Dance With Devils Chapter 02 Lindo Translation

This post is the translation for chapter 02 of the Left Door common route (Rem/Lindo/Roen) if you were to pick the answers that favor Lindo over Rem. This post assumes you know what’s happened so far in the game, so be sure to head over to the master list if you’ve missed a few entries.

If you have already read the chapter 02-Rem translation, then use ctrl+F and [Lindo01] and [Lindo02] for the Lindo-specific changes in the story. Use [S01] through [S04] for the human vs devil scenarios.

As always, spoilers, screenshots, CGs, and a very long post from the Vita game “Dance With Devils” down below. If you do not wish to be spoiled, then please do not click the read more link <3 If you see any corrections that need to be made, please don’t hesitate to contact me with them. Please enjoy! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Lindo: Hey, make sure to eat your salad too. Breakfast is the most important meal, you know. And you need a nutritional balance.

Ritsuka: …Do I really have to eat it all? If I eat too much now then I won’t have any room for lunch.

Lindo: What are you saying? Lunch is just as important, so make sure you eat then as well.

Ritsuka: Even if that’s true…

Ritsuka: (It’s not like I can control my appetite at will.)

Lindo: …Is it that time already? I’m going to check the garden for a moment.

Ritsuka: The garden?

Lindo: I’m only going to water the herbs. You just sit here and finish your breakfast, okay?

Lindo takes his leave. You can hear the door shut behind him.

Ritsuka: Geez…

Ritsuka: (…Though, I guess he’s doing all of this to try and cheer me up.)

Ritsuka: (I can’t afford to hesitate. I need to be strong, for mom’s sake.)

Ritsuka: Maybe I should help him with the herbs.

Ritsuka leaves to join Lindo in the garden. She stops to watch him work.

Ritsuka: (He really is just watering the plants. This sort of thing really is Lindo’s specialty. Maybe it’s best if I just leave these things to him after all.)

Lindo: ….(He mutters something here, but it’s mumbled and both Ritsuka and the player are supposed to have a difficult time hearing him).

The sound of a chime rings out and you can hear water splashing.

Ritsuka: (…? Why is he sprinkling water from that little bottle? Is it a nutrient for the plants?)

Lindo: …! Are you finished eating already? The sooner you clean your plate, the sooner we’ll leave for school.

Ritsuka: Okay, okay! I’m eating! I’ll finish it quickly!

Time passes and the scene changes to them walking to school.

Ritsuka: Still, I never thought that we’d be attending school together.

Lindo: Why is that? Are you unhappy about it?

Ritsuka: Not at all! In fact I was thinking how happy I am about it. Let’s do our best and get along this year!

Lindo: Of course.

Ritsuka: …I’d be even happier if mom were here with us, though…

Lindo: …

Lindo: Ritsuka, when school’s over wait in your classroom. I’ll come pick you up.

Ritsuka: Eh?

Lindo: I don’t want you walking home by yourself. We’ll go home together, okay?

Ritsuka: Ah, okay.

A car pulls up the street towards you both.

Lindo: …What’s that?

Ritsuka: (A car…?)

???: *car door opens* Walking to school isn’t exactly the safest thing to do since the two of you were attacked yesterday.

Ritsuka: President!

Lindo: …What are you doing here?

Rem: I’m taking you to school. Do you need another reason?

Rem: More importantly, Ritsuka Tachibana. You haven’t had any problems with your health, have you?

Ritsuka: I’m fine. Thank you again for helping us yesterday.

Rem: You don’t have to thank me for anything.

Ritsuka: Please don’t say that. If you hadn’t come along, who knows what would have happened…

Ritsuka: Though…I’m still worried about my mom. I really think we should ask the police to help look for her, but…

Rem: I’ve already gotten in touch with the police. If it’s a request from the Kaginuki household, then they won’t hesitate to move out.

Ritsuka: Really!?

Rem: They’ll be sure to tell me if they find anything. You can rely on me.

Ritsuka: Ah…Th-thank you so much…!

Lindo: …How selfish of you.

Ritsuka: Ni-san! The President is trying to help us. Please don’t say such a thing…

Lindo: We don’t need his help. I can search for mother on my own. …Let’s go, Ritsuka.

Ritsuka: Eh-wait a minute, ni-san–!

Rem: Wait. I’ll take you both in the car. You’ll be late otherwise.

Lindo: I refuse to get in a car with you.

Ritsuka: W-wait a minute-!

Ritsuka: (This again…just as I thought, Lindo’s been acting really strange since last night.)

Rem: …very well.

Rem: *shuts the car door but doesn’t get in, speaking to the driver* That’s enough for today. You may return to the house.

Driver: Understood, Rem-sama.

Lindo: What’s the meaning of this?

Rem: The school’s not too far from here. So I’ll be walking the rest of the way with the two of you.

Lindo: Are you kidding me!? Why do you have to walk with us?

Rem: As the President I can’t just ignore the problems that occur among my fellow students. Much less so in this case since the student is a girl.

Lindo: I’m with her. Therefore there isn’t a problem.

Rem: But there’s safety in numbers, wouldn’t you say?

Ritsuka: Um…ni-san….maybe with the President…

Lindo: You should just ignore him, Ritsuka.

Ritsuka: Eh?

Rem: How selfish of you. Let’s go, Ritsuka Tachibana.

Ritsuka: (E-even if you say that…it’s like I’m caught between a rock and a hard place. I hope this works out okay.)*

The scene changes to inside the school.

Female Student A: Ah, Rem-sama! Today’s another wonderful day [with him here]…!

