Dance With Devils Chapter 4 Rem Translation

And without further ado, here is the Rem variant of Chapter 04’s Left Door common route in Dance with Devils! As always this post assumes that you understand what’s going on in the story. So if this is your first time tuning in, then please do head over to the translation master list to catch up on what’s happened so far.

If you have already read the Left Door Chapter 04-Lindo translation,  then use ctrl+F and [Rem01] for the Rem-specific changes in the story. Use [S01] through [S04] for the human vs devil scenarios.

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Mage: Oi, where did Rem run off too?

Urie: He left to go find that Butterfly of his.

Mage: Seriously, again…? Ya know, I get that he has to be careful with earning that girl’s trust, but don’t ya think he’s taking his sweet time with it? It’s like a game for him now.

Urie: I’m sure it may look that way, however these things take time. And Rem is quite prudent in these sorts of matters.

Shiki: It would be better if he just snatched her away.

Mage: For crying out loud! At this rate it’ll be centuries before we get that Grimoire in our hands.

Mage: Or worse: those damn vampires will beat us to it.

Urie: The Grimoire…it’s capable of granting the one who obtains it unimaginable power. It would certainly mean disaster for us if those vampires were to steal it.

Shiki: That’s why we should move quickly…right?

Urie: My, my, my, listen to this stubborn fallen angel! Did you happen to forget what will become of you should you make Rem angry?

Mage: What a thing to say, you son of a bitch. It would be terrible for you if Rem caught wind of this, don’t ya think?

Shiki: Well I imagine he’d be enraged at all of us.

Shiki: But…if we just stand here and wait then someone else will beat us to the punch. I didn’t mean to offend anyone.

Mage: Hahahaha! …Well, just in case you should get your story right first BEFORE you talk.

Urie: Honestly! To entertain such naughty thoughts…

Urie: Still, it would be best to avoid doing or saying anything that would wound Rem’s pride.

Scene Changes to Ritsuka’s Garden.

Ritsuka: (Lindo’s tending the garden again this morning…)

Ritsuka: (While that’s considerate of him, he’s sprinkling that strange water again. And it’s from that same, small bottle too.)

Lindo: -Are you done eating? Once I’m finished here, we’ll get going.

Ritsuka: Ah, right!

Ritsuka: (Morning after morning…he does this like it’s some kind of ritual for him…)

Ritsuka: (I wonder if it’s similar to how mom was with her good luck charms? …No, that can’t be it.)

Ritsuka: …mom…

Scene Changes to the road. Ritsuka and Lindo walk with Rem again.

Lindo: …Why are you here?

Rem: It doesn’t matter how many times you ask me that, the answer will still be the same.

Ritsuka: (Geez…they’re fighting again today the moment they see each other.)

Ritsuka: (Why can’t they just get along…?)

Ritsuka: *sighs*

The sound of footsteps as someone runs up to join you.

Azuna: Ritsuka, good morning!

Ritsuka: Azuna! Good morning.

Azuna: …are those two at it again?

Ritsuka: Yeah. Those two just start bickering the moment they see each other. Every single morning…

Azuna: Well, I wouldn’t worry about them. Nothing bad has happened since we’ve all started walking to school together,  right?

Ritsuka: That’s true, but even so…

Ritsuka: (We haven’t seen those people that broke into grandpa’s house since the day of the incident. And I’m happy about that, but…)

Ritsuka: (We haven’t made any progress in our search for mom, either.)

Azuna: If you need someone to vent to, I’ll gladly lend you an ear.

Ritsuka: Thank you. But I’m fine. It’s just that today-

Lindo: How can you be so arrogant?

Rem: Isn’t it a good thing that I’m capable and willing to admit my own weaknesses?

Ritsuka: …….I take back what I said.

Azuna: *giggles* …Seems so.

Ritsuka: *turns to the boys* Geez! Would you two shut up already!? Azuna and I are going on ahead!

Rem: *clearly shocked* !? Wait!

Lindo: *also shocked* I’m coming with-

Ritsuka: Let’s go, Azuna!

Azuna: Ah, wait a minute…!?

Sound of footsteps as you take off with Azuna.

Lindo and Rem: Ah…!?

Scene changes to classroom.

Ritsuka: It’s only 3rd period…why is it that I always get so tired by this class?

Azuna: Maybe you’re still exhausted from the field trip? I mean, you were missing for awhile, and there was quite a commotion as everyone tried to find you.

Azuna: And on top of that you had this morning to deal with…right?

Ritsuka: (Well that’s because both ni-san and Rem-san are concerned about me, which I should be happy about, but…)

Ritsuka: (But I don’t think we’ve searched for mom as hard as we could. And knowing that, I just can’t bring myself to be in a better mood….)

Azuna: …Hey? Are you really okay? You look distracted…

Ritsuka: Y-yeah. I wonder why? I don’t really know what’s wrong me…

Azuna: I see…well, on our way to our next class do you want to drop by the infirmary for a bit?

Ritsuka: (Our next class…oh. We’ll have to pass by Ni-san’s classroom on the way.)

Ritsuka: (But the nurse’s office…is right by the third floor library.)

