Dance With Devils Chapter 05 Lindo Translation

And here we are! Finishing up Chapter 05 of Lindo and Rem’s common route is the post with Lindo’s choices and human vs devil scenarios!

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???: You still haven’t been able to capture the Grimoire?

Jek: You have my sincerest apologies, Nesta-sama. But I ask that you please hold on for just a while longer.

Jek: I assure you we believe that girl knows where it is, and we’re watching her every move.  As soon as we see an opening, we’ll-

Nesta: So until such an opportunity arises, your hands are tied. Is that what you’re trying to tell me?

Jek: Geh…!?

Jek: I promise you…I will bring you that girl at once.

Jek: Everything I do, I do for you, Nesta-sama.

Scene changes to Ritsuka’s classroom

Ritsuka: …..

Azuna: What’s wrong? Class ended already, you know.

Ritsuka: …..

Azuna: Hey, Ritsuka. Are you okay?

Ritsuka: Ah, yeah…I’m sorry, Azuna. What’s up?

Azuna: Don’t “what’s up” me! You’ve been acting really strange lately. It’s like your head’s always in the clouds.

Azuna: You’ve also been leaving school early. I was really surprised to hear that when your brother told me, you know?

Ritsuka: …I’m sorry…

Azuna: …Why don’t we stop by somewhere after school? It might make you feel better.

Ritsuka: Ah…thank you. But, I’m honestly alright…

Azuna: I see…

Ritsuka: (I really have Azuna worried this time. But, I just can’t wrap my head around everything that I’m feeling.)

Ritsuka: (Rem-san is a devil…)

Flashback to CG

Ritsuka: (He came to me with kind words; with lies. All just so he could obtain the Grimoire for himself…)

Ritsuka: (He tricked me…just so that he could use me to reach his own ends…)

Ritsuka: (Just what is this Grimoire anyway? And why is everyone targeting me? I don’t know anything about the Grimoire.)

Ritsuka: (It also looks like I don’t understand anything about Rem-san either…)

Ritsuka: (And even worse, there’s still no news about where my mother is.)

Ritsuka: (I can’t help but feel lost when I’m surrounded by all these things that I just don’t understand.)

Flashback ends

Azuna: Hey, I’m willing to listen if you need to talk about it. But please try not to overthink things, okay? Your brother’s really worried about you.

Ritsuka: Yeah, you’re probably right…

Azuna: ….

Azuna: But…but if there’s anything I can help with, don’t hesitate to let me know! I might not be able to do much, but I’ll gladly do what I can.

Ritsuka: Okay…thank you.

Ritsuka: (But I can’t tell you everything. I can’t tell you about the devils, or the vampires, that are involved.)

Ritsuka: (I definitely shouldn’t tell her about those things, right?)

Scene changes to walking home with Lindo.

Lindo: Did anything happen at school today?

Ritsuka: Nope, nothing. It’s the same as always.

Lindo: You didn’t run into any of the Student Council members?

Ritsuka: No…

Ritsuka: Hey, Ni-san…so devils really do exist, don’t they?

Lindo: Yes, they do. Like I said before: they have no problem tricking humans.

Lindo: They may look as if they have a heart and feelings to go with it, but in reality it’s all a ploy to make it easier to use you.

Ritsuka: (It’s not that I don’t understand what he’s saying, but I just can’t wrap my mind around it.)

Ritsuka: Now that I think about it, you seem to really know a lot about devils. Did grandpa teach you?

Lindo: ….! That’s…

Ritsuka: Grandpa used to tell all sorts of stories, didn’t he? Though we were little and sometimes the stories were too difficult for me to understand.

Ritsuka: But I still can’t believe it…devils are actually real. And yet I saw everything myself…

Lindo: Ah…ah, yeah.

Lindo: …but make no mistake, devils do exist. And they’re all around us.

Ritsuka: (They’re all around us…)

Lindo: Never lose the pendant that mother gave you. It will always protect you from them.

Ritsuka: Eh? My pendant…?

You hear the pendant shift, Ritsuka is probably holding it.

Ritsuka: (Now that he mentions it, this pendant…I wonder if he’s talking about that light that came from it before?)

Ritsuka: (If I were to ask ni-san about it, would he tell me why I have this? Part of me is afraid of the answer he might give.)

Ritsuka: (Up until now I’ve been blissfully unaware of all these things about myself…)

The scene changes to the next day in front of the school, then back to the classroom.

Ritsuka: (Why do I get this odd feeling that Rem-san will come whenever I’m in class?)

Ritsuka: (At least during the holidays I can go somewhere else and avoid him…)

Azuna: Ritsuka? Where are you going?

Ritsuka: I thought I’d step outside for some fresh air…

Azuna: …Okay. Will you be alright by yourself? I can come with you, if you want.

Ritsuka: It’s okay, I’ll just be right outside the classroom. Thank you though.

Ritsuka walks away, leaving Azuna behind.

Azuna: …..

Scene changes to the hallway.

Ritsuka: (This is so painful…why can’t I just tell Azuna about everything?)

Ritsuka: *sighs* …

You hear footsteps

Rem: …Ritsuka Tachibana.

Ritsuka: Eh…!?

Ritsuka: (Rem-san…! What’s he doing here!?)