Female Student B: Who’s the other guy with him? I’ve never seen him before. What year is he?

Female Student C: Hey, who’s the girl between them? What’s her relationship with them?

Ritsuka: (In the end the three of us came to school together, but…what a mess. We really stand out…)

Ritsuka: (I’m used to the President getting all of this attention, but Lindo too?)

Rem: Hmph.

Lindo: …

Ritsuka: (The atmosphere’s so heavy…)

Azuna: Ritsuka!

Ritsuka: Ah! Azuna!

Azuna: *runs up to you* I’ve been worried sick you know!? After our phone call yesterday-

Ritsuka: Oh thank God…

Azuna: E-Eh? What?

Ritsuka: It’s too suffocating here…

Azuna: Um…are we still talking about that phone call, by any chance?

Ritsuka: Ah…n-no. I don’t mean to complain, but…

Ritsuka: (I knew Azuna would want to talk about it. She’s probably been worried ever since we spoke to each other last night.)

Rem: Who’s this? Is she a friend of yours?

Ritsuka: Eh? Y-yes. We’re in the same class.

Azuna: …the Student Council President? Eh? You didn’t seriously just come to school with him, did you? What’s going on?

Rem: It’s as you see it. There’s been some odd incidents lately, so I accompanied her.

Lindo: Don’t listen to him, he did it on a whim. There’s no meaning to any of this.

Ritsuka: Again, ni-san…

Ritsuka: Oh…right. This is the first time you’ve met Azuna, right? Azuna, this is my older brother.

Lindo: Lindo Tachibana. Thank you for looking out for my sister.

Azuna: My name is Azuna Kuzuha. I’ve been in the same class as Ritsuka since our first year here, so it was only natural that we became friends.

Ritsuka: (Mm…I’m very glad that I have Azuna with me.)

Ritsuka: (She didn’t question me at all when I suddenly broke down crying on the phone yesterday, and even waited with me until I calmed down…)

Ritsuka: (I knew it. I can’t just hide what happened to mom from her. I…really want to talk to her about it…)

Ritsuka: Um, Azuna. About yesterday…are you still willing to talk about it?

Azuna: Of course I am! I’m glad you want to confide in me…but, is it really okay for you to discuss it with me?

Ritsuka: Mm, it should be okay. It’s okay, right, ni-san?

Lindo: Of course.

Rem: ……….

Ritsuka: Um, I…

Time passes as you tell Azuna what happened.

Azuna: Your mom…was…

Ritsuka: Yeah…we’ve already contacted the police, but we haven’t heard anything from them yet.

Azuna: I see…I’m so sorry. I had no idea.

Azuna: What about you? Are you hurt or anything?

Ritsuka: I’m fine. Ni-san rushed to my side, and even the President came to help us.

Ritsuka: He even met up with us today, and came to school with us out of worry.

Azuna: So that’s why you guys are together…

Azuna: President. Thank you so much for helping her.

Rem: It’s nothing.

The school bell rings.

Rem: …That’s enough loitering about. We’ll be late if we don’t get going.

Azuna: Ah, that’s right! We shouldn’t stay here. Let’s go, Ritsuka.

Ritsuka: Okay! See you later, ni-san. Thank you for walking with us, President.

Lindo: …

Rem: …

Everyone parts ways. Scene changes to the hallway on the way to class.


Ritsuka: (Those two were glaring daggers at each other all the way to school. I wonder if everything will be okay…?)

Azuna: Neh, Ritsuka. Your brother and the President don’t seem to like each other much, do they?

Ritsuka: Ah…yeah. Lindo doesn’t seem to approve of what the President has done at all.

Ritsuka: The President’s been nothing but kind since yesterday. I wonder what made Lindo so defensive…

Azuna: Is that so? But…isn’t it obvious? He’s probably just protective of you since you’re important to him.

Azuna: “I won’t allow any unacceptable suitors anywhere near my adorable little sister! I’ll exorcise them all!” …Something like that?

Ritsuka: Eh?

Choice: [Lindo01]

  • 悪い虫なんかじゃないよ。(He’s not pestering me to date him. + affection with Rem)
  • そうなのかな?(You think so? + affection with Lindo)

If you chose “You think so?”

Ritsuka: You think so…?

Ritsuka: (I guess I can’t really argue against that…)

Azuna: Right? He’s a year older than you so he can’t help but worry about you.

Ritsuka: Even if that is true, I can’t help but think he worries a bit too much about me.

Azuna: Fufu, isn’t that a good thing? Ah, we should get going. Homeroom’s probably started already.

Choice dialogue ends.

Scene changes to class.

Ritsuka: (It’s already noon and yet we still haven’t heard anything…?)

Ritsuka: (Mom…)

Azuna: Ritsuka, are you okay?

Ritsuka: A-ah. Sorry, I was distracted…

Azuna: I’m sure you’re worried about your mom..but, shouldn’t you eat a little?

Azuna: Did you bring your lunch today?

Ritsuka: Well, today…ah.

Azuna: I suppose you forgot it?

Ritsuka: Y-Yeah, I did. What should I do?

The classroom door opens, and Lindo walks in.

Lindo: Ritsuka, are you here?

Ritsuka: Ni-san?

Lindo: *walks over to you* Here, for you. I wasn’t able to give it to you this morning.

Ritsuka: M-my lunchbox! Did you make it for me? …eh, what is this!?

Azuna: It’s so heavy! There’s a lot in here…

Lindo: It’s because meals are important.

Ritsuka: Even so, there’s no way I could eat all of this…

Male Student A: Ah, who’s that guy? Isn’t he a third year?