Ritsuka: Hmm…

Choice [Rem01]

  • 保健室で少し休む (I think I’ll rest a little in the infirmary. + affection for Rem)
  • 授業に出るほうが大事 (No, it’s important to try and go to class. + affection for Lindo )

If you chose “ I think I’ll rest a little in the infirmary.”

Ritsuka: Mm, that’s not a bad idea. …I think I’ll rest in the infirmary. Just for a bit!

Azuna: Okay, sounds good. I’ll be sure to let the teacher know.

Ritsuka: Okay…I’m sorry, but thank you so much.

Scene changes to the hallway.

Azuna: Hey, will you be okay by yourself? I could stay with you, you know.

Ritsuka: It’s okay. You shouldn’t have to skip class because of me.

Azuna: …Right. Then, take care, okay? *she then leaves*

Ritsuka: *sighs*

Rem then appears in the hall. He seems surprised to see you.

Rem: Hm? …What are you doing standing there?

Ritsuka: Ah, Presid-…I mean, Rem-san.

Rem: *approaches* Class will be starting soon. What are you doing here?

Ritsuka: Ah…well, I was going to sit in the infirmary for a little while. I don’t feel very well.

Ritsuka: Is it the same for you?

Rem: Not quite. My next class is actually a self-study hour. So I thought I would finish up some work for the Student Council in the library.

Ritsuka: I see…

Rem: ….

Human vs Devil Potential Scenarios Start here:

Potential Scenario 1: [S01]

Rem: …Mm?  Ah, don’t move. Your uniform is a bit disheveled.

  • Human choice: Oh, I didn’t realize that (気づかなかった )
  • Devil Choice: Where? (どこですか? )

If you say “Oh, I didn’t realize that”

Ritsuka: I’m sorry, I didn’t notice it. I could of swore it was fine this morning.

Ritsuka: (Let’s see, my skirt looks fine, and so does my blazer…huh? Where is he talking about?)

Rem: …You don’t have to check yourself here. We’re in the hallway, and did you forget I’m right here and can see you?

Ritsuka: Eh? Ah! I’m-I’m sorry!

Rem: Don’t worry about it…*chuckles* This is the first time I think I’ve seen you make such an innocent face.

Ritsuka: H-hey, don’t laugh…

Rem: I didn’t mean anything bad by it. I just thought it was adorable, that’s all.

Ritsuka: S-saying it like that…

Ritsuka: (Geez, how can Rem-san say such things without an ounce of shame?)

Human Choice Ends

If you say “Where?”

Rem: Your collar’s ribbon has come undone. …Behind your neck. *voice moves from in front of you to be closer by your right ear* I’ll fix it for you since you can’t see it.

Ritsuka: I-I’m sorry…

Ritsuka: (Wait, why is he doing it from the front…!? He’s so close!)

Rem: What’s wrong? I need you to face me. It’s hard to fix your collar if you stand like that.

Ritsuka: I-I’m sorry!

Ritsuka: (Rem-san’s hand is touching my neck. It tickles…!)

Rem:*in your right ear* Is it because of your brother that you always seem wary of me?

Ritsuka: Eh? What do you mean by that?

Rem: Nevermind, it’s nothing. …There we go. It’s fixed.

Ritsuka: Th-thank you very much.

Ritsuka: (He really is close. Why do I feel so embarrassed…?)

Rem: You know, it’s funny. You always seem so confident and sure of yourself, yet a little action like this is enough to make you so flustered.

Ritsuka: Eh?

Rem: It’s nothing, just talking to myself.

Ritsuka: (What did he mean by that…?)

Devil Choice Ends

Potential Scenario 02 [S02]

Rem: Now that I’m thinking about it, there was something left behind in the third floor library. Is it yours?

  • Human choice: It doesn’t belong to one of the student council members? (生徒会の人達の物じゃ? )
  • Devil choice: What sort of thing was it? ( どんなものですか?)

If you say “It doesn’t belong to one of the student council members?”

Rem: Why would you think that?

Ritsuka: Well, it’s usually rare for someone other than the student council to even go in that library.

Ritsuka: Granted I’ve intruded there a lot lately…but I still think it’s more likely that whatever you found is probably theirs.

Rem: I see, so you have been paying attention. You’re sharp. However, what was left behind…

Rem: *suddenly comes close again* Were these hair barrettes that fit you perfectly.

Ritsuka: !?

Ritsuka: (I-I can’t help but get nervous when he whispers so close like that…)

Rem: This suits your pretty hair nicely. You truly have no idea if this is yours…?

Ritsuka: Eh? U-u-um…It-it’s not mine…!

Rem: *backs up a bit* Is that so? Then I’ll ask the others. Still…

Rem: It’s so like you to lose your composure in a situation like this. It’s adorable when you panic like that.

Ritsuka: …Rem-san, by any chance…did you do this just to tease me?

Rem: Not at all. I apologize if what I did was mean to you.

Ritsuka: (He was definitely teasing me! It’s a bit surprising to think Rem-san would be the type of person to do that…)

Human Choice Ends

If you say “What sort of thing was it?”

Rem: *approaches you* It was-….

Rem:*suddenly in your left ear* Like this barrette that I’m putting on you now.

Ritsuka: (Rem-Rem-san’s hand’s playing with my hair…!)

