Dance With Devils Chapter 06 Lindo Translation

And here we are, the last post for the Left Door common route (until we decide to come back for Roen when he’s unlocked!): Lindo’s variation! This post will show you how the common route’s story line will conclude should you have more affection with Lindo than with Rem.

That being said, this post expects that you know what’s going on in Dance with Devils up until this point. So please feel free to hit the translation master list to catch up with what’s going on!

If you have already read the Left Door Chapter 06-Rem translation,  then use ctrl+F and [Lindo01], [Lindo02], and [Lindo03] for the Lindo-specific changes in the story. Use [S01] through [S04] for the human vs devil scenarios.

As always: translations, spoilers, screenshots, CGs, and a very long post from the Vita game Dance With Devils below. If you do not wish to be spoiled, then please do not continue <3 If you see any corrections that need to be made, please don’t hesitate to contact me with them.

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Lindo: By the sacred Name, obey me…

You hear the sound of the holy water being flicked onto the plants with a bell chime.

Lindo: …That should do it.

Ritsuka: (Lindo’s spreading water from that small bottle over the garden again…)

Ritsuka: (Apparently that bottle is filled with holy water. Neither devils or vampires are able to cross the barrier created by sprinkling it.)

Scene changes back to the dining room where Lindo joins you.

Lindo: Everything will be alright. Nothing should be able to cross the holy water’s barrier. At least not without getting hurt.

Ritsuka: I admit I don’t really understand why we need that barrier or how it works.

Lindo: …Ah, I guess that’s true. I’m sorry.

Ritsuka: Oh! But I do know that you’re only doing this to take care of me.

Ritsuka: That’s what this pendant is also for, right?

Lindo: That’s right. The herbs mother would stuff inside it was actually grown in the garden. She did it because those herbs can act as protective talismans.

Lindo: So that’s what the potpourri in your pendant is for. Should you ever wish or need to repel a demonic presence, the potpourri in your pendant will activate and protect you.

Ritsuka: I see…that explains a lot then.

Flashback to Rem pulling off his voodoo eyes and you repelling him and Urie.

Rem: Ah…!!

Urie: The light coming from that pendant…!

Scene returns to Ritsuka’s dining room.

Ritsuka: (Mom’s pendant…it’s been protecting me from the very start.)

Ritsuka: (But I’ve had it ever since I was a child.)

Ritsuka: (So does that mean she knew I’d need protection even back then…? Then that must also mean that Lindo…)

Lindo: …Time for breakfast. Won’t you have some?

Ritsuka: Ah, I’m sorry. I…don’t seem to have much of an appetite.

Lindo: I see…

Lindo: Ritsuka, give me your hand.

Ritsuka: Eh? What’s this all of a sudden?

Lindo: I want you to wear this. This is a ring of holy lux.

Ritsuka: Holy…lux?

Lindo: “Lux” is the Latin word for “light.” That ring has the power of a talisman inside it.

Lindo: Since Mother isn’t with us I didn’t think it was wise to rely solely on your pendant for protection. So I used some connections with the Association to get a hold of this ring for you.

Ritsuka: (Assosciation…he must mean the Exorcist’s Association.)

Lindo: I meant to give it to you sooner, but its making seemed was apparently delayed. I’m just glad we have it now.

Lindo: That ring exists to protect you from anyone impure or who would do you harm. Never take it off.

Ritsuka: …I understand, so leave it to me! Thank you so much, ni-san.

Lindo: Of course.

Ritsuka: (Between this ring and this pendant, it’s as if both mom and Lindo are protecting me. And I know they did all of this for my sake…but…)

Lindo: What’s wrong?

Ritsuka: ….Mm, nothing.

Ritsuka: (Even with all of this, I still don’t understand why exactly I’m the one being targeted…)

Ritsuka: (The Grimoire and I…how are we related?)

Scene changes to the street as you walk to school.

Ritsuka: …*sighs*

Azuna: What’s wrong? That was quite the sigh just now. …Don’t tell me, has something else happened?

Ritsuka: (There’s so much I want to talk to Azuna about. But of course, I can’t just bring up something like vampires and devils to her.)

Ritsuka: It’s…well, it has something to do with ni-san and Rem-san.

Azuna: Are they still fighting?

Ritsuka: That’s not the only problem…

Azuna: What? Did something else happen between them? You can tell me, you know. I promise I’ll listen.

Ritsuka: …It’s just…there’s too many things I don’t understand about myself these days.

Azuna: Things you don’t understand?

Ritsuka: Let me see…it’s like…it feels like the two of them are in on some secret, and I’m the only one who doesn’t know about it.

Ritsuka: And because of that I can’t help but feel lonely…

Azuna: I see…but, doesn’t everyone have a secret or two they keep to themselves?

Azuna: Besides, you should know that they both do what they do because you’re important to them.

Azuna: Perhaps they’re afraid that if you knew whatever secret they might be hiding, that your friendships would break…at least that’s what I think.

Ritsuka: …..

Azuna: That’s why, even though it’s hard, I think you should try to believe in them.

Ritsuka: …I see what you mean. Thank you, Azuna.

Azuna: ….

Scene changes to the hallway in school.

Ritsuka: (Haa…I’m such an idiot. I can’t believe I went to Gym without my uniform.)

Ritsuka: (On top of that, both Lindo and Azuna are constantly asking to go to class together with me, and in nearly the same way.)

Ritsuka: (Anyway, if I don’t hurry I’ll be late. Aw man, everyone’s already entered the classroom where I left it…)

Rem appears.

Ritsuka: Ah…

Ritsuka: (Why is Rem-san here…)

Rem: ……

Ritsuka: (Oh…I still haven’t thanked him for helping us last time.)