Female Student A: That’s Ritsuka’s older brother. He must have come back from overseas. He looks so cool…

The class gets a bit rowdy talking about Lindo.

Ritsuka: (Wh-why is Lindo getting so much attention?)

Lindo: …Can we go outside? It’s a bit uncomfortable in here.

Ritsuka: Y-yeah, you’re right.

Azuna: Why don’t you go to the roof? There aren’t usually any students there during lunch.

Ritsuka: That’s true. Though I think we’ll head to the courtyard. Are you coming with us, Azuna?

Azuna: Nah, I won’t be rude and be a third wheel for you two.

Ritsuka: Oh…? Well, then I guess if that’s the case we’ll be going then. See you later, Azuna.

Azuna: See you later!

Scene change to the courtyard.

Ritsuka: No matter how many times I look at it, it’s amazing! When did you get the chance to make this?

Lindo: I made it while you were sleeping. It’s not really a big deal.

Lindo: Come on now, we don’t have a lot of time left. Hurry up and eat.

Ritsuka: Okay! Thanks for the meal.

Ritsuka takes a few bites.

Ritsuka: Delicious…!

Lindo: You don’t have to eat it THAT fast. It’s not like your lunchbox is going to run away from you.

Lindo: Though if you’re willing to eat them, then it would be worth it to keep making them for you.

Ritsuka: Still, it’s amazing you were able to make both breakfast and lunch for me just in the time that I was sleeping. I want to eventually get this good at cooking too.

Lindo: It just sort of happened naturally. Guess that’s what happens when you live alone and have to make all of your own meals.

Ritsuka: No one was willing to cook for you?

Lindo: There wasn’t anyone who could cook for me.

Ritsuka: Is that so? Not even a girlfriend…?

Lindo: What? Of course not.

Ritsuka: Really? Surely there’s plenty of beautiful girls overseas…

Lindo: You…what did you think I went to England to do? I was there to study.

Ritsuka: It’s not like I thought you were playing around. It’s just that…surely it has to be difficult handling everything by yourself.

Lindo: That’s not how I saw it at all. So long as I have a goal in mind, then I can handle anything thrown at me. It wasn’t painful at all.

Ritsuka: Really? You really are amazing, ni-san.

Lindo: What are you talking about? I was able to get through it because of you.

Ritsuka: Me?

Lindo: Sure. It was because you and mom contacted me so often that I was able to do my best.

Ritsuka: Now that I think about it, we did send you a lot of letters and texts.

Ritsuka: Mom said that she looked forward to hearing all sorts of stories about your studies when you came home…

Ritsuka: ….

Ritsuka: (Mom…)

Lindo: …..Oi, Ritsuka *in your right ear*

Lindo: You’ve got something there.

Ritsuka: Eh? …Ah.

Lindo: I thought that when you entered high school you would have matured a bit…but it seems like you’re still a kid.

Ritsuka: And that’s why you still treat me like one. You know, if you keep teasing me like that it’s only going to make me determined to grow up faster.

Lindo: Oh really? How?

Ritsuka: W-well…for example…

Lindo: Fu…If you can’t plan ahead then you’re definitely still a little kid.

Lindo: But then again, no matter what you do, you’ll always be my cute little sister.

Human vs Devil Potential Scenarios Start here:

Potential Scenario 1: [S01]

Lindo: Oh yeah, why don’t you let me feed you? Like the old days.

  • Human Choice: How nostalgic. (懐かしいね )
  • Devil Choice: That sort of thing…! ( そんなこと…!)

If you say “How nostalgic.”

Ritsuka: That’s right…when I was little you would feed me so that I wouldn’t spill anything. How nostalgic.

Lindo: *suddenly in your left ear* That’s right, and you looked forward to it too. You’d hold out a pastry to me and open your mouth like a little bird.

Ritsuka: Which would make you the momma bird. Though I guess even now you’ve actually become quite motherly.

Lindo: Hey you..I’m a man you know.

Ritsuka: But you can make such delicious meals and brew tea. I can’t help but think you’d be a really good mother.

Lindo: Don’t say such stupid things. You sound as if you’re about to give me away as a bride.

Ritsuka: Fufu, but it’s because you can make me feel so at home that I can be happy, you know.

Human Choice End

If you say “That sort of thing…!”

Lindo: *in your right ear* Why are you being so shy about it? Didn’t you use to really enjoy this? Come on now, say “aahhhh” .

Ritsuka: You’re treating me like a kid again! Can’t you just let me eat on my own?

Lindo: But it’s okay though, right? Here, I’ll have a bite first *takes a bite*. I went to a lot of trouble to make it taste good you know~ Come on, let me~

Ritsuka: Mm….O-okay, I’l eat it! Ahn. *she takes a bite*

Ritsuka: (Mm…it’s delicious. I knew I couldn’t resist this taste…)

Lindo: *chuckles* How is it? Does it taste good?

Ritsuka: It-It’s delicious…

Ritsuka: (Why do I feel like I lost to him just now…?)

Devil Choice End

Potential Scenario 02 [S02]

Lindo: By the way, were you really alright while I was gone? It was a whole year.

  • Human Choice: I was lonely. (寂しかったよ )
  • Devil Choice: I was fine. (大丈夫だったよ )

If you say “I was lonely”

Lindo: *in your left ear* …I see. I was lonely too, you know. That’s why I tried to come home as soon as I could.

Ritsuka: You say that, but you were the one who said you wanted to study abroad in the first place.

Lindo: That’s right. But all of that was for…

Lindo: No, it doesn’t matter. I’m just relieved that we can be together again.