Rem: Do you not remember this flower-shaped barrette?

Ritsuka: N-no…this isn’t mine.

Rem: Fu, is that so? It just seemed like something you would wear. My mistake.

Rem: However, I was expecting you to try and shake me off so I couldn’t put it in your hair. But you were surprisingly obedient. I don’t mind that.

Ritsuka: (Eh? Wait a minute…he didn’t play with my hair just to try to rile me up, did he? N-no way.)

Devil Choice Ends

Potential Scenario 03 [S03]

Rem: If you’re going to skip class in the infirmary, then does that mean you’re still sick from the other day?

  • Human choice: I already feel better. (大丈夫だと返す )
  • Devil choice: Well I did say I wasn’t feeling well. ( 具合が悪いと言う)

If you say “I already feel better.”

Rem: …Do you really have to put on a brave front even when you’re not feeling well?

Ritsuka: (He’s grabbing my arm…!?)

Rem: *in your left ear* You’re too stubborn. It’s when you’re tired like this that you should just calm down and let me spoil you.

Ritsuka: Th-thank you. But I really am okay.

Ritsuka: And if I do end up truly not feeling well, then I won’t be stubborn about it.

Rem: …Is that so? I suppose you’re right. After all, while we were on that deserted island you had no issue snuggling up to me.

Ritsuka: (…! Oh no, he remembered that!? That was while Rem-san was watching over me…)

Rem: While I’m relieved to hear that, your face is still red. Just be careful not to neglect your own health.

Ritsuka: R-right…

Human Choice Ends

If you say “Well I did say I wasn’t feeling well”

Rem:*comes closer and gently grabs you* I see…let me take a quick look at you.

Ritsuka: (Eh!? Ehhhh!? Why is he putting his hand on my cheek…I-I can’t look away from him!)

Rem: *comes even closer* Mm, you are sweating a bit. You might have a fever. …Let me see your neck.

Ritsuka: Eh? Ah, okay!

Rem: It doesn’t look like your glands are swollen. Is it difficult to breathe?

Ritsuka: Ah, now that you mention it, kinda. Though I don’t really know why…

Rem: Then we should probably check your throat. …Come here.

Ritsuka: I-I-I’m okay! Despite what you may think I’m perfectly fine!

Ritsuka: (This is only making my fever worse!)

Devil Choice Ends

Potential Scenario 04 [S04] (last one)

Rem: Unfortunately for you the nurse has the day off today. …I could stay here with you.

  • Human Choice: I’ll be fine. (大丈夫ですよ )
  • Devil Choice: Are you sure? (本当ですか? )

If you say “I’ll be fine.”

Ritsuka: I promise, it’s not a big deal. I wouldn’t want to get in the way of your studying.

Rem: …You say that as if you’d be fine going to class yourself. If that’s the case, then why are you coming to the nurse’s office at all?

Ritsuka: Ah…y-you’ve got it all wrong! I I’m not just trying to skip class…!

Rem: I know that. You’re a model student. However it’s still an important matter, so let me give you a piece of advice.

Rem: *comes closer and mutters in your left ear* If you’re caught purposely breaking school rules…then I will have no choice but to summon you to the third floor library again.

Rem: In your particular case, you’re officially an acquaintance of mine. Therefore I can’t permit you to just…do as you please.

Ritsuka: I-I’m sorry. …I’ll be careful.

Ritsuka: (…That’s scary. The Rem before me now is actually really frightening.)

Human Choice Ends

If you say “Are you sure?”

Rem: You look a little too happy to hear that. You must be feeling worse than you’re letting on.

Ritsuka: I wouldn’t say that. Just…

Ritsuka: (I only thought that it would be nice to be able to spend some time with Rem-san…)

Rem: *comes close* Haven’t I told you before that there’s no need to be so modest around me? No matter what the reason, I want to become your strength.

Rem: *whispers in the right ear* You can relax when you’re with me…I’ll gladly use my self-study hour to stay with you.

Ritsuka: N-no! I’d only be getting in the way…

Rem: But it would be troubling if something happened while you were resting here. So…I’d like it if you would let me stay by your side.

Ritsuka: ah…Th-thank you very much. But I honestly don’t think anything will happen to me here, so I should be okay.

Rem: …If you say so. However, I would like to watch over you a little more. Just in case.

Ritsuka: (I’m happy, but…that’s strange. For some reason I feel dizzy from him just whispering in my ear like that…)

Devil Choice Ends

Human vs Devil end

Lindo: -Oi! What are you doing with my sister!?

Ritsuka: L-Lindo!!

Lindo: Get away from her!

Ritsuka: C-calm down, ni-san. Rem-san isn’t really doing anything…

Rem: *backs away from you* No, it’s fine. I’ll do as he wishes for now.

Lindo: …you’re awfully docile today. What are you playing at?

Rem: I was simply just talking with her before she went into the infirmary. Otherwise we might have disturbed anyone that might have arrived beforehand.

Rem: And to be frank, we simply bumped into each other just now. We didn’t have much of a chance to talk. That’s all there is to it.

Ritsuka: (…when he puts it like that, it almost sounds as if he’s lonely…)

Lindo: …I hate that always composed attitude of yours.

