A Busy November and Equally Busy December!

Hey-o all you curious little buns! o(^▽^)o

It’s been a busy month! Not only did Thanksgiving control the pace of the week on the 23rd, but my brother’s birthday was this past Friday (Dec. 1st). On top of these things the first deadline for Wattpad’s Open Novella Contest was originally Thanksgiving week, and since I heard about the contest last minute I had to set aside writing for the website to get my entry pumped out in time.

So needless to say I ended up behind on content for the website. However I think it ended up turning out for the better:

  • If I hadn’t paused in creating content I don’t think I would have been able to squeeze in the Teen Titans Go! Fangirl Musings article. I had a lot of fun dissecting the 200th episode, and it allowed for a lot of introspection. I’m very glad I was allowed the time to put it together!
  • My entry for the Novella Contest, Callista, has officially passed the first round of judging. I’m in the second round! ୧( ॑ധ ॑)୨
  • Since there was so little time between FGO’s GUDAGUDA fest and the new Christmas Event, not a lot happened since my last FGO post. It also just makes more sense to discuss a Christmas event in December, ya know?

That second point is incredibly important to me because I know some of you have taken the time to read Callista, and I never want to waste anyone’s time. So to think that there’s people out there that believe my original fiction has promise makes me happier than you could ever know. Huge thank you to everyone who has given it a read so far!

If you’re into indie fiction there are a lot of great reads to be found because of that contest. If you’re interested check out the comments on the “share your open novella” page. Authors have been encouraged to share their works with each other, so there’s plenty of direct links there.

Of course, their 2k milestone award sticker they’ve awarded so far doesn’t fit my book cover’s layout at all. I made it fit but it doesn’t look quite right. Ah well, at least I get one! The sticker itself looks quite spiffy!

As for the month of December I imagine things will continue to be busy. I do celebrate Christmas so we’ve been cleaning and decorating the house for it!

Our Christmas tree is up! We stick Rudolph plushies in our tree 😀
We also have a smaller fiber optics tree in our upstairs hallway. Yes, Those are Spongebob ornaments.
We even bought some poinsettias! Yes, those are real.

The next deadline for the open novella contest is Dec. 19th, so I will definitely be working around that. Right now I’m on target pace-wise (I’m just over 4k words, and need 8k by the deadline) and would like to keep it that way if I can. Because if I make it to the finals, I’m going to have to write 12k more words between the 19th and Jan. 30th if I want to make the 20k goal, which will mean I’ll need 2k a week from this point forward if I want to finish without rushing.

In terms of work load that isn’t really a problem for me. However since I joined late I’m having to squeeze in a lot of drafting and organizing for my plot in between writing chapters. Now that complicates the work a bit, but I think I can manage.

As for articles to expect on this website this month, I will absolutely be writing about FGO’s Christmas event and I mentioned on Twitter I would put up a piece talking about FFXV Comrades. I was considering doing a full-blown Fangirl Musings for it since we just passed the FFXV’s first anniversary, however I decided to wait until we get Episode Ignis for that. Because with that we’ll finally have all of the original DLC that was promised at the game’s launch, and I think that is when a Fangirl Musings will be appropriate.

I might also write about Nightshade since I’ve been playing the living daylights out of it. Though not entirely sure if I would do a Fangirl Musings post or a more laid back gaming journal for it.

As for definite topics I would like to cover as Fangirl Musings: man do I want to get into the lootbox controversy, but I feel like Battlefront II got plenty of good coverage already. I think if I’m going to discuss this topic it will have to be from the perspective of mobile gaming. However if I do this piece I want to do it correctly, which will mean research.

Lots and lots of research!

So this particular article might not appear until the end of December or not even until January. We’ll have to see what’s in the cards.

And that is all from my end for this monthly recap! Even though the amount of content was small this past month I’m definitely keeping a list of everything I would like to write about for the next couple of months.

What are all of you up to!? (^0^) Do you celebrate any of the upcoming holidays? Got plans coming up? If you have ideas of topics you’d like to me cover you’re more than welcome to share those with me as well (or if YOU have covered something I’d find interesting please do link me!).

As always thank you all so much reading! My corner of the internet is as haphazard as it’s always been, but there’s always room for all of you to come and chill with me (´∀`)♡

See you later! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