Rem: You look guarded. …though I suppose I can’t blame you for that, can I?

Ritsuka: Wh-what do you want?

Rem: …I’m just passing through. I’m not here on any business in particular.

Ritsuka: Is-is that so…

Rem: …You just came from class, right?

Ritsuka: Of course. I just wanted to take a break for a bit.

Rem: I see…then I’m glad to hear it.

Ritsuka: (Eh? Is it just me, or did his expression soften just now?)

Rem: Well then, I’ll be taking my leave. Excuse me.

Rem begins to walk away, but stops as he passes you.

Rem: …I’m sorry.

Ritsuka: (Eh…?)

Rem resumes walking away from you down the hall.

Ritsuka: Rem-san…? Did he…go out of his way just to come apologize to me…?

Ritsuka: (Is this another trick? But, even if that is the case…I just can’t bring myself to think that Rem-san is a bad person.)

Ritsuka: ….

Ritsuka: That’s it, I’ve decided.

Ritsuka: (I’m not going to start hesitating now. I’m going to do whatever it is that that I’m able to do.)

Ritsuka: (If I let myself worry over all the things I don’t know, then the uncertainty will just eat me alive.)

Ritsuka: All right! Now that that’s decided…

Choice [Lindo01]

  • 兄に相談する (I should talk to my brother. +affection for Lindo)
  • グリモワールに調べる (I should look into what this Grimoire is. +affection for Rem)

If you chose “I should talk to my brother.”

Scene shifts to a classroom

Ritsuka: (Lindo should be here…)

Ritsuka: Um, excuse me.

3rd year female student: Yes? Do you need something?

Ritsuka: I was wondering if Lindo Tachibana was here?

3rd year female student: Um…it doesn’t look like it. His seat’s empty. Did you have business with him?

Ritsuka: Um…I’m his sister. So it’s a bit embarrassing…*

3rd year female student: Ehhh? So he has a sister. I’m jealous of you for having such a cool older brother.

3rd year female student: Girls call him out to talk pretty often. I’m pretty sure they’re all confessing their crushes to him.

Ritsuka: Eh!? L-love confessions…!?

3rd year female student: Surprised? That guy’s been really popular ever since he transferred here.

Ritsuka: He is, is he…?

3rd year female student: I’m sorry, but I have something I have to go do now.

Ritsuka: Ah-sure! I’m sorry for holding you up. Thank you again!

Scene changes back to the hallway.

Ritsuka: (I had no idea…to think that Lindo’s become popular.)

Ritsuka: Confessions, huh? The girls here tend to go out to the courtyard for those. But, it would be bad if I were interrupting something like that…eh?

Ritsuka: Ah, ni-sa-

Lindo: ……

Lindo walks off.

Ritsuka: (…he looked like he had something on his mind.)

Ritsuka: (I wonder where he’s going? He looked like he was trying to sneak around a bit.)

Ritsuka: (…Should I follow him? Though I don’t know what I’d tell him afterwards…)

Ritsuka: …..

Ritsuka: (I’m sorry, Lindo!)

Footsteps as Ritsuka follows him, scene changes to the courtyard.

Ritsuka: Huh…!?

Ritsuka: (How strange…there’s no one here, at all.)

Ritsuka: Hmm…now where did he run off to?

As I was looking over the courtyard, an arm suddenly reached out to me from behind.

Ritsuka: Eh….!? Mm, mmph!? *her mouth’s been covered*

???: *playfully in your left ear* -Just what do you think you’re doing?

Ritsuka: —…..!?

Ritsuka: (Ni-san!?)

Lindo: *comes closer* Shh…be quiet…

Ritsuka: Ah…!!

Before I knew what was happening, Lindo had suddenly cornered me against the wall.

Ritsuka: Eh? Wh-what are you…?

Lindo: Please. Stay with me just for a little awhile.

Ritsuka: (Wh-what does he mean? Why does he want us to stay like this…?)

I followed his gaze until I saw what looked like a 3rd year girl appear across the yard.

Female Student C: I could have sworn I saw Lindo-kun around here somewhere. Honestly, we were in the middle of a conversation…ah, there he is!

Ritsuka: (No way, she was searching for him…?)

Female Student C: No way, is he alone with a girl…? That can’t be his girlfriend, can it?

Ritsuka: (As I thought…)

Lindo: Truth is, I’m being chased by that really persistent girl over there. Could you help me out here? Please…just pretend to be my lover for a bit.

Ritsuka: E-ehhhhhh….?

Human vs Devil Potential Scenarios Start here:

Potential Scenario 1: [S01]

Lindo: …How troublesome, my heart’s pounding. I feel as if it’s beating loud enough for you and everyone else to hear it.

  • Human choice: Me too. (私もだよ )
  • Devil Choice: I’m kinda nervous (緊張しちゃうよ )

If you say “Me too”

Lindo: Ah…you too…?

Ritsuka: Ah-mm. I wonder why that is…

Ritsuka: It’s a like a scene in a spy movie, where it takes all kinds of skill to pull something off.

Lindo: Haa!? Spy…? …never mind, it doesn’t matter. Just try to take this a little seriously, okay?

Ritsuka: Mm, of course.