Ritsuka: ? I agree, I’m glad that you were able to come home.

Human Choice End

If you say “I was fine.”

Ritsuka: I made sure I would be okay. You couldn’t tell from the phone calls and texts I sent you every day?

Lindo: Even so, you had mom with you everyday so I didn’t have to worry about you.

Ritsuka: Ah…

Ritsuka: (I guess that’s true. And now mom’s been kidnapped…)

Lindo: …I’m sorry, we shouldn’t talk about that right now.

Lindo: *whispers in your right ear* Please don’t make that face. I’m back now, and I’m not going to let you fret over these things.

Ritsuka: Okay…thank you, ni-san.

Devil Choice End

Potential Scenario 03 [S03]

Lindo: Mm? There’s a bit of a breeze. Aren’t you cold?

  • Human choice: Are you, ni-san? (兄さんは? )
  • Devil choice: Now that you mention it… (そういえば… )

If you say “Are you, ni-san?”

Lindo: *around your left ear* I’m fine. However I’m more worried about you.

Ritsuka: *you can hear clothes being moved* (Ni-san’s jacket…)

Lindo: *he drapes his jacket on you, voice is much closer to your ear now* How’s that? You’re not cold if you have this, right?

Ritsuka: Yeah…thank you. It’s very warm.

Lindo: …you’re so small. You can definitely tell that you’re wearing my jacket [and not your own].

Ritsuka: Well that’s only natural given how much bigger you are than me.

Lindo: So then that means if I were to hug you right now, you’d be comfortably supported in my arms…wanna try it?

Ritsuka: N-no thanks, I’m good!

Human Choice Ends

If you say “Now that you mention it…”

Lindo: It’s not good for your body to let it get too cold. Here *moves closer to your right ear* come closer.

Ritsuka: (He suddenly pulled me into a hug….)

Lindo: If we stay like this then it becomes a bit warmer, right? It’d be terrible if you caught a cold from being out here.

Ritsuka: (Ni-san’s breath is tickling my ear….mm! )

Ritsuka: I-I swear I’m fine. You honestly worry too much about these things.

Lindo: Now really, why are you saying such things? Now I’m only going to hug you even tighter! *proceeds to to do so*

Ritsuka: W-wait, n-NI-SAN! You’re making it harder for me to eat!

Ritsuka: (Though, I have to admit it’s been a long time since I could kid around with ni-san like this.)

Devil Choice End

Potential Scenario 04 [S04] (last one)

Lindo: ….? Why do you look so tired?

  • Human Choice: Oh it’s okay, I’m not tired. (ううん、大丈夫 )
  • Devil Choice: Well…I’m only a little tired… (ちょうとだけ… )

If you say “Oh it’s okay, I’m not tired”

Lindo: *comes closer and speaks into left ear* Are you sure? It’s not good to skip out on sleep. It’s bad for both your heart and your body, you know.

Ritsuka: You shouldn’t rely on my facial expressions to gauge if I’m tired or not.

Lindo: Well you don’t give me a choice. You never tell me when anything’s wrong, and that worries me. …Your complexion has become so pale. *he rubs your cheek*

Ritsuka: …! Th-that’s only because the wind has been strong [against my skin] today.

Ritsuka: (Maaan, he’s treating me like a kid again. Though I guess that might just be how ni-san talks in general.)

Human Choice End

If you say “ Well…I’m only a little tired…”

Lindo: Well, there’s still the afternoon classes to get through, so it couldn’t hurt to nap a little. Here-

Ritsuka: Kyah!

Ritsuka: *Lindo moves her* (Ni-Ni-san’s lap….! )

Lindo: You can pout all you want, it’s not any different from when you were a child. Would you like me to sing you a lullaby?

Ritsuka: J-Just how old do you think I am? I’m not a little kid anymore.

Lindo: *giggles* Haha, and yet here you are sulking like one.

Ritsuka: (Geeze…thanks to that shock I’m definitely not sleepy anymore.)

Devil Choice End

Human vs Devil end

If you had mostly human choices:

Ritsuka: (So this is how it feels to talk to him again now that he’s home.)

Lindo: …It looks like you’ve cheered up a little. I’m glad to see you smile again.

Ritsuka: (Oh…I guess I must have been worrying him.)

Ritsuka: (I’ve been so nervous since mom’s been taken away…)

If you had mostly devil answers:

Ritsuka: Even if you were gone for a year, you’re still every bit the same brother you were when you left.

Lindo: Well of course I am. Did you think I was suddenly going to become a different person?

Ritsuka: Mm-mm, that’s not it. …I just feel relieved, that’s all.

Ritsuka: I guess it’s because I’ve become such a coward since everything happened with mom.

Lindo: ….I see. I guess you can’t help but think about that. Still, I let you have such sad thoughts…

Lindo: …Don’t worry. Mother is surely okay.

Ritsuka: …yeah.

Ritsuka: (…And just like that, he’s able to take away the anxiety I’ve been feeling since this all started.)

Ritsuka: Ni-san…welcome home.

Lindo: Woah, where did that come from?

Ritsuka: Well I didn’t get a chance to say it yesterday. So welcome back.

Lindo: …heh…I’m home.

Ritsuka: (I’m so glad that Lindo was able to come back…)

Scene changes to the classroom.

Ritsuka: (*sighs* …It’s surprising just how long a day can be. So much has happened since this morning.)

Azuna: Ritsuka, are you going home with your brother today?

Ritsuka: Yeah, I’m just waiting for him here.