Rem: You’re the one who constantly barges in on our conversations. I wonder how it will look to all the other students if you keep coming between us on purpose like this?

Lindo: What did you-!?

Ritsuka: Ni-san!

Lindo: *gasps* ……..

Rem: It seems I’ve overstayed my welcome here. So on that note, please excuse me.

Rem takes his leave.

Lindo: …Tch…

Ritsuka: Ni-san…

Lindo: Do not go near him ever again. Neither him or those other three guys. The members of the student council are all….they’re all devils!

Ritsuka: Devils…? Don’t you think you’re exaggerating a bit? I mean sure they lack a bit of common sense, but…

Lindo: That’s not what I mean. Those guys are actual devils. The proof is in that light from before.

Ritsuka: Proof?

Lindo: …Nevermind. Either way, don’t let him come near you again. Promise me?

Ritsuka: S-sure…

The bell rings.

Ritsuka: Ah…looks like I need to get going too. See you later, ni-san.

Lindo: Wait a minute! Where’s your classroom? I’ll walk you there.

Ritsuka: Y-you really don’t have to go that far! I’m okay! I’m off!

You take off down the hall.

Lindo: Ritsuka!

Ritsuka: (…I can’t believe he’d call them all devils. That’s definitely an exaggeration.)

Ritsuka: (Then again, it’s not like ni-san to talk about others like that…)

Ritsuka: (But devils don’t exist…they definitely don’t exist, right?)

Scene changes to a different hallway.

Ritsuka: (…That’s so weird. Even though I know my way around the school, I can’t find my classroom.)

Ritsuka: (The bell’s already stopped ringing…and here I am, late, like a lost child. This is just too embarrassing!)

???: *from behind you* Oh my, a lost little butterfly?

Ritsuka: Sogami-san? What are you doing here?

Urie: This hour is actually my self-study course. I could ask the same of you for wandering down this hallway.

Ritsuka: …You’re right. I’m sorry.

Urie: I suppose this is a good thing though. I was just thinking about how I wanted to see you.

Urie: *at your right* Could you talk with me for a bit? I wanted to ask you about what happened at the beach, but I’m afraid I didn’t get a chance to at the time.

Ritsuka: Ah, but…I have class right now…

Urie: But even if you were to rush now, you’d be late. So wouldn’t it be better to take this opportunity to take a break?

Urie: Besides, what I’d like to talk to you about is far more important than whatever your class might be about.

Urie: *now whispering directly in your right ear* It has something to do with your mother.

Ritsuka: Eh!?

Urie: So then,  now are you willing to give me a moment of your time?

Scene changes to the courtyard.

Ritsuka: Um, so do you know where my mother is…!? Has there been any news from Rem-san’s investigation?

Urie: Calm down. It’ll be difficult to talk about it if you get too worked up.

Ritsuka: I-I’m sorry. It’s just that there hasn’t been a lead in so long, so I’ve started to get impatient…

Urie: It can’t be helped. You have many people trying to protect you, you know.

Urie: *slowly moves to your left ear while talking* They’re always trying to keep you away from anything and everything that would hurt you. Always…right?

Urie: *still in your left ear* For example…they’d never let you do anything to taint these pretty little hands of yours.

Ritsuka: Sogami-san?

Urie: And you have such lovely skin. Not a blemish or a scratch to be found.

Ritsuka: (What’s going on…? I can’t look away from Sogami-san’s eyes…)

Urie: And there’s your adorably pink lips, which I bet that no one has defiled or claimed for themselves…

Ritsuka: (Sogami-san’s coming closer…his lips are…so close to mine…)

Urie: You’re absolutely beautiful, Butterfly. You should entrust your everything to me…

Ritsuka: (From now on…my everything…given to him…from…now on…)

The light from the pendant shines brightly.

Urie: Guh…!?

Ritsuka: …!?

Ritsuka: Eh…? That…what was that light just now…?

Urie: …Hmph. As I thought, that pendant is nothing more than a nuisance.

Ritsuka: (Pendant…? Ah, it’s true that Sogami-san’s mood seems different from normal…)

Ritsuka: U-um…I’m sorry. …Please excuse me!

You take off running.

Urie: Fufu…she ran off, huh? To think she managed to escape from my seduction. She’s certainly a butterfly worth trapping.

Scene changes to elsewhere outside

Ritsuka: Haaa….haa….that shocked me…

Ritsuka: (What do I do? I thought he was going to tell me about my mom, and yet here I am running away from him.)

Ritsuka: (Maybe I should go apologize to him…right? But, the Sogami-san from earlier was…intimidating…)

Shiki: What are you doing~?

Ritsuka: *watches Shiki slide in from the right* Hii-!? N-na-Natsumezaka-san…!

Shiki: Just Shiki is fine. My surname’s pretty hard to say, so it’s okay.

Ritsuka: (…!? Natsumezaka-san’s hand is bleeding…!)

Ritsuka: Th-this is bad! We need to take care of your hand as soon as possible!

Shiki: Ah…it must be from touching the roses. Looks like their thorns pricked me.

Ritsuka: If that’s the case then that’s even worse! If we leave the thorns in your hand you could get infected.