Lindo: …I’d rather it be like a scene out of a romantic movie…

Human Choice Ends

If you say “I’m kinda nervous”

Lindo: *in your right ear* It’s alright if you feel a little nervous. That will only make the act more realistic, no?

Ritsuka: Kyah!?

Lindo: (Wh-why is he stroking my cheek?)

Lindo: I don’t expect you to be able to act naturally to this. That’s why if I can help you by doing something like this, it’ll get the reaction we need, right?

Lindo: Become even more aware of me, and feel the tension. It’s actually a little exciting this way, isn’t it?

Ritsuka: Th-this isn’t necessary…please, back up a little…

Ritsuka: (This whole charade will fail if I’m too nervous…!)

Devil Choice Ends

Potential Scenario 02 [S02]

Lindo: I love everything about you…I don’t ever want to let anyone else see you.

  • Human choice: I love you too. (私も大好きだよ )
  • Devil choice: (He-he’s saying something like that!?) (そんなこと言われても!)

If you say “I love you too.”

Ritsuka: I love you too.

Lindo: …! I-I…I see….So then we both feel the same, huh?

Ritsuka: Mmhmm, seems that way.

Ritsuka: (Hey, it worked! If I act like this then maybe I can pull this off after all?)

Lindo: *in your left ear* Our feelings are mutual…huh…that doesn’t sound bad. Mm, that doesn’t sound bad at all…

Ritsuka: (Lindo? Aren’t you grinning and babbling about this a bit too much?)

Lindo: Hey…could you say that you love me one more time? Let me hear it again, please?

Ritsuka: …Is this really acting at this point?

Ritsuka: (I have to admit, his desperate plea is making me feel all anxious.)

Human Choice Ends

If you say “(He-he’s saying something like that!?)”

Lindo: *whispers in your right ear* Oi, say something. I’ve been kinda babbling up until now.

Lindo: *wraps arms around you* My feelings for you are just too much. No matter how many times I tell you that I love you, it’s never enough…

Lindo: I love you so much…I won’t ever let you go to anyone else. So please…stay by my side forever?

Ritsuka: (….even though we’re just acting, when he says something like that, I can’t help but feel a little strange…)

Devil Choice Ends

Potential Scenario 03 [S03]

Lindo: That’s right…now that I think about it, we haven’t shared a kiss yet today.

  • Human choice: You’re right. (そうだね )
  • Devil Choice: Kiss!? (キス!?)

If you say “You’re right.”

Ritsuka: (I guess it can’t be helped. I did agree to do my best to help him out…)

Ritsuka: You’re right, so then hurry up and kiss me~

Lindo: Wha….!? Y-You…

Ritsuka: (Eh? Lindo’s blushing all of a sudden! …Is this all part of the act too?)

Ritsuka: Hey~, aren’t you going to kiss me already?

Lindo: Wai-…N-no. Today’s not a good day for it after all. So we’ll have to stop here.

Ritsuka: Eh? Oh, okay. I understand.

Lindo: *backs up* ….Oi, that surprised me.

Human Choice Ends

If you say “Kiss!?”

Lindo: *in your left ear* I can’t stand not being able to touch you…no matter how many times we kiss, it just isn’t enough.

Ritsuka: (Kiss…!? Even if he says it’s just acting, to actually kiss…!)

Lindo: *whispers* …Hey, didn’t you say you could do this? Come on, hurry up. Please, work with me here.

Ritsuka: (E-even if you say that!)

Lindo: Come on, look at me…mm-

Ritsuka: Eh…!!

Lindo: …Fufu…you really thought I was going to kiss you? Did you forget we were acting?

Ritsuka: …! I-I know that…!

Ritsuka: (That shocked me…for a moment I honestly believed he was going to kiss me…)

Devil Choice Ends

Potential Scenario 04 [S04] (last one)

Lindo: Hey…do you remember? How long ago ended up becoming lovers?

  • Human choice: It’s been 3 years already. (もう3年だよね )
  • Devil choice: It’s been about a week now, hasn’t it…?(1週間くらいかな…?)

If you say “It’s been 3 years already”

Lindo: So it seems. I’m so sorry for making you feel lonely while I was away in England.

Ritsuka: (Ah, he’s taking advantage of the fact that he studied abroad for this conversation.)

Lindo: *directly in your left ear* You don’t need to worry anymore. Now that I’ve come back I won’t ever leave your side again.

Lindo: I want nothing more than to cherish every moment with you to make up for the lost time.

Lindo: Are you prepared for that? …Mm *kiss sound*

Ritsuka: (He-he kissed my cheek…!? I know this is all part of the act, but is this really necessary…!?)

Human Choice Ends

If you say “It’s been about a week now, hasn’t it…?

Lindo: That’s right, it really has only been a week, hasn’t it? It hasn’t been very long at all….

Ritsuka: (Ah, would it have been better if I had went with a longer period of time?)

Ritsuka: B-but, isn’t the quality of the time spent more important than the length of time itself? Even though it’s only been a week, it’s been wonderful.

Lindo: *in your right ear* …That’s not what I meant. It’s just that the longer that we’re together, the more that our love can grow.

Ritsuka: Eh? Ah, right…

Lindo: I want to spend as much time with you as I can. I want to see all the different expressions you make and learn about the things you love and hate.

Lindo: If we’re always together…then we can become more intimate with each other, right? …Right?