Azuna: That’s good to hear. If you were going alone I would have offered to walk with you, but I guess I don’t have to worry about it if you’re with him.

Ritsuka: Thanks, Azuna.

Azuna: It’s nothing. See you tomorrow.

Azuna leaves Ritsuka to herself.

Ritsuka: (Come on, ni-san. You should have already been here by now…particularly since you were the one who told me to wait for you.)

Rem: -Excuse me.

Rem: Ritsuka Tachibana. You haven’t gone home yet?

Ritsuka: Eh…President!?

Rem: I have something to talk to you about. Could you come to the third floor library now?

Ritsuka: Eh? S-sure!

Ritsuka: (Ah, but ni-san…it should be alright if I text him where I’m going.)

You can hear yourself tapping on your phone.

Ritsuka: ( “I’ve been called to the third floor library so I’m heading over there.” …Sent.)

Scene changes to the library

Ritsuka: (…Even though I was just here yesterday, I’m still nervous.  This place is a bit scary.)

Pomeranian: Woof woof!

Ritsuka: Eh? A dog?

Pomeranian: Woof woof!

Rem: Roen, quiet down.


Ritsuka: “Roen”…? Is he yours?

Rem: That’s none of your concern.

Ritsuka: (Even if he says that…is it really okay to bring your dog to school?)

Pomeranian: *pants excitedly and licks you*

Ritsuka: Wah! That tickles! So Roen, it’s a pleasure to meet you.

Pomeranian: Woof!

Rem: …Roen, back off.

Pomeranian: *whines sadly*

The puppy patters off away from you.

Ritsuka: Oh wow…he’s so well trained. It’s as if he can really understand you.

Ritsuka: Um, is it just you here today?

Rem: Ah, I didn’t have them meet with me today. This way you and I will have plenty of time to talk in private.

Ritsuka: (Talk…ah, I wonder if he’s found any clues regarding mom?)

Rem: Though…before we get to the heart of the matter, would it be alright if we chatted a little?

Ritsuka: Eh? But if you’ve learned anything about my mom, wouldn’t it be better if we looked into it as soon as possible…?

Rem: There’s no need to hurry. I want us to talk to help calm you down. As you are now, you seem a bit hurried and flustered.

Rem: It’s important for one to be calm when discussing topics of importance, like we are now.

Ritsuka: Y-you’re right…I’m sorry for snapping at you.

Rem: You’ve nothing to apologize for. You were only anxious. Please have a seat on the sofa.

Ritsuka: Okay, thank you.

You sit

Ritsuka: Eh?

Ritsuka: (W-why is the president sitting so close to me?)

Rem*sitting at your left* Did you sleep well last night?

Ritsuka: Y-yes! I was so tired from yesterday that I practically passed out.

Rem: I see. I only ask because you look a little haggard.

Ritsuka: (Hiya!? W-why is he suddenly stroking my cheek!?)

Rem: …*frowns* I take it you don’t like like to be touched there.

Rem: Nn…?

Ritsuka: (Eh?)

Rem: What is this sweet smell…?

Ritsuka: Smell? Um…do I smell bad or something?

Rem: Not at all… It’s nothing. Please don’t worry about it.

Rem: Anyway…Ritsuka Tachibana, won’t you look at me?

Ritsuka: (What’s…this?)

Rem: That’s right, look into my eyes just like that.

Ritsuka: (…what’s happening? I feel dazed…)

Rem: Now, I want you to answer me. I want you to tell me everything you know.

Ritsuka: Everything I know…?

Rem: That’s right…you can tell me anything. Do it for me…

Ritsuka: For the President’s sake…

Ritsuka: (His hand’s still on my cheek…he’s not letting me look away.)

Ritsuka: (…I can’t escape…)

A bright light shines from your pendant again.

Rem: …! As I thought. You can reject me.

Ritsuka: (E-eh? What…happened just now?)

Ritsuka: Um…I’m sorry, President. I’m just a little dazed for some reason.

Rem: No, it’s fine…do you always wear that pendant?

Ritsuka: Eh? Pendant…oh, you mean this?

Ritsuka: Ah, not that long ago my mother gave it to me. She told me to always keep it with me.

Rem: I see, so that’s it…

Rem: Verbana…an herb that acts like a protection charm.

Ritsuka: President?

Ritsuka: (Is something wrong? He looks like he’s contemplating over something.)

Rem: Forgive me. I prolonged this talk a bit more than I had intended.

Rem: Since you look like you feel better, let’s talk about the real issue here.

Ritsuka: …! Yes please.

Rem: The truth is it seems we’ve managed to get a testimony from one of the criminals.

Ritsuka: Eh!? Are you serious!?

Rem: Unfortunately we weren’t able to get much more information than this; but it appears that the perpetrators were searching for something valuable.

Rem: …Do you have any idea what that might have been?

Ritsuka: Something they were looking for…!


Jek: Where is the Forbidden Grimoire?

Rem: ..did you remember something?

Ritsuka: (I’m pretty sure that the thing they’re looking for is definitely this…“Grimoire”. …but…)

Lindo: More importantly: don’t ever tell anyone else about what you heard regarding the Grimoire.

Ritsuka: Eh? …why?

Lindo: It doesn’t matter. The police, your friends…don’t tell anyone. Do you understand?

Ritsuka: (Ni-san forbade me from talking about it. But if the police were asked by the president…by the Kaginuki household, then maybe they wouldn’t hesitate to look into it…)

Ritsuka: (…I’m sorry, ni-san. I’ll only tell him a little.)

Ritsuka: President…do you know what a grimoire is?

