Dance With Devils Left Door Chapter 01, Part 02 Translation (PS Vita)

So, you decided to pick the left door when you were asked to decide your fate, hmm? ☆。゚+.(人-ω◕ฺ)゚+.゚ This post is a translation of how Chapter 01 of the game plays out if you chose the door with Rem and Lindo’s portraits.

Massive Spoilers, screenshots, and CGs for the Vita Game Dance With Devils below. If you do not wish to be spoiled, then please do not continue <3 I hope you enjoy!

Ritsuka: (It’s times like this that I wish my brother were here…)

Ritsuka: (He always had a knack for being there for me at just the right time. But, I can’t really depend on that right now…)

Rem: What an interesting person you are, Ritsuka Tachibana.

Ritsuka: (…!? Why am I thinking of what the President said at a time like this?)

Ritsuka: (I don’t need to rely on that person. It’s just unreasonable. I can take care of myself!)

Ritsuka: Stop….Let me go!

Jek: You’re such a stubborn little girl. Do you still not get it? It’s impossible to run away.

Ritsuka: It’s not impossible!

Ritsuka: (I definitely won’t give up!)

The sound of footsteps rapidly approach.

???: Oi, Ritsuka!

Ritsuka: (This…voice…!)

Lindo: What are you doing, you bastard!? Unhand Ritsuka!

Ritsuka: Ni-san!

Jek: Oh…look who came just in time.

Jek: I would like to speak with you too. Why don’t we all leave together?

Lindo: Anything you have to say to me you can do so here! Let go of her! If you don’t let go of her arm…!

Jek: My my, such a protective older brother you are.

Lindo: Don’t worry, Ritsuka. I’ll have you safe soon.

Ritsuka: Ni-san…

Jek: Hmph…enough of this. If you aren’t going to come willingly then I will make you come. Prepare yourself!

There’s a sudden flash and a crackle of electricity.

Jek: !? What is this presense…

Rem: What exactly do you think you’re doing with that girl?

Ritsuka: (Th-the Council President…?)

Jek: You…!

Rem: Did you not hear me the first time? I asked you what you were planning to do with her.

Jek: I don’t have to tell you anything. This child belongs to me.

Rem: Did you think you’d be forgiven for such selfish excuses? If words can’t make you understand-

Jek: !?

Rem: Then I’ll make you understand through your body! Haaa!

Jek: Gah! *is hit*

Ritsuka: (He loosened his grip on my hand! I can get away…)

Ritsuka: (Eh!? My leg won’t move-)

Ritsuka: Ahh!

Sound of shifting clothes. Suddenly Rem’s speaking at your left.

Rem: Are you alright, Ritsuka Tachibana?

Ritsuka: (President…why did you save me…?)

Ritsuka: Th-thank you very much.

Rem: Stay behind me for just a while longer. This will get dangerous.

Ritsuka: Eh? But…

Lindo: Ritsuka, come here!

Lindo suddenly grabs you.

Ritsuka: Ni-san…!

Lindo: It’s alright.  For now let’s just leave this to him.

Lindo then covers your eyes.

Ritsuka: Eh, Ni-san? What are you-!

Ritsuka: (I can’t see anything!)

Rem: …I won’t go easy on you.

Jek: Tch, don’t be so cocky! Haa!

Rem: How naive!

Sound of impact rings out. Jek’s been hit, hard.

Jek: Guh–!

Multiple hits sound off in succession (I kid you not I swear Rem turned Jek into his personal punching bag).

Ritsuka: (What? What’s happening!?)

Ritsuka: Ni-san!

Lindo: Shhh, it’s okay. It’s best if you don’t see.

Yet another hit.

Jek: Guh…! How dare you! You broke my nail, you monster!

Rem: If you have the time to whine about that, then…haa!

Screen shakes as Rem lands yet another hard hit.

Jek: *cries out in pain*

Jek: Haa…haa…*painful breathing*

Rem: This is checkmate.

Jek: Tch…it can’t be helped. I’ll take my leave for today. But next time…next time, I’ll be sure to snatch that girl away from you!

Screen flashes and Jek disappears.

Rem: …hmph.

Ritsuka: (It’s suddenly quiet…)

Lindo: It’s alright now, Ritsuka. *Lindo then lets you go*

Ritsuka: Mm…ah…?

Ritsuka: (That man’s not here. …did he run off…?)

Ritsuka: I’m saved…

Rem: Are you alright?

Ritsuka: President…yes. Um, thank you very much. You really helped me back there…

Rem: It’s not a big deal.