Ritsuka: (But…didn’t Rem-san say it would be better if I stayed away from him from now on…?)

Choice [Lindo01]

  • お礼を言う (Say thank you. + affection for Rem)
  • ここから離れる (I should steer clear of him. +affection for Lindo)

If you pick “I should steer clear of him”

Ritsuka: (…I should take care and avoid coming this way.)

Lindo: Oi, Ritsuka!

Lindo appears

Ritsuka: Ni-san! Why are you here…?

Lindo: It looked like you were running late, so I wondered if something had happened to you. …Looks like I was right to come find you.

Rem: …Get out of my way. Hand the Grimoire over to me.

Ritsuka: …! Rem-san…

Ritsuka: (Why is he saying that all of a sudden…?)

Lindo: I refuse. Isn’t it inconvenient for you to try and pick a fight here anyway?

Rem: And if I said that didn’t matter?

Lindo: Well that’s oddly rash of you. You’re usually all about keeping up appearances.

Ritsuka: (He’s right. Rem-san, why are you being so strange all of a sudden? …have you become impatient with me?)

Rem: That has nothing to do with you.

Lindo: And you’re right about that. However what I’m about to say, I’m only going to say it once: if you ever lay a hand on her, I will never forgive you.

Lindo: Let’s go, Ritsuka.

Ritsuka: R-right…

Ritsuka: (Rem-san…what could you want the Grimoire for so badly to make you act this way…?)

Ritsuka: (No, stop it. It would be better not to dwell on it….)

Rem: …..

Scene changes to another hallway

Lindo: *from your left* …Now I understand. So you forgot your gym uniform and went back to get it. Well if that’s the case I can just bring it over to the locker room for you.

Ritsuka: Th-that’s not necessary! You don’t have to worry about it…I can take care of this myself.

Lindo: *sighs* ….

Ritsuka: Ni-san?

Lindo: How many times do I have to tell you before you get it?

Lindo: You are nowhere near vigilant enough. No matter how many times you put yourself at risk you never seem to understand this.

Lindo: *backs up and you hear clothes rustle. Moves to your right ear* Perhaps I need to…punish you a little.

Human vs Devil Potential Scenarios Start here:

Potential Scenario 1: [S01]

Lindo: If you truly think you can defend yourself, then I want you to prove it to me.

  • Human Choice: I got it! (分かった! )
  • Devil Choice: Prove it…? (証拠…? )

If you say “I got it!”

Lindo: Hm? You seem pretty confident in yourself. Alright then, show me what you’ve got.

Ritsuka: Eh? Is-is that really okay?

Ritsuka: (…Well if Lindo is giving me permission, then here it goes! )

You hear a striking sound

Ritsuka: (Eh!? He caught my arm…!)

Lindo: *in your left ear and sighs* Do you get it now? If this is the best you can do, then let me show you what will happen if you actually try that on someone.

Ritsuka: Kyaah!

Ritsuka: (He pulled me into a tight embrace just now…)

Lindo: …I won’t do any more than this. However, do you now understand why I’m so worried about you? Please…become more aware of yourself.

Ritsuka: (He’s didn’t yield at all…even when I pushed with all my strength…)

Human Choice Ends

If you say “Prove it…?”

Lindo: *approaches you* Yes. Let’s say one of those devils give in to temptation and capture you. I want you to show me how you would escape from them….

Ritsuka: Eh? B-b-but wait a minute…why are you pinning me against the wall? A-aren’t you a bit…too close?

Lindo: *in your right ear* This is necessary so I can teach you a lesson. Now then…see? If I corner you like this, then you can’t run away from me.

Lindo: Now what do you think a devil would be capable of if he were to pin you like this?

Ritsuka: (Ah…his finger’s on my throat….)

Lindo: If you don’t like this, then you need to shove me away. And if you’re not capable of doing that…then you need to listen to what I tell you from now on.

Ritsuka: (Th-that’s just not fair…)

Devil Choice Ends 

Potential Scenario 02 [S02]

Lindo: Those devils are not above using brute force to capture you.

  • Human Choice: But I have you with me. (でも兄さんがいるよ )
  • Devil Choice: I’ll be fine, I promise. (私なら平気だよ )

If you say “But I have you with me.”

Ritsuka: But I have you here with me. So knowing that, I know we’ll be okay no matter what happens.

Lindo: That’s…! Of course I’ll always protect you. However it would help us both a great deal if you could be a little more aware of your surroundings.

Ritsuka: You have a point. And it would be bad to make you use your powers too much anyway.

Lindo: Well it’s a bit late for that, considering the cat’s out of the bag. That’s not the issue here. Honestly, you…

Lindo: You should be looking out for yourself, not worrying about me. That’s the whole reason why I’m scolding you right now.

Ritsuka: (I-I wish he could just forgive me already.)

Human Choice Ends

If you say “I’ll be fine, I promise.”

Lindo: If you’re certain about that, then surely you can stop me?

Ritsuka: (Eh…he-he’s hugging me…!?)

Lindo: *in your right ear* Can’t move? With your attitude from earlier, getting out of this hold should be easy for you.

Ritsuka: Ni-Ni-san…please, let go…

Lindo: A devil isn’t going to let you go just because you asked him to. Come on now, you said you would be just fine. Show me how you would escape.

Ritsuka: …I’m-I’m sorry.

Ritsuka: (I understand what Lindo is trying to do, but to face him like this is…too scary…)

Devil Choice Ends 

Potential Scenario 03 [S03]

Lindo: Promise me right here that you’ll stop aimlessly trying to do everything by yourself.

  • Human Choice: I understand. (分かった )
  • Devil Choice: I can’t make that promise. (約束はちょっと )

If you say “I understand.”

Lindo: If you mean it, then next time remember this before you leave the house: I will be monitoring your house key around the clock so that you can’t sneak out.