Rem: …Grimoire? What is that?

Ritsuka: I don’t really know much about it either. I’ve only heard from my grandfather that it’s some kind of magic book.

Ritsuka: Other than that, I don’t know anything about it. But I’m definitely sure that that man had asked me “Where is the Forbidden Grimoire”…

Rem: Oh? …so the man from yesterday…

Rem: It sounds to me as if the one thing they were after all along was this so-called Grimoire.

Rem: And because they thought you knew where it was, they attacked you.

Ritsuka: Yes, that’s what I think too. It’s possible that’s why they also took Mom away.

Ritsuka: But, I don’t have a book like a grimoire.

Rem: Do you have any idea of someone in your household that might?

Ritsuka: Well…truthfully, there would only be one person.

Ritsuka: I don’t know if it’s the grimoire that they’re looking for, but if anyone had such a book it would have to be at my grandather’s house.

Ritsuka: My grandfather was a scholar in folklore. He studied things like black magic in Europe.

Rem: I see, then that’s very possible. Where is your grandfather’s house?

Ritsuka: It’s in Karuizawa. Even though he died a year ago, the house still remains intact.

Rem: …Sounds like we have our first lead. My car’s outside. Let’s go now.

Ritsuka: Eh, now?

Rem: The sooner we look into this, the better. I’m sorry, but I’ll need you to guide me there. Would you come with me?

Ritsuka: But that’s-

The doors to the library slam open.

???: Wait!

Ritsuka: Ni-san!?

Rem: It’s rude to come in without knocking first.

Lindo: I don’t want to hear that from someone who just kidnaps people’s little sisters as they please.

Lindo: Ritsuka, come here now!

Lindo grabs you.

Ritsuka: Kyah!?

Rem: Wait. She was just about to come with me to investigate an important clue regarding your mother.

Lindo: Important…clue..?

Ritsuka: I’m sorry, ni-san. I told him about the Grimoire…

Lindo: You did what!? You told him of all people…!

Ritsuka: I-I’m sorry…but if if could help us find her then…

Lindo: Ah…

Lindo: …What’s done is done. However, you shouldn’t tell this man anything more or accept his help more than you already have.

Ritsuka: How could you say that…! The President’s just worried about us, isn’t he?

Lindo: This is our problem, not his. We don’t want to drag anyone else into-

Rem: –Grimoire.

Lindo: *gasps* !

Rem: …That seems to be what the people who kidnapped your mother are searching for. Do you really have no idea why that may be?

Lindo: …I have no clue.

Rem: If that’s the case, then we should investigate together. Between the two of you there could be some pertinent information that could help us find her. If you would be open with me about it.

Ritsuka: Who knows what we could find at grandpa’s house? Please, ni-san…please let me go with him.

Lindo: I can’t possibly let you do that. I told you to just leave this to me…!

Rem: If you continue to treat her like that, then it’s only a matter of time before you’ll lose her trust. It’s dangerous to act on your own.

Rem: That’s precisely why I want to help you gather more information. There’s strength in numbers, wouldn’t you agree? Or…

Rem: Is it that you have a problem with me specifically helping you?

Lindo: …

Lindo: …By all means, whatever you say.

Lindo: I got it. However I won’t allow you two to go alone. I’m coming with you.

Rem: …do as you like.

Rem turns to leave.

Ritsuka: …I’m so sorry for breaking my promise, ni-san…

Lindo: It’s alright. That being said, don’t tell him anything more than you already have. I don’t trust him.

Lindo: And it’s not just Rem Kaginuki. It’s everyone from the Student Council.

Ritsuka: But that’s…if you don’t tell me why then I can’t just blindly agree to that.

Lindo: It’s because…those guys are dangerous for you to be around.

Ritsuka: Dangerous…?

Lindo: …Anyway, do not leave my side. That’s all you need to remember right now.

Rituska: (…so in the end he won’t give me a reason at all. I just can’t tell what he’s thinking.)

Rem: We’ll take the car. Come quickly now.

Ritsuka: O-okay!

Ritsuka: (For right now, the only thing that I need to think about is helping mom. …please hold on, mom.)

Scene shifts to in their car.

Rem: So then, your grandfather supposedly studied folklore regarding European black magic?

Ritsuka: Yes. Demons, vampires…he has all sorts of books regarding those topics.

Rem: And so you think he’d also keep a grimoire?

Ritsuka: No, that sort of thing…ni-san, do you remember grandpa having  something like that?

Lindo: No. I never saw a book like that.

Ritsuka: Right…

Pomeranian: Woof woof!

Lindo: !? A dog…?

Rem: *frowns* You came on your own, didn’t you…?

Ritsuka: I didn’t notice him at all. Since when did you sneak in here?

Pomeranian: Woof woof!

Rem: I suppose it can’t helped. However I forbid you from doing this again.

Pomeranian: *whines*

Lindo: Is this really going to be alright?

Rem: You shouldn’t worry yourself too much.

Lindo: *glares at Rem* Why is that?

Ritsuka: (H-here they go again…why can’t they get along?)

Ritsuka: (…ah.)

Ritsuka: It’s been a long time since we’ve been here, hasn’t it, ni-san?

Lindo: It has. You should be able to see grandfather’s house just beyond the bridge.

Rem: You’re right. …it’s too narrow. *calls out to the driver* Oi, could you stop the car here?

Driver: Understood.

Rem: We’ll walk from here. Can you lead the rest of the way?

Ritsuka: Yes, of course.

Ritsuka: (Across this bridge is grandpa’s house…)

Ritsuka: (I wonder what sorts of clues we’ll find there…?)