Ritsuka: R-right…that’s exactly right…

Ritsuka: (Is this really acting!? The sheer force of his words is actually a bit scary to behold!)

Devil Choice Ends

Human vs Devil end 

Female Student C: …*sighs* So it looks like I was right. He’s definitely got a girlfriend….

She walks away.

Lindo: ….*sigh of relief* She’s gone.

Ritsuka: *also sighs*

Lindo: I’m so sorry for getting you involved in that.

Ritsuka: Don’t worry about it, it’s okay. I admit I was surprised at first…but you can’t help it that you’ve become so popular with girls, right?

Lindo: What are you talking about?

Ritsuka: I went to your classroom looking for you, and ran into a classmate. She’s the one who told me about it.

Lindo: Ahhh…so that’s it.

Lindo: …To be frank, I don’t have the time for any of that right now. Not with everything concerning our mother and those devils needing my attention.

Lindo: Anyway, thanks for coming to save me. I’ll walk you to your next class. Shall we go?

Ritsuka: Ah, okay…

Ritsuka: (That’s so strange. My heart’s still pounding from earlier. For some reason when I had to face Lindo like that, it went crazy…)

Ritsuka: (I guess in the end I wasn’t able to ask him anything either…)

Lindo: Oi, Ritsuka! What’s wrong? Let’s go.

Ritsuka: Ah, right!

You hear footsteps as you chase after Lindo

Ritsuka: (I’m so tired even though it feels like I didn’t do much…)

Scene shifts back to class.  The bell rings, signaling the end of class.

Ritsuka: Haa, another day is over…

Ritsuka: (Maybe it’s because so much happened this afternoon, but it feels like I wasn’t here at all during class. It just passed by.)

You hear Azuna get out of her chair.

Azuna: Hey, are you going home with your brother again today?

Ritsuka: Yeah. I promised him I would.

Azuna: Alright, then I’ll go on ahead. See you tomorrow! Tell your brother I said thanks.

Ritsuka: Sure, see you tomorrow, Azuna.

Azuna leaves the classroom.

Ritsuka: Okay.

Scene changes to the hallway

Ritsuka: (Lindo isn’t here yet. I know I should wait here for him, but I don’t think it would do any harm to head over to his classroom instead.)

Ritsuka: (Oh, looks like his homeroom isn’t finished yet. Then I’ll just wait out here a bit.)

You hear the door open.

Ritsuka: Ah-

Rem walks out of it instead.

Ritsuka: …Rem-san?

Rem: What are you doing here?

Ritsuka: Ah…um…no…I was just waiting for my brother here…

Rem: … I see.

Ritsuka: (I just don’t get it. I feel so awkward, but…there’s just so many things I want to ask him.)

Ritsuka: (But if I just stand here and wait for things to happen, then I’ll never move forward. That’s right, so then…)

Ritsuka: Um, Rem-san.

Rem: What is it?

Ritsuka: …Straight to the point as always. Well, would you be willing to answer at least one question for me?

Ritsuka: It’s about you and the others being devils…my brother says that it’s useless to believe in any of you just because of what you are. But…I refuse to agree to that.

Rem: …Even if you say that, my answer is the same as before.

Ritsuka: That you approached me only so that you could use me.

Ritsuka: Then that time…when it looked like I was about to fall off of Tokyo Tower, why did you rescue me?

Rem: Because you are a potentially important clue for me. Therefore it would have been terrible to just let you die. That’s all.

Ritsuka: …Then, wouldn’t it have made sense to have taken me away after that?

Rem: …!

Ritsuka: Are you sure you’re just trying to deceive me? You…are you honestly approaching me just because I might have the information you want?

Ritsuka: And that everything you’ve said to me was a lie? I…don’t believe you at all when you say that.

Rem: …

Ritsuka: Please answer me…!

Rem: …I’m not obligated to answer you.

Ritsuka: Ugh…

Rem: This discussion is over.

Ritsuka: Rem-san…

The door opens again and this time Lindo steps out.

Lindo: Ritsuka, sorry for making you wai-!?

Ritsuka: Ni-san!

Lindo: Rem Kaginuki…what are you doing here, you bastard…

Rem: I just happened to bump into her here. That’s all.

Lindo: As if I’ll ever believe that! …Let’s go.

Lindo grabs your wrist/hand and starts leading you away.

Ritsuka: Ah! Wait a minute, ni-san! You don’t have to drag me!

You both leave Rem alone.

Rem: Hmph….

Rem: He’s as quick to point fingers at me as usual.

Scene changes to another hallway where it’s just you and Lindo.

Lindo: ….

Ritsuka: (Ni-san’s mad…yeah, he’s definitely angry. I wonder if I should say something to try and calm him down…)

Ritsuka: …I’m sorry. I’ve made you worry again…

Lindo: …*sighs*

Lindo: I’m the one who should be sorry. I shouldn’t have raised my voice at you. Look at this, I even cut you…

Ritsuka: Mm-mm. It’s nothing, just marks from your nails. (TN: HOW HARD WERE YOU GRABBING HER, DUDE!?)

Lindo: Well, if we both understand each other, then it’s alright.

Ritsuka: Ni-san…

Lindo: Still, please stop wandering about by yourself. You need to stay around people so they can hear you if you call for help.