Shiki: What are you saying? Doesn’t that sort of thing sound wonderful~?

Ritsuka: I’m being serious here! If by any chance this gets any worse-

Shiki: *suddenly closes in and talks in your right ear* You’re such a nice girl, worrying over me like that.

Ritsuka: I-I don’t really think I’m just being nice here…

Shiki: Well, no one else seems to ever worry about me. I’m different from the others….I’m always alone because of that.

Shiki: But, you’re the same as me, neh?

Ritsuka: What…do you mean?

Shiki: Why am I suddenly being hunted down? Why have things come to be like this? All of these things that you can’t understand makes you anxious.

Ritsuka: (I’ve…become scared…because of this…)

Shiki: *in your right ear* But there’s no need to worry. I’ll hold you whenever you’re scared. Knowing that, won’t you fall with me?

Ritsuka: (When things get scary…to fall with him…)

The pendant shines brightly again.

Shiki: Gah…!

Ritsuka: (!? There’s a light coming from my pendant!)

Ritsuka: W-what was that just now…?

Ritsuka: (So I wasn’t just imagining it. Whenever someone comes near, my pendant gives off that light. But, why?)

Shiki: Fufu…so that’s the protective pendant. It’s sweet, this pain. I’d like to feel it again….

Ritsuka: (Wh-what? Suddenly he seems scary…)

Ritsuka: …I-I’m sorry!

You take off running.

Shiki: Awww…it failed…but, I suppose things are more interesting this way. Fufufu~

Scene changes to a hallway in the school.

Ritsuka: Haa…ha.., I can’t…run anymore…

Ritsuka: (…what was all that just now? It’s so weird how everyone from the student council just suddenly showed up like that.)

Ritsuka: (And then there’s my pendant…what makes it light up like that?)

The bell rings.

Ritsuka: (Ah…class is over already…I ended up skipping after all. I need to apologize to Azuna-)

???: So you were here.

Ritsuka: …! Wh-what are you doing here?

Mage: Ah? What are you so surprised for?

Ritsuka: Ah-ah…well…I saw both Sogami-san and Natsumezaka-san just now.

Mage: Ah, they did just as I thought they would. Hahahaha!

Ritsuka: What’s so funny?

Mage: Oh nothing…come on, let’s talk before those other guys get here.

Mage: You know something that everyone wants to pry from you. Of course, that includes me too, you know?

He comes closer and grabs you, hard.

Ritsuka: !?

Ritsuka: (He has me pinned against the wall…I can’t escape…!)

Ritsuka: ….! L-let me go!

Mage: *in your left ear* Woah now…I won’t let you get away.

Mage: Heh…you know, you smell really good.

Ritsuka: P-please stop!

Mage: Hmm…I had no idea that you were putting out a scent like this. It’s no wonder then, why that Rem…

Mage: …Not bad! I don’t mind this. Hey you, you should become my woman.

Ritsuka: Wh….what are you saying!?

Mage: *in your left ear* If you become mine, then I could help you search for your mother. Doesn’t that sound good?

Ritsuka: That sort of thing…!

Mage: *still in your left ear* If you allow me to savor your fruit, then I’d be able to do anything you want in return…!

Ritsuka: (It’s no good, I can’t run away. Anybody…!)

???: Let go of her, devil!

There’s footsteps rushing towards you and Mage is shoved out of the way.

Mage: Guh!?

Ritsuka: Kiyah…!?

Mage: Tch, you son of a bitch…you got in the way!

Lindo: Don’t you dare touch Ritsuka!

Ritsuka: Ni-san…!

Lindo: …I was right to come looking for her.

Mage: Ha! You think you’re some kind of knight in shining armor, huh?

Lindo: I will never forgive you for laying your filthy hands on her!

Mage: Ah? If that sort of thing bugs you, then isn’t it your fault for letting her go off by herself?**

Lindo: Your words fall on deaf ears. Now get away from her!***

Ritsuka: Ni-Ni-san! I don’t think it’s a good idea to start a fight here…

Mage: Hahahaha! You call this a fight? You don’t know anything about that guy!

Mage: He can’t do anything more than bark at us out of fear of exposing himself!

Mage: Isn’t that right, Sir Knight?

Ritsuka: …? What is he talking about…?

Lindo: You son of a bitch…if you keep running your mouth, I swear, I’ll make you regret it.

??? (Urie off screen): Well isn’t that the spirit?

Urie and Shiki appear in the hallway.

Urie: For Butterfly’s sake, the most important thing is to see to her well being first and foremost. At least that’s what I think.

Ritsuka: (! When did those guys get here?)

Shiki: Tearing this guy to shreds would feel so good…fufu~

Ritsuka: Ni-Ni-san…

Lindo: Stay behind me. Don’t worry, I’ll protect you.

Urie: You intend to take us all on at once? My my, what an honor.

Mage: Perfect! Because I don’t plan to go easy on you.

Lindo: Shit…

Ritsuka: (3 against 1 is just unfair. What should we do? Surely there’s something we can do…!)

???: That’s enough.

Rem appears and approaches the group.

Rem: Don’t just do whatever you please. Where do you think you are right now?

Ritsuka: Rem-san!

Mage: Tch…he’s here.