Ritsuka: Y-you’re guarding the key rack….!?

Ritsuka: (That’s so like him…but isn’t he being a touch too paranoid over this?)

Ritsuka: (Somehow I don’t think he’d appreciate me saying that…)

Lindo: *sighs* …Looks like I went a bit too far. There’s no need to look so scared.

Ritsuka: Eh…?

Lindo: I only wanted to try and get you to understand the situation you’re in. I didn’t mean to scare you, so I’m sorry.

Ritsuka: Mm-mm, it’s alright…

Ritsuka: (B-but, the look in Lindo’s eyes was completely serious…it was definitely a little frightening.)

Human Choice Ends

If you say “I can’t make that promise.”

Lindo: …If you can’t promise me that, then perhaps it would be better if I were to tie you up somewhere?

You hear him grab you.

Ritsuka: N-no…you’re…you’re hurting my arm!

Lindo: *in your right hear* I’ll stop once I hear you promise me. Promise me that you won’t ever leave my side. …Say it.

Ritsuka: But that’s…that’s no different than a threat.

Lindo: Because it is a threat. Perhaps you’re beginning to understand the situation that you’re in?

Ritsuka: (Lindo, I know that you’re only worried about me. However this is just too much…)

Devil Choice Ends 

Potential Scenario 04 [S04] (last one)

Lindo: So tell me then: what would you do if the me before you now wasn’t actually the real me?

  • Human Choice: But there’s no way that could happen. (そんなわけないよ )
  • Devil Choice: What do you mean…? (どういうこと…? )

If you say “But there’s no way that could happen.”

Ritsuka: I get what you’re saying, but there’s no way that I would mistake anyone else for you.

Lindo: …While I’m happy to hear that, that way of thinking is too naive.

Ritsuka: Ni-ni-san….

Lindo: *in your left ear* All of the people currently after you know that you trust me without a doubt. And they’ll be sure to use that to their advantage.

Lindo: It’s very possible that they may disguise themselves as me to try and trick you. …and if that happens, I’d never be able to forgive myself.

Ritsuka: (Lindo looks so pained at the idea…why brood over such a thing…?

Human Choice Ends

If you say “What do you mean…?”

Lindo: …You don’t get it? I could very well be a fake conjured up by those devils!

He grabs you.

Ritsuka: Eh…kyaaah!?

Ritsuka: (Why did he just pull me so close…!?)

Lindo: *in your right ear* I shall accept your soul with the utmost gratitude. I’ll be sure to eat it nice and slowly.

Ritsuka: (He-he has to be lying…this is ni-san, isn’t it? There’s no way the man before me is a fake…hng!)

Lindo: …Do you understand now? That kind of scenario is very likely to happen around you, and I won’t ever forgive you or the culprit should you let yourself be caught unaware by it.

Ritsuka: What in the world…? You are most definitely the ni-san I’ve come to know.

Ritsuka: (Granted, he nearly had me convinced for a moment there that I was wrong…)

Devil Choice Ends

Human vs Devil end (no differences regardless if you score human points or devil points)

Ritsuka: Ni-ni-san…I get it already…

Lindo: If you mean that, then good. …I’m sorry for being so harsh on you. I just want to ensure that you understand the gravity of the situation we’re in.

Ritsuka: (I guess it’s just as he says. I have no choice but to try and be more careful.)

Ritsuka: (But…that shocked me…)

Scene changes to the school courtyard.

Azuna: -Ah, Ritsuka!

Ritsuka: What’s wrong, Azuna? You could have just waited for me in the locker room…

Azuna: But I was so worried!

Ritsuka: I think you’re overreacting a bit.

Ritsuka: (For Azuna to worry over me like this…it’s exactly like what Lindo would do.)

Ritsuka: Well, I managed to get my gym uniform back. Should we go change?

Azuna: Yeah, let’s go.

Scene changes again to a rather ethereal looking plane.

Head of the Arlond Family: My son.

Rem: Yes…I’m here.

Head of the Arlond Family: Tell me: why is it taking you so long to obtain the Grimoire?

Rem: …my sincerest apologies.

Head of the Arlond Family: I didn’t ask for an apology. I asked for an answer: what is taking you so long?

Rem: Well…

Head of the Arlond Family: Perhaps you’ve forgotten your pride as a devil and have become attached to that human girl?

Rem: I would never do such a thing!

Head of the Arlond Family: You’re too quick to deny it. **

Head of the Arlond Family: What is the meaning behind this betrayal…? You’re well aware of what this will mean for you should it be true, and yet you still did something so stupid?

Rem: Betrayal!? Father, my allegience to you has never once been in question-

Head of the Arlond Family: Enough!!

Sound of a strong whoosh noise and Rem’s sprite is flung to the side.

Rem: Guh…!

Head of the Arlond Family: Your words mean nothing to me! I have but one desire, and that is to obtain the Grimoire’s power for our bloodline!

Rem: *Rem’s sprite shakes and cries out in pain*

Head of the Arlond Family: You WILL retrieve the Grimoire in order to become the next head of the Arlond name!

Rem: *gasps and catches breath* Ye….Yes…

Scene changes back the library where Urie, Mage, and Shiki wait. You can hear wind blowing throughout the room.

Urie: Oh dear. I have to admit, at this moment I’m quite thankful that I’m not the Arlond family heir.

Mage: That old man’s temper seems worse than usual.

Shiki: It’s good for Rem to be humbled every now and again. And that distorted look on his face…Fufu~ It must be absolutely wonderful~~

A light flashes and Rem suddenly appears.

Urie: Ah, he’s back. …Uwah!

Mage: Flashy as always.

Rem: *sighs* ….