Lindo: ……

Rem: …who is this?

Ritsuka: Oh…this is my older brother. Ni-san, this person is our Student Council President…

Rem: Rem Kaginuki.

Lindo: ……

Lindo: You have my thanks for helping my sister. However, our problems don’t concern you.

Ritsuka: Ni-san!?

Ritsuka: How could you say something like that? The President just went out of his way to help us.

Rem: It doesn’t matter. Anyway, what happened here?

Ritsuka: …ah! That’s right, mom! Ni-san, Mom was kidnapped!

Lindo: What!?

Ritsuka: That Jek, or whatever he’s called; he and his friends took her away! The house is in shambles too. We need to call the police!

Rem: Leave the police to me. In regards to your mother’s whereabouts, I can help you search for her.

Lindo: That won’t be necessary. This is our issue and we don’t need your help.

Ritsuka: Ni-san, you don’t have to put it that way…

Lindo: Let’s go inside Ritsuka. We’ll talk in the house.

Ritsuka: But…

Lindo: You have nothing to worry about. This is a family matter.

Lindo: Let’s go, Ritsuka.

Lindo grabs you.

Ritsuka: …Ni-san.

Ritsuka: Um, President. Really, thank you again for everything.

Rem: Come to me anytime if you’re ever in need of anything. I’ll be waiting in the third floor library.

Lindo: …

Lindo and Ritsuka go inside the house, leaving Rem by himself outside.

Rem: Things seem to have become troublesome…


Lindo: You must be tired after everything that happened today. Here, I made you some chamomile tea.

Ritsuka: Thank you, ni-san.

Lindo:*sighs* Are you okay?

Ritsuka: Mm, I’ve calmed down a little. …I promise…I’m fine.

Lindo: You liar.

Ritsuka: Eh?

Lindo: I’m sure that you’re scared and confused after everything that just happened. You don’t have to force yourself to smile.

Ritsuka: Ni-san…

Lindo: …I’m sorry. If only I had come home sooner. Then maybe none of this…

Ritsuka: You have nothing to apologize for. I was actually there, yet I couldn’t do anything…

Lindo: Well that’s only to be expected. Rather, I’m just glad you didn’t do anything rash.

Ritsuka: But, mom is-!

Lindo: Mother will be fine. We will make sure she comes home safe. …Please believe in me.

Ritsuka: …right…

Ritsuka: (It’s strange…but just hearing ni-san talk lke that, I really feel like everything will be okay.)

Lindo: Ah, I know. How about you lay down for a little while?

Ritsuka: …ah?

Lindo: I’ll be in the living room if you need me. I’d like to repair the chain on your pendant.

Ritsuka: (They didn’t take my pendant…)

Maria: …There we are. With this you’ll have good luck this week as well.

Ritsuka: (Ugh…Mom…!)

Ritsuka: Ugh…uwaaaaah, mom! Mom! *proceeds to wail and cry*

Lindo talks into your right ear.

Lindo: …I know it’s painful.

Ritsuka: Ni-sa…*hic* ….

Lindo: It’s only natural to cry in a situation like this. It helps to ease the pain.

Lindo: You’ve been…trying so hard by yourself for so long, haven’t you?

Ritsuka: *sniffs and sobs*

Lindo: From now on I’ll be right here by your side. I won’t ever let you be in danger again.

Lindo: So…please don’t worry, Ritsuka.

Ritsuka: (Ni-san’s hand is warm…)

Ritsuka: (It’s because of that warmth I found myself crying harder than usual.)

A little time passes.

Lindo: Does it taste good? The herb tea, I mean.

Ritsuka: Mm, it’s delicious. I feel as though it’s seeping through me.

Lindo: I’m sure you’re tired. I think it would be a good idea if you went to bed for now.

Ritsuka: Ah, wait,ni-san. Could we talk a little more?

Lindo: Well I don’t really mind…but don’t you think you should rest soon?

Ritsuka: Mm-mm, I’m fine. …right now, there’s so much I want to talk to you about.

Lindo: …Heh, I get you. If it helps you relax then it’s fine.

Ritsuka: Um…

Time pass as they converse.

Lindo: …Grimoire…

Ritsuka: That’s what that Jek person said. What could he possibly want with that?

Ritsuka: A grimoire is a book of magic spells, right? I’m pretty sure that’s what grandfather told me.

Lindo: And so this Jek person asked you where this grimoire was…correct?

Ritsuka: Mm. But, why would he ask me such a thing? I don’t know anything about it.

Lindo:*looks away*

Ritsuka: Ni-san? What’s wrong?

