Dance With Devils Prologue Translation (PS Vita)

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A couple of notes before proceeding:

  • Ritsuka is indeed the default name, however you’ll see “Twi” in screenshots. Please forgive me as that’s just the character name I gave her for my own playthrough m(_ _)m
  • For reading purposes, however, I’ll be using Ritsuka in my translated script rather than [your name], Player, or Twi. Mainly because that’s just how the majority of the fandom knows the heroine by now.

If you do not wish to be spoiled, then please do not read any further. Thank you! <3

If you see any errors then please do feel free to contact me with corrections! I hope you enjoy! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

All screenshots and translations were taken/done by DreadRabbit (me).

???: The ever-turning wheel of fate stops now.

???: A new power shall be born within the blackest darkness. And for that I search for no one else but a young woman.

???: That woman is the bride of darkness. Her name is…

Ritsuka: All right.

Ritsuka: Mom, breakfast is ready! Are you up yet?

Maria: Yeeeeess…

Maria: Mm~… Good morning, Ritsuka…

Ritsuka: Good morning. You look really tired again today. Were you up all night?

Maria: Ah, I had a deadline today. But I’m a bit behind on the project.

Ritsuka: Well then you can get back to work after you eat a good breakfast! Eat while it’s still hot! [more literally “Please do your best after you eat a delicious breakfast. Won’t you please eat it while it’s still hot?”].

Maria: Right, right.

-Time passes and they eat-

Maria: Mm~ Delicious! As expected of my daughter.

Ritsuka: Fufu, thank you!

Maria: Even though I’ll need to work on my manuscript tonight, let me take care of dinner, okay?

Ritsuka: Is that really alright?

Maria: Of course, of course! Since I’ve gotten some sleep I should be able to manage it.

Ritsuka: Even so…Mom, cooking’s not exactly your specialty, is it..?

Maria: A-ah…well…I’m not as good at it as you are…

Maria: But Lindo’s coming home today after being gone for a year! So, I’ll have to try my best!

Ritsuka: Fufu~ I understand. But it’s because big brother’s coming home that I’d also like to do whatever I can to help, you know?

Ritsuka: Ah, I’ll be late if I don’t get going soon. Thanks for the meal!

Maria: Ah, wait a minute Ritsuka!

Ritsuka: Yes?

Maria: Today’s Monday, right? Here, let me see your pendant. We need to replace the potpourri in it.

Ritsuka: Oh, yeah. …Here you go.

Maria: …There we are. With this you’ll have good luck this week as well.

Ritsuka: Fufu! You really do  like these sorts of good luck charms, don’t you Mom?

Maria: This pendant is very important, you know. Remember what your grandfather told you?

Ritsuka: Right, right. …Ah…

Maria: Is something wrong?

Ritsuka: The chain’s a little off because the clasp is getting loose. It’s already so old…

Maria: Really? I’ll have it repaired for you if you lend it to me.

Ritsuka: When I come home then. I’ll be late if I don’t go now.

Maria: But…it would be terrible if you lost it.

Ritsuka: Don’t worry, I’ll be careful. I’m off!

Maria: Ah-! …Geez, she’s so energetic in the morning.

Maria: Please be careful, Ritsuka.

Ritsuka: (I’m going to be late again unless I hurry!)

-Sound of foot steps can be heard as Ritsuka runs off-

???: …Is that the house?

???: That’s what Lord Jek said. Let’s go.

Azuna: Ah, Ritsuka! Good morning~

Ritsuka: Good morning, Azuna.

Azuna: Hey, did you do your English homework? It was pretty difficult this time.

Ritsuka: I…was able to get a hint or two from my mom last night. (~_^)

Azuna: I should have known! You’re so lucky, having a mom that works for a translation house. Isn’t your brother also studying abroad?

Ritsuka: That’s right, and he should be coming home today. I’m looking forward to seeing him again. It’s been so long, you know?

Azuna: He’s in England right now, right?

Ritsuka: Yup! About a year ago he just suddenly told us he was leaving. Mom and I were both so surprised…but then again that’s so like him to do something like that…

Azuna: Hmm…

Ritsuka: …? What?

Azuna: Oh nothing~ It’s just, I couldn’t help but think that you really like your brother just now.

Ritsuka: Was…was I that easy to read?

Azuna: Just a bit~ You seem really cheerful today.

Ritsuka: Cheerful, huh…?

Ritsuka: (Well of course I’m happy. But to think it was that easy to tell…it’s a little embarrassing…)

Female Student A: Ritsuka!

Ritsuka: Ah, good morning. What’s wrong? You look hurried…

Female Student A: Don’t “what’s wrong” me! What did you do, Ritsuka?

Ritsuka: Eh?

-Scene shifts to inside the building-

Ritsuka: (Uwah…there’s so many people gathered around. Are they all here just to read the bulletin board?)

Azuna: ..!? Ritsuka, look!

Ritsuka: (A new notice…?)

Ritsuka: …Eh!?

Urgent Notice. Second Year, Class D Ritsuka Tachibana. Please come to the third floor library as soon as possible.

Student Council President,
Rem Kaginuki

Ritsuka: (A summons from the student council president!? Wh-why…!?)

Male Student B: Ah, there she is. Ritsuka Tachibana.

Male Student B: To be called directly by the President…did she commit a violation or something?

Female Student B: Isn’t the student council using that library as a substitute office?

Female Student C: Then doesn’t that mean all of the student council members will be there? Urie-sama and Shiki-sama…!?

Male Student B: Mage might even be there. If that’s the case…I’m actually a little jealous.

Female Student B: I know, right? I want to be called on by Rem-sama too!

Ritsuka: (Th-they’re so nosy about other people’s problems…)

Azuna: What’s the meaning of this? Why is Ritsuka being called on…

Ritsuka: I-I don’t know. I’d like to know myself.

Female Student A: But if it’s the President you’re seeing, then it can’t be for anything good, right?

Ritsuka: You have a point.

Ritsuka: (In this academy, the Student Council’s authority is absolute. I heard that even the teachers refuse to go against them.)

Ritsuka: I’m sorry, Azuna. Could you go to class without me?

Azuna: Are you sure? …do you want to go [to the library] together?

Ritsuka: Thank you, but I’ll be okay. I know I didn’t do anything wrong. I’ll see you later! –walks away-

Azuna: …

Ritsuka: (I wonder why the third floor library has such a mysterious atmosphere about it? Since I really don’t come around here often, I’m beginning to feel anxious.)

Ritsuka: (What lies beyond its doors…?)

Ritsuka: …All right.

“The moment my hand opened that door, was the moment that everything began.

That time was also the moment my fate took a huge turn.”

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