a text real quick.

Ritsuka: (Let’s see…”I’m sorry you couldn’t come with us on the trip today. Have you recovered from your cold?” …)

Ritsuka: And send…

The phone rings.

Ritsuka: (Azuna’s…calling me!? But I just sent her a text.)

Ritsuka: Hello, Azuna? Is it alright for you to be up so late?

Azuna: Mm! Thanks for the text. It made me so happy that I just had to call you back! Sorry for worrying you.

Ritsuka: I’m just glad that you’re feeling better.

Azuna: Anyway, I heard about the tidal wave. I can’t believe something like that happened to you.

Ritsuka: I know, right? Everyone panicked and… wait…huh?

Ritsuka: (I didn’t write anything about that in my text…)

Azuna: Is something wrong?

Ritsuka: No…just, how did you know that happened? I hadn’t mentioned that yet.

Azuna: Eh? A-ah…I heard it from my friends. The girls from our class, you know.

Azuna: I should be able to go to school tomorrow. So you can give me all the details then!

Ritsuka: Sure! I shouldn’t have kept you for so long, so I’ll hang up. See you tomorrow.

Azuna: Good night.

Ritsuka: (I’m looking forward to tomorrow! I wonder if it’ll be alright to also talk to her about what happened on that island?)

Ritsuka: (Even though I heard that the other students and the teachers were worried, I haven’t been able to…huh?)

Ritsuka: (Wait a minute. No one else from my class knew we had been swept away by that tidal surge. Azuna, who exactly told you about all of that?)

Scene changes to outside of your house.

Pomeranian: *pants*

Pomeranian: *sighs*

The dog pitter patters away and the chapter ends.


Translation notes (100% Optional reading)

*Here Rem states that he wouldn’t mind it if Ritsuka would call him by his given name without an honorific (such as -san or -kun). This is actually a pretty big deal in Japanese, as even very close friends will address each other with an honorific of some kind. Calling someone by their given name without an honorific is a sign that you have a special relationship with that person (be they family, family-like friend, or lover) and have earned the right to do so. 

This is why Ritsuka actually frets over it and makes a point to address Rem as Rem-san afterwards, because even though HE’S okay with it, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Ritsuka herself feels close enough to have earned the right to address him that way yet.