Rem’s sprite sinks on the screen, and you hear him just fall onto a creaky sofa.

Shiki: …He collapsed.

Urie: He seems pretty exhausted today.

Shiki: Ah~ Just look at how that typically composed, princely face of his is wracked with pain. It’s the best~

Mage: You know, you really have bad taste. Granted, I have to agree that that usually calm expression of his makes me wanna tease him too.

Rem: Hmph…..

Urie: I can tell by the disheartened look on your face that there’s something on your mind.

Rem: …There’s nothing wrong. I’m only resting a bit. Could you all be quiet and leave me alone for now?

Urie: As you wish, my dearest friend.

Pomeranian: *pants* ….

You hear the Pomeranian pitter patter away as the scene changes to Ritsuka’s room.

Ritsuka: ….Mm…

Ritsuka: (I woke up again…why do I keep having nightmares? I guess everything that’s happened so far is partly to blame.)

Ritsuka: *sighs* …

Ritsuka: (…I have to pull myself together.)

Ritsuka: (Azuna’s coming over at noon so we can go shopping together. I’m sure we’re going to have a good time!)

Scene changes to the living/dining room.

Ritsuka: (Alright, that should be everything- )

Lindo: *comes into the room* Ritsuka, where are you off to?

Ritsuka: Oh…just to do some shopping.

Lindo: Shopping? But it’s dangerous for you to go out. If there’s something you want, I have no problem going out to get it for you.

Ritsuka: It’s not like that. I’m just going out to shop with Azuna today.

Lindo: Azuna…that one girl?

Ritsuka: (I was afraid of this. He’s going to tell me I can’t…)

Lindo: …Well, so long as you’re not alone.

Ritsuka: It’s okay?

Lindo: Sure. Just make sure to keep your pendant and ring on you at all times. Don’t take them off, no matter what.

Ritsuka: Okay, I understand. Thank you, ni-san! I’m off then.

Lindo: …Right.

Scene changes to the downtown area

Azuna: -Hmmm…

Ritsuka: Azuna, you’re making this harder than it needs to be.

Azuna: But there’s two seasonal flavors, right? It’s like they’re doing this just to torture me!

Ritsuka: Why not just get both?

Azuna: Not possible! We just ate cream puffs. So to eat two ice creams…!

Ritsuka: I guess it can’t be helped then. How about I order one flavor and split it with you? Does that sound good?

Azuna: For real? YAY!  Then wait right here, I’m going to go buy them.

Azuna: *moves off screen* Excuse me! I’d like to get this seasonal flavor please…

Ritsuka: (…If feels like it’s been forever since we could hang out like this. I need to remember to thank Azuna for inviting me out later.)

You hear the sound of leaves and twigs rustling

Ritsuka: Mm…?

You hear the rustling again.

Ritsuka: (Was that the bushes shaking just now…?)

You hear the bushes again and Roen pops out.

Ritsuka: Roen!?

Pomeranian: *pants up at her* ….

Ritsuka: (What’s he doing….here…)

Ritsuka: (What’s that in his mouth? Is that…mom’s hair scrunchie!?)

Roen runs off.

Ritsuka: Ah! Wait!

Ritsuka takes off after Roen. Azuna appears back on screen.

Azuna: Sorry for making you wait, Ritsuka-

Azuna: Ah, Ritsuka!?

Scene changes to the park.

Ritsuka: *pants*

Ritsuka: (I should have known I wouldn’t have been able to catch up with a dog…)

Ritsuka: Roen! Where are you!?

Pomeranian: *pants* ….

Ritsuka: There you are! Wait, Roen!

Ritsuka: Roen, come here? …Please…

Pomeranian: ….

Roen bounds towards you. The steps actually sound louder as the distance closes.

Ritsuka: -Gotcha!

Ritsuka pulls Roen into her lap.

Ritsuka: That’s it. Such a good boy~ Why are you being so quiet?

Pomeranian: Woof!

Ritsuka: Hey, can I see what you’ve got there?

Sound of Ritsuka removing the hair scrunchie.

Ritsuka: As I thought, it IS mom’s scrunchie. But why does Roen have it…?

Roen: Woof!

Ritsuka: Roen, where did you fi-Hyah!?

Roen: Woof! *starts licking Ritsuka’s face*

Ritsuka: St-, Hey, Don’t lick me! It tickles….!

Roen: Woof woof!

Ritsuka: (I-I need to try and calm him down. Maybe if I just hug him tight-)

Ritsuka: Sorry, but could you calm down just a little bit? *she hugs Roen tightly*

Pomeranian: *pants* ….*whines*

Ritsuka: (Alright, I’ve managed to-)

A sudden whoosh sound

Ritsuka: Eh-wah!?

There’s a thud as you fall over, cuts to CG.

Young man: Oh, my apologies.

Ritsuka: Eh? Wha…EHHHHHH!?

Ritsuka: (Wh-why is this boy hovering over me…!?)

Ritsuka: Ro-Roen!?

Young man: Yes, you called?

Ritsuka: Eh? What, what are you talking about…?

Roen: *moves from speaking very closely in front of you towards your right ear* That’s right, this is your first time seeing me in this form. Very well, let me introduce myself: My name is Roen.

Ritsuka: Roen…wait, you’re really Roen…?

Roen: Yes, that Roen. The same as that Pomeranian from before: Roen.

CG Ends.

Ritsuka: Eh….Ehhhh!?

Ritsuka: But…that was a dog, and now you’re human…Eh…EHHHHHH!?

Roen: Fufu, you look a bit confused.

Ritsuka: Y-You’re really…the same Roen?

Roen: Don’t you believe me. *still in your right ear, by the way*

Ritsuka: I-I believe you. So, please get off of me!