Rem: Urie…I’m sure this was all your doing?

Urie: It seems I’ve miscalculated. I was hoping we would be finished here before you noticed.

Shiki: Oooooh, we made Rem mad.

Lindo: And so the true culprit appears. Stop feigning innocence, Rem Kaginuki.

Rem: …I am not going to get into another argument with you here.

Rem: Please allow me to apologize on their behalf, Ritsuka Tachibana. I’m sure they troubled you.

Ritsuka: Rem-san…

Lindo: Hmph, you can apologize all you like. However it’s all a part of whatever it is you’re scheming, isn’t it?

Lindo: The truth is you devils will use any excuse to justify getting what you want!

Ritsuka: Ni-san! To go so far as to call them “devils” of all things…

Lindo: Would you please just listen to me? Those men aren’t human.

Lindo: They’re really…true devils!

Ritsuka: Eh…?

Lindo: I saw it for myself. Your pendant gave off a strong light.

Lindo: Your pendant protects you from demonic creatures…and it rejected Rem Kaginuki!

Rem: …..

Ritsuka: (Eh…? Wait a minute, what does that mean…?)

Mage: Ah? The hell is he blabbering on about? I thought the whole point of this was to be careful.

Shiki: Neh, what’s the meaning of this? Did Rem do away with his own plans?

Urie: It seems that way…so then, should we take that to mean our loyalty meant nothing as well?

Mage: Ha! Sounds it to me. He didn’t give a damn about us at all!

The sound of electricity crackles as the screen turns white.

Rem and Lindo: !?

Ritsuka: (What!? What just happened!?)

Shiki then appears as music starts up again.

Shiki: Fufu, c-a-u-g-h-t you~

Shiki grabs you.

Ritsuka: Eh? K-kyah!

Lindo: She disappeared!? RITSUKA!?

Lindo: Ritsuka! Where are you!?

Rem: Those guys…they’ve gone too far.

Lindo: Oi, where the hell did they take my sister?! If anything happens to her…I won’t forgive you!

Rem: Calm down. I didn’t order them to do this. I didn’t want this to happen anymore than you did.

Lindo: What!?

Rem: …We need to go after them.

Scene changes to black, you can hear the wind blowing

Ritsuka: Mm….

Mage: Oi, you can’t keep your eyes closed forever. There’s a great view from here. You should see it.

Ritsuka: (Great view…?)

Scene changes to…the sky.

Ritsuka: (…! We’re in the sky!?)

You then look down to see yourself on a tower.

Ritsuka: (It can’t be…we’re…we’re on top of Tokyo Tower!?)

Ritsuka: H-hey! What is going on…!?

Mage: Geez you’re noisy. Quiet down, would ya?

Ritsuka: Bu-but…we could fall from here…!

Shiki appears.

Shiki: If you were to fall…you’d probably splatter on the ground and die.

Mage: *chuckles* That’s true. It would be a shame if I dropped you, wouldn’t it?

Ritsuka: St-stop it!

Urie now appears.

Urie: Mage, don’t tease her too much. It would be bad for us if anything were to happen to her.

Mage: Hmph…you don’t have to remind me.

Urie: I’m sorry, my butterfly. Surely we’ve scared you.

Ritsuka: Wh-why are we at Tokyo Tower? Weren’t we at school just now? How did we even manage to get up here?

Shiki: You seem frightened. Do you really want to know how we got here?

Mage: Well, it doesn’t matter if you know or not. You can’t get down from here, can you…?

Ritsuka: (Wh-what…? These guys are being…scary…)

Urie: Don’t worry, we’re not going to hurt you. You just know something that we’d like to know too.

Urie: Or rather, we only want to talk to you.

Ritsuka: A-about what…?

Urie: Would you be so kind as to hand it over to us? …The Grimoire, I mean.

Ritsuka: …!

Ritsuka: (The Grimoire…so these guys are looking for it too? So it’s not just the men who took mom away…)

Ritsuka: Is that why you all approached me?

Urie: That’s right. We pursued you only because we want the Grimoire. The three of us…and Rem too.

Ritsuka: Rem-san?

Ritsuka: (Rem-san is also looking for it? Then he’s no different from the men who kidnapped mom…?)

Ritsuka: That…that’s not true! He promised me. He promised me that he would try looking for my mother!

Mage: What are you talking about? The top priority of that guy has always been, and always will be, getting his hands on the Grimoire.

Ritsuka: But, he’s always concerned about me…and he’s supported me…

Urie: My, oh my…don’t you think that his earning your trust was all a part of making you his pawn?

Shiki: That’s what Rem does. Then again, I think Urie loved tricking her even more.

Urie: I just want to see the look on Rem’s face when this is all over.

Urie: In order outwit your fellow devil, it’s best to corrupt humans into your dirty work for you by flattering them with sweet words…don’t you think?

Ritsuka: Dev…il?

Ritsuka: Wait a minute, you guys are devils…what are you talking about…?

Mage: Ah? What nonsense are you spewing now? It’s because we’re devils that we can do this…ora!

Electricity crackles and the screen flashes white briefly before returning back to the scene.

Ritsuka: Kyah!