Lindo: …nothing…

Lindo: …I think I understand the situation. Either way, you don’t need to worry yourself over what happened with him.

Lindo: More importantly: don’t ever tell anyone else about what you heard regarding the Grimoire.

Ritsuka: Eh? …why?

Lindo: It doesn’t matter. The police, your friends…don’t tell anyone. Do you understand?

Ritsuka: But what if it’s a clue that can help us search for mom…?

Lindo: That’s all the more reason to keep this to ourselves. We don’t want to put anyone else in danger.

Lindo: That’s why you should leave this to me. So please heed everything I’ve told you, Ritsuka.

Ritsuka: …I understand.

Ritsuka: (I get what my brother’s trying to say. If the reason we were attacked was because of this “Grimoire”…then the less people who know about it means the fewer targets there will be.)

Ritsuka: (…But still…)

Lindo: Also, stay far away from that Rem Kaginuki.

Ritsuka: Eh? The President? Why can’t I see him…?

Lindo: You don’t need to know the reason.

Ritsuka: That’s not fair at all! He helped us today…

Lindo: I’m saying this for your sake. That should be reason enough for you.

Lindo: That’s enough for today. I’m going to take care of some housework.

Ritsuka: Eh? But, you just got home…

Lindo: It’s fine. I won’t ask you to do it just after you cried your eyes out.

Lindo: Goodnight, Ritsuka.

Ritsuka: Thank you. Goodnight.

Lindo leaves the room.

Ritsuka: (…Ni-san, somehow he seemed a little strange.)

Ritsuka: (Though I guess it’s only natural. The house is a wreck, and mom was kidnapped…)

Ritsuka: Mom…

Just remembering everything made the tears fall anew, and the familiar image of my room became distorted by them.

Ritsuka: (Even though I was there…I just couldn’t do anything. I’m so sorry, Mom…I’m so sorry!)

Ritsuka: *sniffs and sobs* Mom…Please…be safe…

The sound of a cell phone rings.

Ritsuka: (My phone…? Ah, it’s from Azuna.)

Ritsuka: Hello…Azuna?

Azuna: Ah…hey. I’m sorry, is now not a good time?

Ritsuka: Eh, why?

Azuna: Well is everything alright? Your voice is hoarse…hey, have you been crying?

Ritsuka: (I thought I could fool her, but she figured me out already…)

Ritsuka: (That’s just like Azuna. At times like this, she never fails to notice this sort of thing.)

Azuna: You don’t have to tell me why. But, if you do want to talk, I’m here to listen.

Ritsuka: Azuna…

Ritsuka: …*hic* Azuna….!

Ritsuka: I’m sorry, I’m just so confused…*hic and sob* I can’t seem to talk properly right now…

Azuna: …Well it’s hard to talk when you’re crying. Calm down first and I’ll gladly listen.

Ritsuka: Mm…I’m sorry…*hic*…I’m so sorry….

Azuna: You don’t have to apologize. Isn’t this the sort of thing what friends are for?

Ritsuka: Azuna…thank you.

The night goes on, and the story picks up again the following morning.

Ritsuka: Good morning, ni-san.

Lindo: Good morning. You’re up early.

Ritsuka: Mm, I feel fine.

Ritsuka: (…the house is all tidy. Even the garden almost looks beautiful again. Did Lindo do all of this by himself?)

Lindo: Here we are, have some scrambled eggs.

Ritsuka: (Lindo’s home cooking…wow, long has it been since I’ve had it?)

Lindo: I won’t allow any excuses to skip meals. It’s times like these where you need to watch your nutrition the most.

Ritsuka: Yeah…you’re right. Thank you for the meal!

Ritsuka: Mm…delicious.

Ritsuka: Since you’ve studied abroad, your cooking has only gotten better, ni-san.

Lindo: Well that’s because I was living by myself.

Ritsuka: Mm, I’m sure.

It honestly felt kind of lonely without all three of us at the dinner table. Yet it felt as though the warmth of the food chased that feeling away, little by little.

Ritsuka: (That’s right. Being depressed won’t bring Mom back. I…I can’t allow myself to think that way.)

Ritsuka: (Surely I can do something to help look for her. Just about anything would help…)

Lindo: Ah, by the way, Ritsuka.

Ritsuka: Eh? What?

Lindo: Starting from today I’ll be attending the same school as you. All of the paperwork for the transfer is already taken care of.

Ritsuka: Eh? What do you-

Ritsuka: ….Eh?

Lindo: After breakfast we’ll walk together, okay?

Ritsuka: EHHHHHHHH?!