Roen: Oh, that’s right, I forgot. Though I have to say it doesn’t feel so bad to lay here like this. You’re so soft…

Ritsuka: …um, a-anytime now!

Roen: As you wish. *his voice moves from your ear to in front of you*

Ritsuka: (A human that can turn into a dog…that can’t be possible. )

Ritsuka: Um, you wouldn’t happen to…also be a devil, would you?

Roen: Ah, your guess is correct.

Roen: I am neither a dog or a human. I am a fully fledged devil…Cerberus in fact.

Ritsuka: Cerberus…Wait, you mean the hound that watches over the entrance of Hell?

Roen: My my my, you seem to know quite a bit about me.

Ritsuka: (…Why do I get this feeling that he’s belittling me?)

Roen: You are correct: I am Hell’s watchdog. I also serve at the side of the demon lord known as Maksis.

Ritsuka: Demon lord…Maksis?

Roen: Yes. As the title would suggest, he is the ruler of the Underworld.

Ritsuka: S-so that kind of king exists…

Ritsuka: (Then again, I just watched this guy change from a dog into a human. I don’t think I should be surprised by anything at this point.)

Roen: None could match the greatness of Lord Maksis. Within him brimmed an immeasurable strength.

Ritsuka: None “could” match him…does that mean things are different now?

Roen: Oh my…you’re actually quite sharp. Up until now I thought you were rather dimwitted.

Ritsuka: (…Yup, I was right. He was belittling me.)

The music then suddenly takes an abrupt change as Roen faces you.

Roen: Anyway, I would like to take a moment to talk with you about something. As I’ve said before the ruler of the Underworld was the great Lord Maksis. Under his reign, the Underworld saw a time of prosperity.

Roen: But then one day, it became apparent that Lord Maksis powers had begun to wane.

Roen: It was while he was in this weakened state that those who opposed him sealed Lord Maksis away at the ends of the Earth.

Roen: With the loss of its king, the Underworld had fallen into a state of confusion. Which leads me to where we stand now.

Ritsuka: The Underworld’s in chaos…that sounds terrible.

Roen: It is. I calmly waited for the day on which our king will return. However…

Roen: What good is a watchdog to its owner if all he does is wait for him?

Ritsuka: (…! Wh-what was that? A chill just ran down my spine…)

Roen: In order to revive Lord Maksis, I am in need of power.

Roen: Such as the immense power of the Grimoire.

Ritsuka: Ugh…you’re searching for the Grimoire too?

Roen: That is correct. If I were to obtain the Grimoire then its power could be used to restore my master to his former self.

Ritsuka: Just…what is the Grimoire, exactly? Can a book really have a spell written in it powerful enough to resurrect a demon king?

Roen: …*chuckles* A book?

Roen: Ah, forgive me. That’s right. It can’t be helped given that you don’t know anything about it.

Roen: Devils, Vampires…and yes, even demon lords. All of these supernaturals desire the immeasurable power hidden within the Forbidden Grimoire.

Ritsuka: But that’s…I don’t know anything about it. I honestly don’t…so I don’t understand why I…

Roen: So it seems. But do take heart, for I am willing to teach you everything you want to know.

Ritsuka: …! R-really?

Roen: Yes, really.

Roen: However, it’s not a good idea for us to continue this discussion here.

A line draws across the screen, eventually opening up a portal.

The very air behind Roen appeared to tear itself open. An ominous space unlike anything I had ever seen before lay within its depths.

Roen: Now then, how about you and I go somewhere where no one else may interrupt us?

Ritsuka: (If I go with Roen, then I’ll finally get answers about this Grimoire. But, is that really all that’s going to happen?)

Ritsuka: (I don’t know…but, I do know that I should do what I can for mom’s sake-)

???: By the sacred Name, obey me!

Ritsuka: Eh…?

Roen: Oh…?

Azuna appears

Azuna: O ye who are clad in darkness…Be gone from here…forever more!

Ritsuka: Kyaaah!?

Roen: Kuh…

Azuna: Back away from Ritsuka now, you demon!

Ritsuka: (Azuna…? Just now, why was she able to…?)

Ritsuka: (Lindo used those exact same powers before…)

Roen: It appears that one of those hinderances has arrived. That being said…I see now.

Roen: As suspected, your classmate is an exorcist.

Ritsuka: Eh….?

Ritsuka: (Azuna…is an exorcist…?)

Ritsuka: What’s the meaning of this…? Azuna, why…?

Azuna: …uh, th….that’s…

Roen: *chuckles* It’s simple, really. That person over there has been lying to you this entire time.

Roen: She left you in the dark and pretended to be your friend, all so that she could deceive you.

Ritsuka: …But that’s…

Azuna: You’re wrong! Yes, I kept my being an exorcist a secret from her, but-

Roen: Yes, she certainly did. Everyone around you deceived you, and now they ridicule you for your helplessness!

Azuna: No! You’re wrong!

Roen: Hmph…how fragile you are. -Haa!

Roen summons a wall of flames.

Azuna: Kuu!?

Ritsuka: *watches as Azuna’s sprite disappears*

Roen: -Now that she’s been taken care of, you…come with me.

There’s ethereal sounds. Probably warping.

Ritsuka: !? Kyaaaaaah!!

Azuna: …Ritsuka…!!

Scene changes to Lindo’s room.

Lindo: Hello? What’s wrong?

Lindo: …What!? Ritsuka’s been taken…!?

Scene changes again to the school’s third floor library and Rem.

Rem: Ritsuka’s presence just…vanished?

Rem: …It couldn’t be…his work, could it!?

Scene changes again to a corridor of pillars.

Ritsuka: Mm…

Roen: You may open your eyes now.

Ritsuka: Roen…

Roen: It looks like you were having a nightmare. Is it because of the shock regarding your friend’s true identity?