Ritsuka: (Was that…a lightning bolt? N-no, that can’t be…)

Ritsuka: (It was definitely the same earlier…I’m sure I saw electricity shoot from Nanashiro-san’s hand…)

Mage: I want to say that you shouldn’t act so surprised, but-

Shiki: Humans only see what they want their eyes to see, and only hear what they want their ears to hear. It’s just how they are.

Urie: And they also only believe what they wish to believe so as to escape from the reality that’s playing out before their eyes. Right?

Their eyes then flash.

Urie: We’re all truly devils. Rem is one too.

Urie: Rem approached you with sweet words and promises, all for the sake of obtaining the Grimoire for himself.

Ritsuka: It was all for the Grimoire…?

Ritsuka: So Rem-san…he’s the same as those guys who kidnapped my mom?

Urie: That’s right. He offered to help look for your mother to take advantage of you when you were vulnerable.

Urie: And I tried to lure you to me for the very same purpose…

Ritsuka: That…all of it…all of it, it was all a lie?

Ritsuka: Finding my mother, becoming my strength…everything he said…

Ritsuka: All of it was just to deceive me and use me!?

Urie: My poor little butterfly! You really did adore him, didn’t you? …that’s precisely why…

Urie: Those grief-stricken tears are absolutely beautiful.

Ritsuka: ..I can’t…believe it…

Mage: Now then, hurry up and hand it over. The Grimoire. You know where it’s hidden, don’t you?

Shiki: We aren’t going to hurt you. Won’t you please tell us where it is?

Ritsuka: …Before I do, could you please tell me? What is the Grimoire?

Mage: You should already know that.

Ritsuka: But…I don’t know anything.

Shiki: You’re lying.

Ritsuka: I honestly don’t know anything! And what are you even going to do with it once you have it, anyway!?

Urie: That doesn’t concern you.

Ritsuka: ….!

Urie: Now then, my darling, beautiful butterfly. About the Grimoire’s location…

Ritsuka: Again, I don’t know. I don’t know anything about it…

Ritsuka: (It’s not use…help me, ni-san! Rem-san…!)

A door slams open.

Lindo: Ritsuka!

Rem: Unhand the girl!

Ritsuka: Rem-san! Ni-san!

Shiki: Ah, as expected. You managed to find us pretty quickly.

Rem: What is the meaning of this…? I told you not to do anything unnecessary. Or did you forget that?

Urie: We only wanted to talk with the little butterfly. We weren’t going to do anything to hurt her.

Urie: As the heir of the Arlond family name, you’re expected to meet your father’s expectations, right? That’s why obtaining the Grimoire is necessary for you.

Mage: Isn’t that why you called on us to help you? The point is, you’ve been taking your sweet time getting the job done. So we’re only lending a hand to speed things up. You see?

Rem: …And so you thought it would behoove you to stick your nose where it doesn’t belong? It would seem that I need to put you in your place.

Mage: I’d like to see you try!

Shiki: Ah, you’re going to fight against Rem? What about me?

Mage: If you wanna be hit that badly then you two can go down together!

Shiki: Hey, don’t hit me! Remember your target’s over there! Over theeere.

Mage: Then shut up! Oraa!

Electricity crackles and the screen flashes.

Rem: Tch…you idiot…!

Rem: Haa!

Ritsuka: Eh….

Ritsuka: (Just now…flames shot out of Rem-san’s hand. It’s clashing with Nanashiro-san’s electricity?)

Mage: That’s it! You should get this serious more often!

Rem: You’re stubborn to the very end…!

Ritsuka: …Rem….san…?

Rem: -I’ll put an end to this farce!

More flames appear around Rem.

Flames and lightning clashed before my eyes.

It was like something from a movie…but I couldn’t deny that this was actually happening in front of me.

Ritsuka: (What is this…just what the hell is going on…!?)

Lindo: Damn you! Give me back my sister!

Ritsuka: …! Ni-san!

Shiki appears with his wings out.

Shiki: Ahh, stop right there!

Feathers rain down on Lindo.

Lindo: Keh…!

Urie then appears with a whip.

Urie: I’m afraid that we’re not done with her yet-ha!

Urie wraps his whip around Lindo. You hear the sound of it constricting him.

Lindo: Guwah! Bastard!

Ritsuka: …!

Ritsuka: (Sogami-san and Natsumezaka-san…they’re both devils too…?)

Ritsuka: (Then…that means that…devils…do exist…)

Rem: I will not…allow any of you to interfere with my plans!****

Mage: Ora! Don’t you dare look away from me!

Electricity flashes again, turning the screen white for a moment.

Rem: Geh!!

Rem then sets the top of the tower on fire.

Ritsuka: Eh—

In an instant Rem-san deflected a bolt of lightning that was barreling for me. When the light faded the ground at my feet had been gouged out.

Ritsuka: (The scaffolding is…crumbling…!?)

The scene changes to nothing but sky, you are now falling.

Ritsuka: N-Noooooo!

Lindo: RITSUKA!!

Rem: Keh…!

Rem: Give me your hand! Ritsuka!

Ritsuka: (Rem…san…!?)

Rem grabs hold of you, and a CG appears.

Rem: *in your right ear* …Barely made it.