Scene changes to in front of the house.

Ritsuka: (Even though I haven’t been to grandpa’s house recently…)

Ritsuka: …Eh?

Ritsuka: !? Ni-san, over there-!

Lindo: The doorknob’s been broken off. Who broke in?

Rem: Judging from the damage, it hasn’t even been a day since they got in.

Ritsuka: No way…you don’t think that the same people who attacked us…?

Lindo: I’ll go in first. It’s too dangerous for Ritsuka to-…no, just about any place is dangerous now.

Rem: Should I stay with her?

Lindo: Absolutely not. Leaving you alone with her is even more dangerous.

Ritsuka: Then let’s go in together, ni-san. I want to look for clues regarding mom myself.

Ritsuka: Don’t worry. Today I have both you and the President with me, so I should be okay.

Lindo: …Understood. In that case stay behind me. And don’t leave my side.

Rem: Then I’ll bring up the rear. If one of us is on either side of her then she shouldn’t get hurt.

Lindo: …Oh cut it out with the act.

Rem: …Seems you don’t have faith in me.

Ritsuka: (The living room’s been completely destroyed. How cruel…)

Ritsuka: They even knocked over the picture…

Rem: What is that a photo of?

Ritsuka: It was a decorative portrait. Though the photo’s pretty old…

Ritsuka: My grandfather, my mom, and next to my mom is my aunt….she was my mother’s sister.

Rem: I see. So for them to treat something precious like this family portrait like this…

Lindo: ….

Ritsuka: (The stand for it is even broken. Who would do such a thing…?)

Lindo: …There’s footprints.

Rem: They lead to that back door over there. What’s in that direction?

Ritsuka: My grandpa’s study. Of course, if their aim was for a book on magic…?

Lindo: Let’s go check it out.

Scene changes to the study.

Ritsuka: So this place…was ransacked too…

Lindo: There doesn’t seem to be a trace that anyone was here. They were thorough.

Rem: There’s a lot of old books here. Were they all related to your grandfather’s studies?

Ritsuka: I think so. Everything from important documents to research data should be in here…

Lindo: It doesn’t seem like anything’s missing. All of his most important books are still here.

Ritsuka: Thank goodness. So they were just scattered about.

Lindo: I’ve looked through these books countless times. If something were missing I’d be able to tell right away.

Ritsuka: (? I didn’t know Lindo used to read grandpa’s books.)

Lindo: Just to be safe, let’s give the place one more look-

You hear a thud.

Ritsuka: !? What was that noise?

Lindo: … It came from the living room.

Lindo: Ritsuka, stay close to me.

Rem: It’s probably an intruder. I’m going to take a look.

Ritsuka: But, President…

Rem: It won’t be a problem for me. But to ensure your safety I need you to stay here.

Ritsuka: …I understand. Then, please be careful…

Rem: Right.

Rem leaves to investigate.

Ritsuka: Even if he says it’s not a problem…

Lindo: You don’t have to worry about that guy.

Ritsuka: Ni-san, please don’t say things like that. I mean, he’s doing all of this for us after all.

Lindo: …

Glass breaks.

Ritsuka: Eh!?

Lindo: That was from the hallway just now…! Damn, there really is still someone-!?

Ritsuka: The President…!

You move to go find Rem.

Lindo: Wait, Ritsuka! Don’t be reckless!

Ritsuka: But what if the President’s in trouble-!

Screen shakes

Ritsuka: Kya-!

Just when I had the urge to run to the living room, someone grabbed my arm.

???: Heh….

Ritsuka: (W-who’s this!?)

Lindo: Ritsuka!!

Ritsuka: (What happened!? Why is this guy…!)

Choice [Lindo02]

  • Ask Lindo to help you. (+affection for Lindo)
  • You’re worried about Rem. (+affection for Rem)

If you choose “Ask Lindo to help you.”

Ritsuka: Ni-san…!

Lindo: Hold on, I’m coming save you!

Mysterious man A: ….

Lindo: You creepy…Ritsuka, get down!

Ritsuka: Eh!?

Lindo: Now!!

In that moment, I clawed at the man who had a hold of me.

Mysterious Man A: !? Damn girl!

Just as my brother told me to, I took my chance to crouch down as soon as the man faultered.

Lindo: Ha!

Sound of being hit, Lindo kicks him.

Mysterious Man A: Gu, guwah…!

Lindo: Run, Ritsuka!

Footsteps sound as you run into Lindo’s arms.

Ritsuka: Ni-san…!

Lindo: It’s alright now.

Ritsuka: (Thank goodness Lindo was here. If I had been alone just now…)

???: …Where…

Ritsuka: Eh…?

Another man appears.

Lindo: And so his cohort appears…!

Footsteps sound as Rem runs to join you two.

Rem: Are you alright, Ritsuka Tachibana!?

Ritsuka: President! Yes, I’m fine!

Mysterious Man B: …..

Rem: So they’re here too. It’s just one problem after another.

Mysterious Man B: Where…where are you hiding it? Where are you keeping the Grimoire!?

Ritsuka: !?

Lindo: This guy…I see, so that’s what they’re after.

Choice dialogue ends

Ritsuka: (The guy asking about the grimoire…he’s working with the man who kidnapped mom…!?)

Mysterious Man A: *gets back up* Guh…Hand over the Grimoire!!

Ritsuka: (He’s coming this way!?)

Rem: I’ll handle this. You need to take her and leave.

Lindo: You don’t get to order me around!!

Rem: *goes to attack*

Mysterious Man A: *is literally sent flying* Gaaah!