Ritsuka: Ah…

Ritsuka: (That’s right…that power Azuna used…Azuna’s an exorcist like my brother.)

Roen: You just learned that your best friend is an exorcist. You poor thing.

Ritsuka: Did you know about it, Roen?

Roen: Yes. However your brother made it difficult for me to speak with you about it without being found out.

Ritsuka: Lindo…!?

Lindo: …Ah, forgive me. This may seem to come out of nowhere, but you inviting her out will cheer her up.

Lindo: I’m worried about her. She’s been getting more and more depressed lately.

Lindo: But if you stay by her side then that’ll ease my fears, Azuna.

Azuna: Leave it to me. We’ve gone to school together for a long time now, so there’s no need to be so formal about it.

Azuna: But Lindo…don’t you stretch yourself too thin either, okay?

Flashback ends.

Ritsuka: Then…Lindo knew? From the beginning…?

Roen: The two of them had met before.

Roen: That girl was your bodyguard in order to protect you from devils. The Exorcist Association dispatched her specifically to look after you.

Ritsuka: Wait, what…Azuna was just there…to watch over me?

Roen: Yes, didn’t your brother ever talk to you about it?

Ritsuka: That’s…that can’t be true! Azuna and I have been friends since our first year at school together!

Roen: That was around the time the whole plan was orchestrated, you see. No…actually, it would be more correct to say this was devised the moment you were born.

Roen: Don’t you remember? Ever since you were small you were surrounded by people who were eager to protect you.

Ritsuka: …!

Flashback of Ritsuka’s mother.

Ritsuka: (Even when I was little, mother had me wear her pendant as a talisman.)

Flashback of Lindo.

Ritsuka: (And Lindo has been studying ever since he was small. He even left to train as an exorcist for my sake…)

Flashback ends.

Roen: The supernaturals who wish to find the Grimoire will all eventually target you.

Roen: All of your friends and loved ones that have come into your life have all done so for the sole purpose of protecting the Grimoire from getting into the wrong hands. This purpose was prioritized first and foremost. Even above your friendship.

Ritsuka: …That’s…I didn’t know anything…

Roen: You seem grief-stricken. Unfortunately no matter how strange this conversation may seem, everything I’ve told you is the absolute truth.

Ritsuka: Hey…with all this talk of protecting me and stealing from me I just want to ask one thing: what is the Grimoire, exactly?

Roen moves closer, his voice very close to you and slowly moving towards your left ear.

Roen: I did promise that I would tell you everything…however, are you certain that you haven’t already figured it out from our conversation just now? Shall I spell it out for you?***

Ritsuka: …..

Ritsuka: Rem-san, Ni-san, even Azuna…they’ve all been keeping a secret from me.

Ritsuka: But I want to know. I want to know why I’m the only one who’s been left in the dark.

Ritsuka: I’ve been the only one who hasn’t been allowed to know anything for too long. I want it to stop…!

Roen: …That’s good. Very well, then I’ll tell you why.

Roen: The Forbidden Grimoire is-

Roen: *in your left ear* A power that when correctly obtained, will grant its wielder the strength to rule the world as we know it.

Ritsuka: It can grant that kind of power?

Roen: *his voice moves in front of you again, but very close* That’s correct. And there are many who believe that it’s quite literally a book of written magic.

Roen: However the Grimoire is not a literal book. In truth its-

You hear the sound of rustling

Ritsuka: Eh!?

Cut to CG

Roen: Ah…you’re giving off such a lovely scent…

Ritsuka: Scent…?

Ritsuka: (Now that he’s mentioned it, I remember hearing something about a sweet smell before.)

Roen: *in your right ear* How utterly sweet…and befitting for Lord Maksis.

Roen: That look in your eyes alongside your bravery isn’t bad at all…

Roen: That’s what makes you appealing. That, and, the Grimoire’s scent.

Ritsuka: Eh…? What do you mean…?

Roen: Ritsuka Tachibana. The thing everyone refers to as the Grimoire…resides inside your body.

Ritsuka: The Grimoire is…inside of me?

Ritsuka: What? That’s…that’s a lie, right?

CG ends and Roen suddenly parts from you.

Roen: If it were a lie, then I assure you that I wouldn’t have gone to all this trouble to contact you and reveal your identity to you.

Ritsuka: Then the thing that those vampires have been frantically searching for…

Ritsuka: And the fact that Rem and the Student Council have no idea where the Grimoire is located is because it’s inside of me…

Roen: And isn’t that precisely why your brother and the other exorcists have gone to such lengths to protect you?

Ritsuka: …!

Roen: Your brother knows about it. About how you hold the Forbidden Grimoire inside of you.

Roen: And so, he became an exorcist. Since you were the Grimoire’s vessel, he feared you would be targeted.

Ritsuka: Lindo, mom…and even grandpa. That’s why they all worked so hard to protect me as a child?

Roen: Yes. Your brother and the rest of your family all knew about this. You were the only one who didn’t.

Ritsuka: ………..!

Roen: Your brother is a rather good liar, isn’t he?

Roen: Above all else, the Grimoire sleeping inside of you was secretly the most important thing to them.

Ritsuka: I’m…the Grimoire…

Roen: Yes. Whoever obtains you will also gain the ability to control the world.

Roen: Furthermore, the Grimoire’s power shall fully awaken on your 17th birthday.

Ritsuka: …This year’s birthday?

Roen: Correct. The fated time is fast approaching…and as such, the fighting over you has become increasingly violent.

Ritsuka: Then…what should I do? If Rem and the student council, or the vampires, were to learn about this…

Roen: You will definitely be targeted now more than ever. And of course, your mother will also be exposed to greater danger upon your reveal.

Roen: You know in your heart that once this is made known, you will not get your mother back.