Lindo: I know it’s not easy, but you must stay near me or your friend…Azuna, correct? If you go anywhere you really should bring her with you.

Ritsuka: …Mm. I understand.

Ritsuka: (Don’t do anything dangerous. Furthermore, stay away from Rem-san…that’s pretty straightforward.)

Ritsuka: (And again and again he says it just like that to me.  And all I can do is just agree to it.)

Ritsuka: (I get it already…but why does it have to be this way? I’m just not sure how to feel about this approach either…)

Scene changes to the library.

Rem: *sighs* …

Urie: *approaches* Did your butterfly run away from you again?

Rem: …What do you want?

Urie: Oi oi, no need to make such a frightening face. Perhaps you’re still mad about that little game we played before? All of us have reflected deeply on our actions since then.

Urie: Though I suppose that it is our fault that little girl saw us fight as devils? That ended up spoiling all of your little games…didn’t it?

Rem: It didn’t really affect anything. In the grander scheme of things there was no real damage done.

Urie: If that’s true, then it doesn’t explain that depressed look on your face. So what is it that has you worried? Perhaps…

Urie: Could it be that having to avoid that little butterfly is leaving you utterly wounded?

Rem: …Don’t be foolish. I don’t harbor any unnecessary feelings like that.

Urie: Hmm…*expression suddenly changes* mm?

Rem: …!?

Urie: This magic power…there’s a barrier stretched from within the town all the way to here? What the hell is the reason for this?

Rem: …The girl.

Urie: Eh?

Rem: Right now, she’s alone with her brother…

Rem: *growls in anger* Could you be anymore foolish, Lindo Tachibana? You still don’t understand your place no matter how many times I warn you…

Scene changes again to the street with you and Lindo walking.

Ritsuka: Oh yeah. Azuna wanted me to let you know that she says “thank you”.

Lindo: Oh? Any particular reason?

Ritsuka: She said it was because you were walking me home again today.

Lindo: Ah. Well bad things could happen to a girl if she walks home alone. Didn’t she always walk home together with you?

Ritsuka: Mm, we were always together.

Lindo: Back when I was in England during our phone calls, it was always nice to hear you had a good relationship with another girl.

Ritsuka: I know, right? Even though we’ve only known each other since entering high school, our friendship has become one of my most cherished relationships.

Ritsuka: There’s a lot of shops with really good cream puffs. And we always make it a habit to stop by some of them together.

Lindo: Is that right? Hearing that alleviates some of my worries a bit.

Ritsuka: It gives you peace of mind huh? Does that mean you were worried that I wouldn’t be able to make any friends or something?

Lindo: That’s not what I meant at all.

Ritsuka: (He’s treating me like a child again. It’s as if he’s stuck in the past.)

Ritsuka: (But then again, it’s because he came back that we can bicker like this again…It’s been a long time since we could just casually talk like this.)

Ritsuka: Hey, what were you like while you were in England, ni-san?

Lindo: What’s this all of a sudden?

Ritsuka: Well, you’ve only mentioned that you did a lot of studying while you were there, right? And not a whole lot else. I was wondering how you felt while you were there, things like that.

Lindo: Ah…that sort of thing.

Lindo: It certainly was a meaningful year for me. I was able to reflect and learn about myself. And I realized that in order to secure a future I had to both learn what I needed to learn, and then gain the power to be able to protect that future.

Lindo: And I know that now more than ever. I’m alive so that I can serve that purpose.

Ritsuka: Hmmm…?

Ritsuka: (While that’s certainly admirable, the way he says it is a little weird….)

Ritsuka: You know, ni-san, you always studied with enthusiasm, even as a kid. I remember you would often read folklore with grandpa for hours and hours.

Lindo: You actually remembered that?

Ritsuka: Of course I do. That’s because I was the only one not allowed to read with you. It made me feel kinda lonely, you know?

Lindo: …I see.

Lindo: All this time I made my cute little sister feel this way, and to think I never noticed. Won’t you let me make up for that?

Ritsuka: Eh, w-wai-, that’s not it at all! When I admitted to feeling lonely that was not the intent at all!

Lindo: Hahaha! It’s alright, isn’t it? Once we’re home, how about I make you something you like for dinner?

Ritsuka: Eh, would you?

Lindo: Fu~, you were puffing up your cheeks all pouty a moment ago, yet mention food and your face lights up.

Ritsuka: That’s because ni-san’s cooking is delicious.

Lindo: You honor me. Alright! Then that means I’ll have to do my best tonight. So is there anything you want to eat?

Ritsuka: Hmm…I think, today I’d like to eat fried prawns.

Lindo: In that case, let’s stop by the sto-!?!?

Ritsuka: What’s wrong, ni-san?

Lindo: …that’s strange.

Ritsuka: What is…?

Lindo: You didn’t notice? We’re downtown…and somehow we’re the only ones here.

Ritsuka: Now that you mention it…I haven’t seen anyone since we got here….

Lindo: It’s as if everyone’s been cleared off the streets. Why would-

Lindo: …! Get down!!

Ritsuka: Eh? -Kyaah!!

Red slashes appear and strike against Lindo.

Lindo: Guah…!

Mysterious Man: -Found you…!