Lindo: Stay away from my sister!!

Mysterious Man B: *is literally sent flying by Lindo* Guooh!?

Ritsuka: Amazing…those two only kicked those guys…!)

More glass breaks.

Mysterious Man C: What’s taking you so long!?

Ritsuka: (Another from outside-!)

Rem: You two need to get out and return to the car!

Ritsuka: President!?

Lindo: Ritsuka, let’s go!

Ritsuka: But, what about the President-!?

Lindo: We have to worry about ourselves for now! Now run for it!

Sound of footsteps as you run off with Lindo, leaving Rem alone.

Rem: …They finally left.

Rem: Hmph, now I can finish this without having to worry about them.

Rem snaps his fingers, and the room is set ablaze.

Mysterious Man C: You…you bastard..!

Rem: Answer me. Where did you learn about the Grimoire?

Mysterious Man C: What…what makes you think I’d tell someone like you!?

Rem: If you won’t tell me…then you’re better off reduced to ashes.

The fires increase.

Mysterious Man C: Guaaaaah! *vanishes into ash*

Rem: Now then…let’s try this again. Do you know where the Grimoire is?

Mysterious Man B: I…if we knew…then we wouldn’t have needed to come all the way out here…!

Rem: Is that so? In that case, you’ve outlived your usefulness.

Rem: Become dust, vampires.

Rem: Amientus Flames!

A ball of flame engulfs Rem. He reemerges, transformed in a new outfit.

Mysterious Man A: Hiii!?

Rem*sound of a sword clinks, yes it’s Rem’s* This is…checkmate.

Rem: Haaaaa!!

There’s a slash, and suddenly flames engulf all of the men.

Vampires: Gyaaaaaaaah!!

They turn to dust and the flames disappear.

Rem: …So after all of this, I still don’t know the whereabouts of the Grimoire.

Rem: If they haven’t found it after vandalizing the place like this, then it can’t possibly be here.

Scene changes to the forest


Ritsuka: (Somehow…we managed to run all the way back to the car…)

Lindo: Oi, Ritsuka. Are you alright? Are you hurt anywhere?

Ritsuka: Yes, I’m okay. I promise I’m fine…

Lindo*sighs* …

Lindo draws closer and hugs you.

Ritsuka: Ni-ni-san…?

Lindo: Don’t be unreasonable. Were you scared? …Your hand’s trembling.

Ritsuka: Ah…

Ritsuka: (So that’s why he’s hugging me. He’s trying to make me feel better…)

Lindo: You never should have had to see anything like that. You should have never had to experience anything like this.

Lindo: That’s why I was against letting you come here in the first place…

Ritsuka: …I’m sorry.

Lindo: It’s alright…the only thing that matters to me is that you’re safe now.

Ritsuka: R-right…but, what about the President…?

The wind blows, and suddenly Rem’s voice calls out.

Rem: I’m also unharmed.

Ritsuka: Eh…?

Ritsuka: President!

Lindo: Hmph, looks like you made it out alive.

Rem: No thanks to you. We’ll go over the details later. For now we should hurry and get in the car. We no longer have a reason to stay here.

Scene changes to the car.

Ritsuka: President, are you really okay? You weren’t injured or anything…!?

Rem: I’m fine.

Ritsuka: …Thank goodness. Honestly, you’ve helped us so many times by now that I really can’t thank you enough.

Rem: …It’s nothing.

Pomeranian: *whines*

Ritsuka: Roen…were you worried about us? Thank you.

Ritsuka: …but those guys that attacked us, are they really working with the man who took mom away…?

Rem: There’s no mistaking it. Their primary objective is to find the Grimoire.

Ritsuka: But why? Why would they search through grandpa’s house for it..?

Rem: …This is only a theory, but it’s possible they might have spied on you.

Ritsuka: Eh…?

Rem: They appear only in places that you’ve been to. They probably think you’ll lead them to clues regarding the Grimoire.

Ritsuka: What? …but, I don’t know anything-

Lindo: That doesn’t matter. What a nuisance.

Rem: Regardless of what you may or may not know, that’s what they seem to be thinking. From now on it’s possible that they’ll target her.

Ritsuka: Me…

Ritsuka: (Those guys are targeting me? )

Ritsuka: (But…I don’t really know if that’s actually the case…)

Lindo: …Don’t worry.

Ritsuka: Ni-san…

Lindo: I’m here by your side. That being said, leave everything regarding mom to me.

Ritsuka: Eh, but…

Rem: Didn’t you listen to me when I said it was dangerous to move alone?

Lindo:  …While that may be true, we will not be accepting your help.

Rem: You’re certainly stubborn. If you keep up with this tunnel vision of yours then you’ll lose sight of what really matters.

Lindo: Don’t talk as if you know everything-!

Ritsuka: Ni-ni-san, please calm down! President, you too…

Rem: *sighs* You’re right. I should apologize. Forgive me.

Lindo: You don’t actually mean it. Lying is like breathing to you, as expected.

Rem: Say whatever you like.

Ritsuka: (Why…? Why is it that all these two can do when they’re together is fight?)

Ritsuka: (It’s as if all they can see is hostility from the other…)

After that, the atmosphere in the car continued to be heavy and hostile.

After seeing the damage done to grandpa’s house, the President insisted on contacting the police for us so they could look into it.

There were no new clues,
And we still knew nothing about anything or where my mother could be.

If they were really targeting me to gain information regarding the Grimoire, then I wonder what I should do?

As I pray for mom’s safety, I reflect on the day’s events.

Chapter 2 End