Ritsuka: ….!

Roen: Now then…have you come to understand the situation? From this point forward, allow me to offer you a single solution to this dilemma.

Roen: Why don’t you remain here until your 17th birthday?

Ritsuka: Stay here?

Roen: When that time comes, we will be able to extract the power of the Grimoire that currently sleeps within you. You will then be able to return to being a normal girl.

Roen: And of course, no one else will even notice that you’re gone.

Ritsuka: No one could find me…and I could return to normal…

Roen: Yes, that’s right. And so…

Roen: Would you be willing to please remove that ring? I’m afraid that if you don’t, I won’t be able to extract the Grimoire’s power from you.

Ritsuka: (Take off…my ring…)

Roen: Yes, remove that talisman…for me.

Ritsuka: (For Roen…)


The screen then goes black for quite a bit of time before returning to the corridor. Roen has stepped away from you.

Roen: Oh, what’s this? Hm…It seems that someone rather troublesome has come looking for you.

Ritsuka: (Eh…?)

You hear something crack and crumble

Ritsuka: Kyaah!?

You hear it again.

Ritsuka: (What is that!? It’s as if the air itself is splitting apart…!?)

???:  By the sacred Name, obey me-

Ritsuka: (This is Lindo’s voice…)

Roen: Unbelievable. He’s actually trying to force himself through the barrier I made. He’s not the brightest crayon in the box, is he?

Lindo: Ritsuka!! Hold on, I’m coming to get you!


The screen flashes white, the sound of glass shattering.

Ritsuka: Kyaaah!?

Screen turns white again. There’s a sharp grabbing sound.

Lindo: Don’t let go of my hand-!!

Ritsuka: (Lindo…!)

Glass shatteres again, and the scene shifts to an abandaned room. Most likely a warehouse.

Ritsuka: (…what just happened?)

Ritsuka: (This place is different…so we managed to escape that other room…?)

Lindo: *breathing heavily* Thank heavens I found you…

Ritsuka: Ah….ni-san…

Ritsuka: (He came for me…)

Roen: Honestly…what a pushy older brother you have. If his voice had been any louder then he could probably force himself into any barrier regardless of invitation or not.

Lindo: That’s enough out of you, devil! Be gone from here, otherwise I’ll-

Roen: What do you plan to do, exactly?

Lindo: I’ll destroy you!

Lindo summons his holy sword.

Roen: Fufu, well isn’t this exciting…

Roen: …unfortunately, it looks like you’re not my only opponent.

Rem appears

Ritsuka: (Rem-san…!?)

Rem: …Roen. Explain yourself: what is the meaning of acting out on your own like this?

Roen: Well, well, well, what have we here? By the looks of your body you’ve been chastised by your father again. Are you done cowering from him?

Rem: Shut up…!

Rem shoots a ball of flame at Roen

Roen: *grunts* …

Roen: Even though his power has been weakened, he couldn’t have appeared at a worse time…

Roen: *approaches you* I’m sorry to bother you, however would you mind cooperating with me a moment?

Sharp grabbing sound

Ritsuka: Kyaaah…!?

Ritsuka: (I-I can’t move…!)

Lindo: Ritsuka!!

Rem: *grunts* ….

Roen: Now then, as for the two of you. Kindly back away and allow us to leave. If you don’t-

Ritsuka: That hurts…!!

Ritsuka: (Roen’s digging…his nails…into my neck…!?)

Roen: Well…I’m sure you can see for yourself. You don’t want her hurt now, do you?

Roen: Or perhaps you have a hidden appreciation for that distorted expression of hers when she’s wracked with pain?

Ritsuka: Roen…? Why…are you doing…this….

Roen: Just like all the rest, my one hope for the future lies with the Grimoire…

Roen: And to think I was only one step away from obtaining it for myself. It’s a shame, really.

Ritsuka: (No way…then that means if Lindo hadn’t found me, I would have…)

Rem: …That’s enough of this farce. If you’re done playing games, then unhand her. Now.

Roen: What could you possibly mean? Ah…can’t you see it? The blood running down her neck?

Lindo: …..!

Ritsuka: (Ugh….stop it…I can’t move my ne-….ugh!)

Roen: I can certainly make the cuts worse than what they are. So then…what will you do?

Rem: Roen…!

Ritsuka: (Ni-san…please…please help me…)

Lindo: …how dare you…

Roen: Hmm…?

Lindo: *his sprite shakes* YOU BASTARD…!!

Ritsuka: (Lindo…?)

Rem: !? What are you…

Cut to CG

Lindo: …I will never…I will never forgive you for hurting Ritsuka!!


Energy pulses from Lindo

Ritsuka: (Lindo’s appearance…it suddenly changed…? What is this? What’s going on?)

Lindo: *long drawn out screaming*

Ritsuka: (Just what…what is this…)

You hear footsteps as Lindo takes off running

Lindo: Haaaaa!

Roen: He’s fast…!?

Lindo strikes at Roen with claws

Roen: Gah…!? *let’s go of you*

Ritsuka: Uwah…!

Rem: ! Watch out!

Rem catches you.

Rem: Ku…Pull yourself together!

Ritsuka: Ah…but ni-san…ni-san is…

Lindo: I won’t forgive you…I’ll kill you…!

Roen: *cries out in pain* !?

Ritsuka: (That’s definitely the brother who has always been by my side. The brother that I cherish. But…)

Ritsuka: (What’s…what’s gotten into him? Who is this?)

Lindo: HAAAAA!

You hear a single, loud heartbeat

Ritsuka: Stop it…please, stop…

Another heartbeat

Ritsuka: Stop it, Ni-san!!!

Another heartbeat

Lindo: -!!!