Suddenly men appeared everywhere from within the eerily quiet town. That meant-

Jek: Well, aren’t you two being friendly on your way home? Where’s that devil that’s normally around you? Is he not with you today?

Ritsuka: You’re the man who took mom away…!?

Lindo: Shit! I was careless…we’ve been ambushed.

Jek: We could never come play with you so long as that devil hung around. However…

Jek: It becomes quite convenient when it’s only big brother with you.

Ritsuka: My mother! Where is my mother!?

Jek: Good question, just where could she be? I might be able to tell you, if…

Jek: You see, your precious mother was unable to give us the information we’ve been looking for.

Jek: Therefore, little girl, why don’t you enlighten me instead? Where is the Grimoire?

Ritsuka: (Grimoire…!)

Lindo moves next to you

Lindo: I won’t let you lay a finger on my sister!

Jek: Hmph. Can you protect her all by yourself? You’re outnumbered.

As if on cue, there were 10 men surrounding us.

Ritsuka: Ni-san…

Lindo: It’s going to be okay. Just stay by my side.

Ritsuka: B-but! We should call the police-

Lindo: No one is coming to help us. It seems they put up a barrier around the area before we could notice.

Lindo: Since it has come to this…I refuse to back down.

Ritsuka: (A barrier? So then it’s just us…! But against this many people, it’s not possible!)

Jek: Bring me that girl at once!

Man A: Guaaaaah!

Ritsuka: Kyaaah!

Lindo: Ku!

Lindo pushes you out of the way and takes the hit.

Lindo: Are you alright!?

Ritsuka: Y-yes, but…

Ritsuka: (Wh….what is that…?)

The men around us had suddenly grown long claws. Their eyes emitted a red glow, and I could see sharp fangs protruding from their mouths.

Man B: Guuuuaaaah!

Ritsuka: Kyaaaaaah!?

Lindo: Guah!?

Lindo takes another hit.

Ritsuka: Lindo!

Lindo: Don’t…worry. I’ll show him once and for all…!

Jek: Ahahahahaha! Has facing vampires left you speechless?

Ritsuka: Vampire…?

Lindo: Shut up. Say anything more and I’ll silence you myself!

Jek: You’re too naive!

Jek lands a clawed swipe on Lindo.

Lindo: *cries out in pain*

Ritsuka: S-stop it! Please, I beg of you, just stop it!

Ritsuka: (These guys aren’t human…it’s as if they’re monsters. We can’t possibly win…!)

Jek: We have to take the girl alive…but really, this boy is such an eyesore.

Jek: Since it’s become difficult for you to move, I think I’ll enjoy myself by torturing you to death~ <3

Lindo: Ku…

Ritsuka: P-please stop…

Ritsuka: (Ni-san will be killed at this rate…)

Ritsuka: (Please, anyone….!)

Jek: Ahahahahahaha! Die!

???: Get out of my sight, imbeciles.

Ritsuka: Eh…?

Vampire B: Giyaaaaaah!

You actually watch as his sprite turns to ash.

Jek: Guh!?

Ritsuka: Those flames…

Rem: So it was you after all, vampire.

Lindo: …..!

Ritsuka: Rem-san!

Ritsuka: (Rem-san…he came here to save us again.)

Rem: …Have you been crying?

Ritsuka: Eh?

Ritsuka: (Ah…I didn’t even notice the tears…)

Rem: …I’m sorry, for being late.

Jek: Tch! You just had to come, you bothersome brat. You broke our barrier somehow…

Rem: All you ever do is indulge yourself in cowardly moves like this. I will make you regret  ever crossing me!

Rem transforms to face Jek. You hear the sound of his sword clink.

Rem: Kneel before me and beg for forgiveness. I am now your opponent: Rem Arlond!

Jek: I’m looking, but all I see is nothing more than a disgusting little boy.

Jek: Unfortunately for you, I don’t intend to pull any punches with you today…haa!

Jek moves so fast he essentially disappears off screen to strike at Rem.

Rem: Ku…

Ritsuka: Rem-san!

Rem: Don’t worry about me. In fact you need to be concerned about your-

Rem: …! Run!

Another vampire suddenly appears very close to you to strike.

Vampire A: Uwaaaaaah!

Ritsuka: Ah…!?

Lindo: Don’t you touch her!

Lindo punches the vampire back.

Vampire A: Guwah!

Vampire A: You bastard….gaaaah!

The vampire strikes back at Lindo with his claws.

Lindo: Gah…!

Ritsuka: Ni-san…!?

The monsters disguised as humans surrounded us. My brother loomed over me as he protected me from their assault.

Scattered all over his body were little rivulets of blood where their claws had ripped into his skin.

Ritsuka: (It’s pointless, Lindo! You’re going to be killed at this rate…!!)

Ritsuka: (What do I do? Hell, what could I do….!)

Lindo: …Don’t worry.

Ritsuka: Ni-san…?

The screen turns black

Lindo: I won’t let any of them near you. …You bastards!

The screen then returns to the street, in which flashes a bright light. Lindo’s sprite then reappears through falling snowflakes holding a blue sword.

Lindo: By the sacred Name, obey me! Divine blade, grant me thy strength to cut down evil!

Jek: What!?

Rem: That’s…

Cut to CG

Lindo: Haaaaaa!