Ritsuka: (Eh…? What’s going on…)

Ritsuka: Are we floating…?

Rem: …..

Rem: It can’t be helped, just hold on tight. I’ll bring you back to solid ground.

Rem: Don’t…let go of me.

Ritsuka: Rem…san….Are you really a devil, Rem-san?

Rem: …Yes, I am.

Ritsuka: ….!

Ritsuka: Then, all those kind things you did for me…all the promises you made to look for my mother…were they all lies?

Ritsuka: Did you really only come to me…just so you could get the Grimoire for yourself…?

Rem: …That’s…

Ritsuka: When you rescued me from all those attacks, the time we spent at the ocean, all those times you took care of me…all of it…was all of that a lie too…?

Ritsuka: You tricked me…all because of this Grimoire…?

Ritsuka: Did you really…use me…?

Rem: ….*haggard sigh*

Rem: …that’s right.

Rem: I’m searching for the Grimoire as well. And for that reason, I came to you thinking you would be able to lead me to it.

Rem: And that’s all.

Ritsuka: …..!

Scene returns to atop Tokyo Tower.

Lindo: Ritsuka! Are you alright!?

Ritsuka: Ni-san…

Lindo: Dammit, let go of my sister! You damned devils!

Ritsuka: Devils…

Ritsuka: (That’s right…they’re all devils. Rem-san is a devil as well.)

Ritsuka: (Up until now he was lying to me. I’ve been deceived this whole time…)

Rem: …Here is your sister. You should take her and leave.

Lindo: Wha-!

Rem drops you

Ritsuka: Kiyaah!


Lindo catches you with a slide.

Lindo: guh! Are you okay!?

Ritsuka: Y-yeah…

Rem: …Hurry and get out of here.

Lindo: …Let’s go, Ritsuka.

Lindo runs off with you.

Ritsuka: Ah…

Rem: *sighs* ….

Urie: Awww, just when I had that beautiful butterfly in my hands. Should we let them go?

Shiki: Well she really didn’t seem to know where the Grimoire might be.

Rem: …That’s enough. It looks like you lot need to be reminded of your place.

Rem: You are nothing more than my pawns–!

A light flashes

Mage and Urie: *gasps*

Shiki: *moans in pleasure*

Screen fades to white, then the scene changes completely back to Ritsuka’s home at night.

Even after we managed to return home, I was completely overwhelmed by my confusion.

I didn’t want to believe any of the things that happened before my eyes. But…I couldn’t deny that this was reality for me now.

Devils really do exist…

Scene changes to the dining room.

Ritsuka: They’re all…devils…?

Lindo: Yes, that’s right. Do you understand now? Flying in the sky and manipulating flames are not things that humans can do, right?

Lindo: They’re the real thing. Every one of them is a devil.

Ritsuka: But! But…this whole time Rem-san’s done nothing but try to help us…! He’s helping us look for mom…!

Lindo: Devils have no qualms whispering sweet nothings and making promises to humans in order to use them for their own ends. Telling lies comes as easily as breathing for them.

Ritsuka: But that’s…

Ritsuka: (Constantly watching over me…and protecting me…all of that…was a lie?)

Lindo: Do you understand me now? You must not go near them ever again. Not Shiki Natsumezaka, not Mage Nanashiro, or Urie Sogami. Not even…Rem Kaginuki.

Lindo: Every single one of them…is a devil.

Ritsuka: Devil…

Ritsuka: (I just can’t believe it. I can’t see them again? Because Rem-san…is a devil.)

Ritsuka: (But, the person who was willing to help me…just which side of him is the real Rem-san?)

Ritsuka: (…I just don’t know.)

Scene fades to black and the wind blows.

???: …As I thought…It seems they’re the cause of everything.

Scene fades to CG.

Young Man: I think it’s about time I stepped in in order to move things forward, wouldn’t you agree?

Young Man: Things are going to get very interesting from here on out…fufu!

Scene changes to Rem in the library.

Rem: *grunts* ….

Rem: Ritsuka Tachibana…

Rem: (Even though nothing has gone the way I originally planned, it’s fine. Yet despite learning that I was a devil, she still gave me her hand…)

Rem: (In order to get my hands on the Grimoire, I need to make my next move…that’s all that matters.)

Flashback to when he revealed everything to Ritsuka

Rem: I’m searching for the Grimoire as well. And for that reason, I came to you thinking you would be able to lead me to it.

Rem: And that’s all.

Scene returns to Rem.

Rem: Why…why can’t I get you out of my head…?

Rem: Why….


Translation notes (100% Optional reading)

**“Ah? If that sort of thing bugs you, then isn’t it your fault for letting her go off by herself?” Quite literally, Mage says: “In order to keep her safe, don’t you think she shouldn’t be allowed to go anywhere by herself/go anywhere where there isn’t a crowd?” 

*** “Your words fall on deaf ears. Now get away from her!” Here Lindo more literally says “Your (plural, insinuating all the student council) words won’t be allowed to enter my ears. Now get away from her!”

**** “I will not…allow any of you to interfere with my plans!” Here Rem quite literally says “I will not allow you to ruin my chessboard/shogi board,” implying he isn’t going to let his fellow devils ruin the plans that he’s worked so hard to set up.