Ritsuka: (What’s wrong…I feel strange…wh-what is this…)

Rem: This aura…!?

Ritsuka: (It’s no use…I can’t hold it back!!)

The screen turns white


Rem: Geh…!?

Roen: This is…!

Lindo: Ah…Ritsuka…?

Ritsuka: *screams in pain*

Lots of shimmering and magical sounds. The screen then returns to normal.

Ritsuka: (…ah…I…)

Rem: That power just now…impossible…

Roen: Fufufu…this is too splendid! So this is the power of the Grimoire!

Roen: Such incredible power is fit to only serve the great Lord Maksis!

Rem: The Grimoire…it’s been sleeping inside of the girl’s body this whole time…

Ritsuka: (The Grimoire, just now…so then it’s true…it really is inside of me…)

Lindo: Stop…that’s enough, don’t say anything more…!

Ritsuka: (!!! Lindo…)

Roen: Ah, it seems that you have returned to your senses. That form you took earlier…you certainly gave us quite the show.

Lindo: Sh-shut up…!

Roen: However, no matter how interesting, I’m afraid I will have to take my leave for now. Just remember…I’m always nearby.

The screen flashes and Roen disappears.

Lindo: ….

Ritsuka: N-ni-san…

Lindo: *talking between haggard breathing* I’m so sorry…you’re hurt, and I let you see…I let you see me like that…

Ritsuka: (Lindo looks as if he’s suffering…it’s all right now! So please…please don’t look so pained anymore…)

Ritsuka: (I want to tell him that so bad, but…it just won’t come out…)

Lindo: Ritsuka…? Oi, hang in there!

Lindo: *on the verge of tears* I’m sorry…I’m so sorry…

Rem: …

Ritsuka: (…I can hear Lindo’s voice, but…)

The screen goes black

Ritsuka: (I…I don’t understand anything anymore…)

Scene changes to Ritsuka’s room. [Lindo03]

Ritsuka: …Mm…

Ritsuka: (…Huh…? I’m in my room…?)

Azuna: Ah! She opened her eyes…!?

Lindo: ….!

Ritsuka: Ni-san, Azuna…!

Azuna: Oh thank goodness…I’m so glad.

Ritsuka: Why am I…?

Azuna: After you collapsed you’ve been asleep for three days straight. …Do you remember what happened?

Ritsuka: (I’m pretty sure I do. Roen took me away, and then…)

Lindo: I’m so sorry. If I had been there then you wouldn’t have had to go through something so awful…

Ritsuka: (Ah…and Lindo took on another form entirely…)

Azuna: You shouldn’t blame yourself, Lindo. If there’s anyone to blame, it’s me. If I hadn’t left her alone, then…

Ritsuka: (That’s right…Azuna is…)

Ritsuka: Hey, Azuna…are you an exorcist too…?

Azuna: …..!

Azuna: I’m so sorry for never admitting it…

Azuna: I’m the same as Lindo…I was dispatched by the Exorcist Association on orders to protect you. So yes, I’m an exorcist.

Ritsuka: Then that means…everything he said was true…

Azuna: But I never wanted to deceive you! It wasn’t on purpose…!

Ritsuka: Enough. …That’s…enough already…

Ritsuka: The reason why Azuna even talks to me. Why Rem and the Student council, and the vampires, all attacked me.

Ritsuka: We’ve done nothing but kept secrets from each other, all for the sake of staying alive. Myself, Azuna, and Ni-san…

Lindo: …Ritsuka…

Ritsuka: Rem-san and the others as well…Everyone…everyone hid something from me.

Ritsuka: Even you, ni-san. You knew this entire time that I was the Grimoire, didn’t you?

Ritsuka: And mom did too…that’s why even when I was little you worked so hard to protect me, right?

Lindo: …

Ritsuka: I don’t know what to believe anymore…I don’t understand any of it…

Lindo: …I’m so sorry for causing you all of these worries. There’s…there’s nothing I can say to justify any of it.

Lindo: If you can’t believe in anything else…then please believe in this, at least. My wanting to protect you was never once a lie.

Lindo: No matter what happens to us, those feelings will never change and will always be my deepest wish.

Ritsuka: …..

Ritsuka: …I’m sorry. I just don’t know what to think right now. Could you please give me some time alone?

Lindo: …….

Azuna: I understand. You just be sure to get some rest, okay? …Let’s go, Lindo.

Lindo: …right…

They both take their leave.

Ritsuka: (I’m so sorry, Lindo, Azuna. But right now my emotions are all over the place.)

Ritsuka: (…Why does the Grimoire exist inside of me?)

Ritsuka: (On top of that…)

Flashback to Lindo fighting Roen

Lindo: I won’t forgive you…I’ll kill you…!

Flashback ends

Ritsuka: (The way Lindo looked at that time…just what was that?)

Ritsuka: (I don’t understand…I don’t understand any of it…)



Translation notes (100% Optional reading)

*Ritsuka: (What’s up with him…?) <-More literally Ritsuka states “Why is this situation suddenly so weird?”

**Head of the Arlond Family: You’re too quick to deny it. <-Here Rem’s father more literally says: “Your words are tumbling out of your mouth,“ insinuating that he’s not being very coherent/is too quick to protest the accusation.

***Roen: I did promise that I would tell you everything…<-Now here I decided to take a little more liberty with the translation. What Roen says in the screenshot is much more literally: “Well if that’s all that you wish to know…then how about I tell you a little story? Does that sound good to you?” However, given the way Ritsuka responds and the context that follows afterwards, it seemed awkward to me that the subject would change so abruptly in English. Like, he says he’s going to tell a story, but then never does. At least it felt odd to me. So I changed it to what it says here in this post to try and keep his dialogue closer to the topic of conversation while retaining his condescending tone with Ritsuka.