Lindo slashes at a vampire, and the blade makes a slight splashing sound.

Vampire C: Giyaaaaah!

Lindo: Kuraaah!

He attacks another vampire with similar results.

Vampire A: Guaaaah!

Ritsuka: (What….the….? Why? Why is Lindo able to fight like that?)

Lindo: I won’t allow any of you to interfere. I…will protect her!

CG fades:

Lindo: By the sacred Name, obey me. O ye who are clad in darkness…

Lindo: Be gone from here forever more!*

A magic circle appears over the vampire.

Vampire A: *cries in agony before turning to ash*

Ritsuka: (He…he disappeared…? How…how is that even possible…)

Lindo: *breathing heavily*

Lindo: I’m sure there’s a mountain of questions you wish to ask of me, but now isn’t the time.

Lindo: For now, just please believe in me. I will protect you.

Ritsuka: Ni-san.

Jek: Ku! That sword…that sword’s the holy ice blade of Saint Fatima!** That’s a weapon reserved for purification…you’re a damned exorcist!

Lindo: I won’t allow you to lay a finger on Ritsuka! It doesn’t matter what you do!

Lindo: Yaaaaaa!

The screen flashes red as Lindo vanishes, a slash spreads across the screen.

Vampire C: Gu!?

Lindo: *gives another battle cry and slashes at yet another vampire*

Vampire: *cries out in agony*

Lindo: By the sacred Name, obey me. O ye who are clad in darkness…Be gone from here forever more!

The magic circle appears around Lindo this time, and the screen flashes white.

Lindo: Get out of my sight!

Ritsuka: (It’s so bright…!)

Screen returns to normal

Vampire C: *cries out in agony and turns to ash*

Rem: This is…checkmate.

Rem: Become ash…and scatter.

The area is then covered in flames.

Vampire D: *his turn to give an anguished cry and turn to ash*

Jek: Tch…!

Jek: Typical. That brat just had to be masterful in wielding a holy weapon. And Mr. Devil over here is just as troublesome.

Jek: Above all else…I don’t have a choice. I must return and report this….

The flames die down and Rem returns to his normal clothes. Jek is gone.

Rem: …He ran off.

Ritsuka: (We’re…saved?)

Ritsuka: Ah…

Lindo: Ritsuka!

Screen shakes as strength leaves your legs

Lindo: Hang in there! Are you hurt?

Ritsuka: I’m fine, but…

Ritsuka: But what was that….? I thought it was only Rem and the others who could use magic? So then why can you also…

Ritsuka: Don’t tell me… Ni-san, are you also a devil?

Lindo: !!? That’s not it at all! I’m not a devil! I’m-

Rem: That man is an exorcist.

Ritsuka: Exorcist…?

Lindo: ….!

Rem: What you saw earlier was a holy weapon. It’s main use is to exorcise devils and other malevolent creatures…unless I am mistaken.

Rem: So then; that’s why you were able to know what I was so soon. And that’s also why you held me under such close supervision. All while deceiving your sister in the process.

Lindo: I wasn’t deceiving her! I was only…!

Ritsuka: But, why didn’t you ever say anything…?

Lindo: Ritsuka…

Ritsuka: Answer me…ni-san.

Lindo: …I gained this power only so that I could protect you.

Lindo: So in order to do that, I became an exorcist. For you.

Ritsuka: It was all for me…? But why…why did you feel that you had to hide it from me?

Lindo: That’s…

Rem: In order to protect you, he risked his life and took the attacks for you. The proof is in those scratches. That’s a fact.

Lindo: …!

Rem: …Am I wrong?

Ritsuka: (…No, he’s right. He fought those creatures for my sake.)

Rem: Now that this is over with, you’re free to do as you like. …Allow me to excuse myself.

Rem starts to leave, but Lindo stops him.

Lindo: Wait! Why did you rescue us?

Rem: …

Lindo: Was it because of the Grimoire?

Rem: I only acted out of what suited my own personal interests. That is all.

Rem takes his leave.

Ritsuka: Ah…

Ritsuka: (Rem-san…)

Lindo: …Damn it.

Ritsuka: …Ni-san, you’re injured. We should hurry and get you treated.

Ritsuka: Let’s go home…

Lindo: Ah…

Scene changes to their home.

Ritsuka: And that should do it. I think the scratches should heal up in no time since they’re actually pretty shallow.

Ritsuka: Though, would it be better if we went to a hospital?

Lindo: No, it’s fine. …Thank you.

Ritsuka: Mm!

Choice [Lindo02]

  • 話を聞かせて欲しい (I want to ask him something. + affection for Rem)
  • 助けてくれてありがとう (Thank him for saving you earlier. + affection for Lindo)

If you decide to thank him

Ritsuka: Ni-san…thank you for rescuing me.

Lindo: No…I’m just truly glad you’re safe.

Lindo: …I really should have told you everything sooner. About those men, and about me.

Ritsuka: Do you wish to talk about it…?

Lindo: Yeah. I think it’s about time you were allowed to know.

Ritsuka: I want to know everything. It just makes things more difficult than necessary when I’m not allowed to know anything.

Ritsuka: I was the only one who was kept in the dark…I want that to stop.

Lindo: I see…you’re right. ….I understand.

Lindo: To begin with…the men who kidnapped our mother and attacked us today.

Lindo: All of them are in fact…vampires.

Ritsuka: Vampires…?

Lindo: Perhaps you’re more familiar with their tales of sucking blood than the actual name itself?***

Lindo: They gobble up human blood, can live for hundreds of years…they’re demonic beings.

Ritsuka: I remember seeing a book about them at grandpa’s house, but I never imagined they could actually be real…

Ritsuka: (But that book definitely mentioned characteristics like red eyes and sharp fangs…)

Lindo: Vampires are no different from devils. Both species only see humans as tools.

Lindo: We exorcists exist for one purpose: to destroy them.

Ritsuka: Exorcists….

Lindo: That’s right. …You’re the first person I’ve ever told about this.

Lindo: Exorcists are people with the ability to grant divine protection against, and drive back, devils.

Lindo: And I’m not the only exorcist that exists. In fact, there are many of us clustered in organizations throughout the world.

Lindo: During my time studying abroad in England I was also receiving my training through the exorcist branch there.

Ritsuka: So…did mom know of this?

Lindo: …yes, she did.

Lindo: I first learned of all of this when we were children through our grandfather. You see, he wasn’t just a scholar in culture and folklore; our grandfather was also an exorcist.

Flashback to a conversation between the grandfather and Lindo

Professor Tachibana: Good, Lindo. You now have the ability to exorcise devils.

Professor Tachibana: That being said, you must use that power to protect your mother and Ritsuka.

Flashback ends.

Lindo: Ever since you were a child grandfather, mother, and myself have done everything we could think of to protect you.

Lindo: Everything I have done to acquire these abilities was all for you.

Ritsuka: (So then that means back then during the fight…he used the powers of an exorcist…)

Lindo: Yet, when grandfather died last year, I realized that I wasn’t strong enough to protect you in his place yet.

Ritsuka: So that means you went to England to…?

Lindo: That’s right. So fast forward a year later. My plans were to come home so that I could protect you from the vampires and the devils. …But unfortunately I was one step behind.

Lindo: That had to have been roughly when that Student Council appeared.

Ritsuka: And that’s why you were so desperate to keep them away from me…

Lindo: Devils will resort to any means necessary in order to get what they want. They will prey upon a human’s trust, lie to them, betray them…and then eventually drive those humans into utter despair.

Lindo: I couldn’t possibly let you get close to them.

Ritsuka: ….

Lindo: I’m so sorry….I should have had this talk with you much, much sooner.

Ritsuka: No, it’s not like that. It’s just I realize now that I really didn’t know anything at all.

Ritsuka: All this time…ever since we were kids, you were doing everything in your power to protect me.

Lindo: That’s…

Ritsuka: Thank you…I’m so thankful that I have someone like you as my big brother.

Lindo: …Ritsuka.

Ritsuka: Hey, ni-san. May I ask you one more thing?

Lindo: What is it?

Ritsuka: Does this Grimoire…actually exist? What do all these people want it for? And why in the world are they targeting me to get it?

Lindo: Well…

Lindo: …that’s enough for today. We should rest. I’m sure all of this has left you exhausted.

Ritsuka: But…

Lindo: I promise that we’ll discuss the rest of this later. I know you better than anyone else, and I’m sure you’re stressed and tired. …So be a good girl, okay?

Ritsuka: …Okay.

Scene changes to Ritsuka’s room with the lights out, so you must be in bed.

Ritsuka: (Rem-san and the Student Council are devils. Ni-san is an exorcist, and mom was kidnapped by vampires…).

Ritsuka: (I just can’t bring myself to accept that this is my reality right now…)

Flashback to Lindo fighting.

Ritsuka: (My brother is an exorcist, and he earned the power to purge devils so he could protect me.)

Ritsuka: (He’s been training for this ever since he was a child…)

Flashback ends and returns to your bedroom.

Ritsuka: He’s been protecting me ever since we were children…?

Ritsuka: (But why? Does that mean that I’ve been a target all my life?)

Ritsuka: Ni-san…just what else are you hiding from me…?


Translation notes (100% Optional reading)

* Be gone from here forever more!/去るべし: I’ve already gone into detail on this one in my let’s play post, but essentially there’s a double-meaning through playing with pronunciation. Essentially 去るべしmeans “be gone!” or “leave!”. However, within the anime series it’s pronounced very much like “salvus (sa-ru-be-sh!),” Latin for “Salvation.”

**“The holy ice blade of Saint Fatima.” Saint Fatima is actually “Our Lady of Fatima,” a title bestowed upon the Virgin Mary within some sects of Roman Catholicism. So one can infer that Lindo’s standing within the Exorcist community is actually really high to be granted the privilege of wielding such a holy weapon in her name.

*** 吸血鬼 vs  ヴァンパイア: Within Japanese there are actually two words that mean vampire- the Japanese 吸血鬼 (kyoketsuki) and the borrowed word  ヴァンパイア(vampire) written in katakana. Within the dialogue in which Lindo reveals their mother’s kidnappers are vampires, he uses the borrowed word. He then notes that Ritsuka may be more familiar with the Japanese term for the creature instead. Since we don’t have a similar equivalent in English I switched it around to think that perhaps Ritsuka knew the tales surrounding vampires, but didn’t necessarily know what they were called.